July 26, 2019

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wild chicken said...

Stumbled into a Facebook fight about how McConnell won't support bill to stop Russian interference! Libs wailing that the GOP is fine with Russia controlling our country!!1 is this a Maddow trope now?

It's all so insane. The libs have whipped themselves into an hysterical frenzy.

Fen said...

Why are all the stamens/stigmas(?) pointed downward? Is that normal?

Pretty flower is sad.

...Stamen. The male part of this flower is made up of six identical stamens. ..

Or maybe they need to be aroused?

Limp flower needs a lap dance.

Lawrence Person said...

Enjoy another Friday LinkSwarm.

readering said...

Planning to go see "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" this weekend. Out just before 50th Anniversary of Tate-LaBianca murders.

Big Mike said...

I've been reading (skimming, actually) additional articles trying to rehabilitate the reputation of Al Franken. The thought crosses my mind that Franken's actions are comparable to those of Bob Packwood a quarter century ago (albeit fewer women came forward in Franken's case than in Packwood's). I have seen no comparable effort to rehabilitate Bob Packwood. I wonder whether party affiliation had anything to do with it?

Also, I do not understand why Democrats think it is clever to try to reignite the Cold War. One round of nuclear warheads, and 90% of their base will be superheated vapor.

BJM said...

I had six multi-head stems of Stargazer lilies this summer...picked them all and enjoyed them in the house a very tall vase for almost two weeks. The most wonderful perfume. Now I await the Belladonna,aka, Naked Ladies. A patch of 45 bulbs planted three years ago has tripled in size.

Is there anything more delightful than an arm full of flowers one has nurtured and anticipated?

Welp, maybe this.

FullMoon said...

Well, looks like I will be leaving all this behind as I embark on my journey as a carefree multi-millionaire. I wish you all the best, and remember

Jul 26 at 5:56 PM

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Counter-terrorism Division and Cyber Crime Division
J. Edgar. Hoover Building Washington DC

Dear Beneficiary,

Series of meetings have been held over the past 7 months with the secretary general of the United Nations Organization. This ended 3 days ago. It is obvious that you have not received your fund which is to the tune of Eight Million and Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars ($8,500,000.00) due to past corrupt Governmental Officials who almost held the fund to themselves for their selfish reason and some individuals who have taken advantage of your fund all in an attempt to swindle your fund which has led to so many losses from your end and unnecessary delay in the receipt of your fund.

The National Central Bureau of Interpol enhanced by the United Nations and Federal Bureau of Investigation have successfully passed a mandate to the current president of United States Of America his Excellency President Donald Trump to boost the exercise of clearing all foreign debts owed to you and other individuals and organizations who have been found not to have receive their Contract Sum, Lottery/Gambling, Inheritance and the likes. Now how would you like to receive your payment? Because we have two method of payment which is by Check or by ATM card?

Kathryn51 said...

After reading the post below re: Dem. debates, I asked a Trump hating friend of mine why she and her husband were supporting Liz Warren. We are talking white and retiree age. I've been surprised that they are not supporting Buttegieg, Beto or Kamala because they are primo virtue-signalers.

Their answer: they have read Warren's web site platform - which, when I took a look at it, is VERY detailed - and they agree with almost all of it.

I then actually visited the Mayor Pete, Kamala and Beto web sites. The first thing to pop up on ALL THREE websites was a plea for $$$$. I had to search for their positions.

Liz Warren's page does NOT immediately ask for donations.

I don't know if this means anything except that I think that right now, Lizzie is the one to beat (in the primary). My virtue signaling far left friends are sold on her platform. They are now attending campaign meetings. They are on board.

And I say - thank God. Because I think Trump would struggle in a debate with Kamala, but everyone else is Hillary Redux.

And that's my Friday night Café contribution.

Fernandinande said...

"Black rag dolls meant to be abused are pulled from stores"

"Black rag dolls that came with instructions to “find a wall” and slam the toy against it have been pulled from three stores after customers and a lawmaker said they were offensive."

State Assemblywoman Angela McKnight, a mulatto whose district includes Bayonne, called the black dolls “offensive” and “inappropriate” after seeing a post on social media.

Here's a white rag doll with exactly the same instructions. Poor little inoffensive white rag doll, State Assemblywoman Angela McKnight has nothing to say about you.

