July 10, 2019

Acosta press conference.

Streaming now, here.

ADDED: CNN reports:
During a phone call Tuesday afternoon, President Donald Trump instructed his labor secretary to hold the press availability, two people familiar tell CNN....

Trump said on Tuesday he would look into the matter, but insisted Acosta had served him well as labor secretary. He has privately said he has confidence in Acosta, according to people familiar with his remarks.... However, Trump's associates believe that confidence could disappear quickly....
If Trump forced Acosta to do this press conference, presumably Trump is watching and judging. If you're watching, how do you think Acosta is doing? I tend to accept a calm explanation, so I'm not a good test of how well Acosta is doing. Trying to look at him the way I think other people do, I suspect he sounds too flat and matter-of-fact. Too mechanical. Not enough empathy. So I'm going to guess Trump isn't seeing what he wants.


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Inga...Allie Oop said...

“any confusion as to what the Dunning-Kruger effect is...”

Self diagnosis by Jim.


Jim at said...

Keep digging that hole, champ.

Jeff Weimer said...

"One too many" is well, one. Keep stanning for Bubba; it makes you look credible.

Jim at said...

For future reference:

Clinton flew (at least) 26 times on Epstein's place. Let's stick with 26.

As he traveled on the Lolita Express one too many times. - Inga

Using plain English, 25 is the acceptable number of trips for Clinton to have taken on the Lolita Express.

Please make a note of it.

Nichevo said...

narciso said...
actually at the time of the plea bargain, we had Charlie cheetah as governor, who put as party chair someone who looted the coffers within a year, so it was very difficult to compete in florida, he also hosted allen Stanford, who was another Nazgul,

Dear narciso,

May I pick a nit? I think you may be over using the word Nazgul. I love Tolkien references as much as the next guy, but remember, there were only nine of them. This one's a Nazgul, that one's a Nazgul, you're devaluing the word. Nazgul should probably refer to a very small elite evil clique.

I understand you need something more elevated than orcs or goblins for people of this stripe. My Monster Manual is in storage otherwise I could be more helpful.

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