The Woman says she used to make "Dammit Dolls" to slam into stuff. Oh the horror.

gilbar said...

news from the jihad squad!


so, now she's divorcing her husband (that she didn't marry until After divorcing her brother; even though she was filing tax returns with the husband). All well and good...

BUT! Let's talk about this luxury penthouse?
Usually, a public official has to BE a public official for a few years before becoming a millionaire
Ilhan seems to have skipped a few steps: She seems Good at that!

madAsHell said...

supporting Liz Warren. We are talking white and retiree age.

LetMeGuess!! This is the Subaru crowd. We don't have any kids, but we want to leave the planet for others.

Lyle Sanford, RMT said...

That pic somehow feels like an homage to Salvador Dali.

Tank said...

Two days ago on Dennis Prager's show, Andy McCarthy specifically indicated that he believed the planning for the Russia Collusion Hoax and the spying on Candidate Trump were tied directly into the Oval Office and Obama himself.

That's pretty out there for McCarthy. He is a very circumspect sort of guy.

Laslo Spatula said...

"Planning to go see "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" this weekend. Out just before 50th Anniversary of Tate-LaBianca murders."

I just finished a book on the Manson Family murders -- "Chaos."

It definitely veers into the tin-foil cul-de-sac, but there ARE a lot of interesting facts that never made it into the accepted narrative.

Brings up issues like how Manson, on federal probation, is routinely arrested for not unserious crimes and violations, yet is never sent back to prison.

Bugliosi in particular comes off as shady in his opportunism: a lawyer removed from a defendant on dubious grounds and replaced by a prosecution-friendly lawyer to enact a deal, omitted details, acceptance of perjury for the greater goal.

And beating his mistress until she has a miscarriage, so: that kind of guy.

(Note: it is not casting doubt on Manson's guilt -- rather, it is casting doubt on Bugliosi's narrative).

Can't say I recommend it, but it was good read if you keep some grains of salt handy.

I am Laslo.

Trolls4Hire said...

Hey gilbar, this one’s for you!

“A pro-Trump Republican candidate for Congress who is aiming to unseat Ilhan Omar in Minnesota has been charged with a felony after allegedly stealing from stores.

Danielle Stella was arrested twice this year in Minneapolis suburbs over allegations that she shoplifted items worth more than $2,300 from a Target and goods valued at $40 from a grocery store. She said she denied the allegations.

Stella, a 31-year-old special education teacher, was reported this week to be a supporter of the baseless “QAnon” conspiracy theory about Donald Trump battling a global cabal of elite liberal pedophiles.”


Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

some epstein tidbits

At least 15 students were lured with offers of cash to Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.


Palm Beach County Sheriff's office now launched a criminal investigation into the office's handling of Jeffrey Epstein's work release. A criminal investigation means public records can be sealed for the duration of the investigation.

Wall St Journal: "Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have subpoenaed Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime personal pilots...
Testimony from the pilots could be used by federal investigators in their efforts to corroborate accounts from Mr. Epstein’s accusers."

"Florida Sen. Lauren Book has reached out to Capitol police after receiving an anonymous warning connected to her demand for a state inquiry into... Sheriff Ric Bradshaw’s handling of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s lenient work release program"

Kay said...

I have “The Family” by Ed Sanders, which I’ve never gotten a chance to read. I kind of want to read it before the Tarantino film, even though I know I won’t have time. I’m assuming this film will be taking a lot of liberties with the narrative, anyway.

Bay Area Guy said...

Yes to "Once Upon in Hollywood!" Myself, I just missed that era. In 1976, I started spending summers in the San Fernando Valley. Hot, hot, hot! Take Topanga Canyon to the beach in Malibu.

It was right after the SLA got shot up and burned up in a police battle in LA.

narciso said...

Lauren the daughter of a big time lobbyist who got community service got a warning from someone whi lives in south Africa

Laslo Spatula said...

"The Family" is another jumble: some strong reporting, and some less-solid tangents.

Also: it has been revised multiple times over the years by the author, so it kinda depends on which version you have.

Still, it adds a nice counterpoint to 'Helter Skelter', showing how the same events can differ by who is framing the picture.

Guinn's 'MANSON -The Life and Times of Charles Manson' is probably the best out there for a well-researched deep-dive.

I am Laslo.

Laslo Spatula said...

By the by: the Roman Polanski in 'Chaos' is a cold fucked-up pervert then, too.

I am Laslo.

madAsHell said...

There's a Bald Eagle outside my window eyeballing the scraps from a community picnic.

I've recently observed a Falcon, and a Bald Eagle in dispute. Every time the falcon dove down to engage the eagle, the eagle flipped over to show talons, It was some impressive maneuvers.

Laslo Spatula said...

You could conceivably say that the Family destroyed Sharon Tate's body, but Polanski was already destroying her soul.

I am Laslo.

Mr. Majestyk said...

Isn't it about time that the U.S. claims the Moon as sovereign American territory? You know, before the Chinese claim it for themselves, the way they claimed the South China Sea?

narciso said...

O Neil makes much of aharons fathers military intelligence ties as that of Reeve Whitson and herrman an LAPD officer who had been detailed to overseas duties months before the murders

madAsHell said...

the eagle flipped over to show talons,


Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

"Once Upon A Time In Pedowood" -- by Sabo

First Person Slated for Federal Execution is a White Supremacist Who Murdered a Family

Imagine-- Orange Man is a white Supremacist condoning this!

the five monsters sentenced to death by a jury of their peers. Dems are outraged that AG Barr is enforcing the law.
Lewis, a white supremacist, admitted to killing family of 3 by drowning, one victim was 8yrs old.
According to @KamalaHarris he should be kept alive.

per Cates:
The Mexico trade deal, getting Mexico to CLOSE IT'S OWN BORDER, getting the Central America countries on board with stopping the caravans, the new Safe 3rd Country asylum rule and now...

The Supreme Court says "Why yes, Mr. President, you CAN use that $ to build the wall!"

How lucky is Trump?!?! Lucky, or is he making it habben??

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

GPS...like, in my car? Some more R-Mule tidbits



gilbar said...

Trolls4Hire said...
Hey gilbar, this one’s for you!
“A pro-Trump Republican candidate for Congress who is aiming to unseat Ilhan Omar

yep, i saw that; goes to show that the Jihad Squad are from safe districts; districts so safe; you'd have to be crazy to run as a republican there

narciso said...

Oh wait:


narciso said...

Wemple and boot team up:

StephenFearby said...

Times of London (Reprinted in the Weekend Australian):

Forgotten chapter in Boris Johnson’s colourful past

"In 2004, when he was MP for Henley and the prospect of becoming prime minister seemed the stuff of fiction, Boris Johnson wrote a comic political thriller called Seventy-Two Virgins: A Comedy of Errors."

'...The novel tells the story of a terrorist plot to assassinate the US president during a state visit to Britain. The hero, Roger Barlow, is a tousle-haired, adulterous, bumbling, charismatic, classically educated, bicycle-riding Tory MP. “He’s not me, by the way,” Johnson told this newspaper back in 2004. “But you’ve got to use what you know, haven’t you?”'

'...The women in the novel are described in ways that are not obviously prime ministerial: “a mega-titted six-footer”, “lustrous eyes”, “long legs”, “tits out”, “good teeth and blonde hair”, and an “unambiguously exuberant bosom”. One woman is “like a lingerie model only cleverer, and, if anything, with bigger breasts”.

Barlow’s “beautiful research assistant” is called Cameron. Make of that what you will. Here are Cameron’s thoughts on men, which offer some insight into why Mr Johnson is attractive to certain women or, perhaps, why he thinks he is attractive to women: “Cameron had a deep and sexist reverence for men who really knew stuff. It amazed her sometimes how little appearances mattered. He could be bald, he could be spindly or sweaty or tubby, but if the man’s disquisition had enough interest, fluency and authority, it would speak directly to her groin.”

Ladies, be aware: when the new prime minister does that authoritative, fluent classical-allusion-Latin-quotey thing, he may not be speaking directly to your head.'

'...Mr Johnson, however, seems to have written Seventy-Two Virgins for a lark, to show that he could, and to mock the strait-laced. The closest it comes to political profundity is when he briefly peers inside the mind of the terrorist, and even then the nudging, Carry On tone never falters. “He found himself staring irresistibly at Cameron in her low-cut top. He felt the surge of fundamentalist rage that inspires the Islamofascistic male . . . He stared with that perverted Wahhabi mixture of lust, terror and disgust at this portrait of a sexually emancipated western woman”.'

'...The climax comes with the president chained to a suicide bomber on live television, and ends with Barlow knocking out the terrorist with a statuette, using a scything technique “first learned as a child when thwacking the tops of thistles in the meadow”. It all comes good in the end, as the world of Boris Johnson invariably does...'


narciso said...

That was before house, didnt that Chris weitzman film anerican dreamer (sic) have a similar plot, except a Bush masque was the target

PluralThumb said...

I like that the word flower has flow in it.
And now I'm thinking about car insurance. Advertisements are just that much more effective, now I'm sad because I can't smell those flowers. But I have no car, so I save money on car insurance & that is ok. Flowers are good for mood setting, words a much complex endeavour. Nice flowers, rather pleasant. Thank you .

David Begley said...

Saw “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” tonight. Brad and Leonardo were good but weak story. QT is too much a part of the movie. 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Good music. Omaha’s Roger W. Morgan on the radio at the beginning.

I’m telling you people that my “Frankenstein in Love” is a much, much better script.

JML said...

Full Moon. Take the ATM card. That way the funds are always handy and readily available to you.

JML said...

AOC had her meeting with Pelosi today - In the short clip I saw, AOC seemed contrite after leaving it, seeming ready to toe the line. How long will that last? I give it less than a week.

FullMoon said...

JML said...

Full Moon. Take the ATM card. That way the funds are always handy and readily available to you.

Agreed, I just sent all my bank info and passwords to them, should have the money in my account when I wake up tomorrow, assuming I can even get to sleep. Probably be up all night making plans. Big plans. Big beautiful plans !

FullMoon said...

Does this beling in the 'banned' thread?
I dunno. Carry on.

Trudy was the only female gorilla at the zoo to live with all-male groups of gorillas, but her former keepers say she “ruled the roost.”

They say Trudy was spunky and had a mind of her own.


narciso said...

In inglorious bastards they kill Hitler, does someone make Manson accountable in this one?

Steven said...

Isn't it about time that the U.S. claims the Moon as sovereign American territory? You know, before the Chinese claim it for themselves, the way they claimed the South China Sea?

On the one hand, the Outer Space Treaty (1967) bans all claims, and both the US and China are parties.

On the other hand, China's a party to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and that bans their South China Sea claims . . .

narciso said...

Oh I see, I notice they say all the Tarantino films have a shared universe

Lewis Wetzel said...

A great piece by J. D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy, in First Things: https://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2019/07/beyond-libertarianism
My favorite graf:
"We live in an environment that’s shaped by our laws and public policy, and we cannot hide from that fact anymore. I think the question conservatives confront at this key moment is this: Whom do we serve? Do we serve pure, unfettered commercial freedom? Do we serve commerce at the expense of the public good? Or do we serve something higher? And are we willing to use political power to actually accomplish those things?"
Governments have always shaped the values of its citizens. People a lot smarter than Ayn Rand have considered it a first function of the state. Libertarians are not conservative; they are radicals. They want to create an entirely new world.

Gahrie said...

Isn't it about time that the U.S. claims the Moon as sovereign American territory?

Fuck the Moon. (Well, not really..we should build a colony there)

What we need to take control of, is Earth's orbitals. He who controls the orbitals controls the planet.

Flat Tire said...

The lighting gives it a slightly surreal look, like a fabric print for Hawaiian shirts.

Yancey Ward said...

I see Inga has probably returned with a new moniker.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

imagine if you will...
those lilies as giant-sized alien (a-lily-an?) bodysnatchers--
Cleverly using their beauty to attract and mesmerize their prey.
The mysterious pods appear, looming over major metropolises,
slowly and unnoticeably ripening, until they burst open--
Curious groups gather as their colorful, diaphanous petals splay
with the captivating allure of slow-motion fireworks,
drawing the same ooh's and aah's from the captivated crowd.
Engorged and flush, excited with anticipation of feeding their lust
they extend their deadly filaments down,
sinuously entwining themselves around their spellbound victims.
Panic and chaos grips the populace-- first the police, then
National Guard are called, but their efforts are futile.
Hope is lost

Out of exile, with nothing to lose, Dick "Tracy" Pollen,
the despised and shunned Monsanto rep has a plan.
"Round up as much Roundup as you can find!" he orders--
"fill the firetrucks with it, and we'll hit 'em with everything we got!!"

"That's a dumb idea" a familiar voice shouts out.
The crowd turns to see who this brash challenger is.
"Clinton!! It's Bill Clinton!! Oh, Bubba can you save us??"
"Dont you fret, Sweetheart" he says with a sleazy drawl
"Me and my buddy Jeffry can handle this"
"B-b-but how? What are you going to do?"

"Deflower them"

Churchy LaFemme: said...

Manson set Dennis Wilson on a downward spiral, but the Beach Boys got a pretty good song out of Manson.

stevew said...

Early Saturday and I'm happy to report that Mrs. stevew and Mom-in-Law safely returned from Madeira and the Azores. The international terminal was packed last night, I didn't expect that. My prediction of Mom's mentioning the time zone difference in the first 10 minutes came true. Mrs. stevew says Mom is fatigued from all the walking and sight seeing - she is 87 after all.

Also thinking about Jeffrey Epstein. A fair amount of his misbehavior, alleged, happened in the Palm Beach area of Florida. Is there a reason why he seems to have escaped the attention of the local police? They weren't shy about going after Robert Kraft.

tim in vermont said...

Trolls4Hire does look a little bit like the ghost who came back to haunt the wake. Same cut and paste crapola. Whatever. Imagine how pathetic her life must be.

gilbar said...

Jeffrey Epstein. A fair amount of his misbehavior, alleged, happened in the Palm Beach area of Florida
Is there a reason why he seems to have escaped the attention of the local police? They weren't shy about going after Robert Kraft.

Epstein == democrat
Kraft == republican

no reason that i can see </sarc

tim in vermont said...

“A fair amount of his misbehavior, alleged, happened in the Palm Beach area of Florida. Is there a reason why he seems to have escaped the attention of the local police? They weren't shy about going after Robert Kraft.”

Or Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter, I heard too. You figure it out. The same guy went after Rush Limbaugh hammer and tongs.

tim in vermont said...

Meanwhile, the Florida Bar Association continues to investigate accusations that Palm Beach County prosecutors misrepresented advice they received from the Florida Attorney General’s Office as part of a plan to leak to the media confidential communications they had with Mr. Limbaugh’s attorney.

Assistant Attorney General Patricia R. Gleason questioned the motives of Palm Beach County Chief Assistant States Attorney Ken Selvig when he consulted her about what records could be released, but did not advise her he was talking about a drug investigation involving Mr. Limbaugh.

Mrs. Gleason said Mr. Selvig omitted “critical parts” of their telephone discussion in publicly releasing the Limbaugh documents.


Being a Democrat means that they will look the other way. But remember! Epstein is a Republican scandal, and furthermore, we have always been at war with East Asia.

tim in vermont said...

Prosecutors[Palm Beach County Prosecutor Barry Krischer] had sought a guilty plea and were opposed to an offer by Mr. Black that his client enter a drug intervention program rather than face criminal charges.


Howard said...

I'm disappointing. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. I thought I was toast before "Trudy" got the axe. I need to update my games

Howard said...

You mean the Chickenhawk cuckservative Limbaugh who played a major role in founding the opioids epidemic by being a totally comitted pain pussy he went deaf.

J. Farmer said...


"Founding the opioids epidemic?" Come on! Hell, Tom Friedman and his cheering on of globalization has contributed more to the opioid epidemic than a user like Limbaugh.

Howard said...

Touche, J. Is defeating hyperbole as satisfying as slaying a Strawmen?

narciso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
narciso said...

The opioid epidemic was made possible by a change in regulation

J. Farmer said...


Is defeating hyperbole as satisfying as slaying a Strawmen?

Even more so.

tim in vermont said...

look how easy it was for a troll to take the focus off of the Democrats protection of Epstien.

Durgarao said...

Top 10 Best Air Coolers Under 10000 In India 2019

Nichevo said...

You mean the Chickenhawk cuckservative Limbaugh

Howie, for the last time, if you served in peacetime, you ain't shit. You just collected a paycheck off my tax dollars, and no, it wasn't too low, it's what you were worth. I don't care how many peasants you ironed out for United Fruit.

readering said...

Looks like Tarantino has a hit. I tried 5 pm screening in LA but it was sold out.