June 24, 2019

"Whether you’ve checked into a luxury resort, a modest motel, or an Airbnb apartment, spend a few minutes inspecting the beds and surrounding areas for signs of bedbugs."

"Pull back the sheets and look closely at the surface, sides, and seams of the mattress near the headboard. 'That tends to be the hottest area of the bed' for bug activity, said Dr. Potter. Dr. Miller suggested running a sticky lint roller over the areas you’re checking, so you can pick up any potential evidence. Pack a small, strong flashlight to help you see into crevices and behind the headboard if possible....  'We know in hotels that bedbugs like to get behind the headboard. The reason for that is it’s the least disturbed area,' Dr. Miller said. Though small, bedbugs and their fecal spots are visible to the naked eye, so if you don’t find anything after a cursory inspection, you can rest easy. 'I’m not going to yank the whole bed apart, flip the mattress,' Dr. Potter said. Dr. Miller agreed: 'If you don’t see anything, nothing’s there.'"

From "How to Keep Bedbugs From Coming Home With You/Bedbugs peak in the summer, just in time for vacation. Here’s how to check your hotel bed for bloodsuckers — and what to do if you find them" (NYT).

There you have it: Pack your lint roller and strong flashlight. Don't yank the whole bed apart, but you have to pull back the bedding and look at the seams of the mattress up at the top, "the hottest area" (that is, where your head will be).


jaydub said...

One of the best ways to protect against bedbugs is to avoid NYC.

Fen said...

'I’m not going to yank the whole bed apart, flip the mattress,' Dr. Potter said.

Says someone who's never almost been driven insane by bed bugs. Once you've been through adding "set myself on fire" to your list of potential remedies, you'll yank the whole bed apart too.

Fernandinande said...

Sleep on a pile of camel dung. Bed bugs don't like camel dung.

zipity said...

...and people wonder why I don't care to travel.

Dominican Republic anyone...? I hear there are some deals out there now....

Freeman Hunt said...

In addition to thoroughly checking mattresses, my husband has been known to remove the hotel headboard from the wall to check behind it!

Kevin said...

Bedbugs have prevented more carbon-polluting travel than warnings against carbon-polluting travel.

tim maguire said...

Fernandistein said...
Sleep on a pile of camel dung. Bed bugs don't like camel dung.

Do I really need a pile? Or can I just smear myself all over with it?

Fernandinande said...

Dominican Republic anyone...?

Their bed bugs are trannies; all the vogue, etc.

Do I really need a pile?

Yes, a big pile.

Big Mike said...

Or check bedbugregistry.com

chickelit said...

The children's rhyme "sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite" is now said to have nothing to do with actual bedbugs, despite the meaning that I was taught as a child.

This is another "fireworks' bombs bursting in air" childhood myth destroyed by modern spergsplaining.

Do I have to explain what "spergsplaining" is?

Wince said...

The Trivago guy looks like he might have bedbugs.

Mr. Forward said...

“I just won't sleep," I decided. There were so many other interesting things to do.”

“Better to sleep in an uncomfortable bed free, than sleep in a comfortable bed unfree.”

“...we all must admit that everything is fine and there's no need in the world to worry, and in fact we should realize what it would mean to us to UNDERSTAND that we're not REALLY worried about ANYTHING.”

― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Amexpat said...

One of the best ways to protect against bedbugs is to avoid NYC.

I travel a lot and only have had bed bugs twice. The worst was in NYC about 5 years ago at the Jane hotel, a sort of trendy place that looked to be very clean. I arrived seriously jet lagged and after 5-10 minute's sleep I felt I was being attacked by fire ants. I went down to the reception to complain. They weren't surprised and took me through their routine procedure. They placed everything I had, including the clothes I was wearing, in a large plastic bag to be heated. I showered and was moved to another room wearing a bathrobe they gave me. When I woke up my possessions were returned and I didn't have any problems for the rest of my stay. Worked out well, but I'm in no rush to return to NYC.

Tom C said...

I used to take Cimexa with me when I traveled. Just a quick dusting on the sheets (and your clothes in your suitcase afterwards). Stuff is like diatomaceous earth, but it actually works. Non-toxic too. Use the Althouse portal on Amazon.

paminwi said...

If you make reservations directly with a hotel you can ask their procedure directly from the front desk staff.

My daughter has worked in pretty high end hotels in NYC (rooms starting around the $500/night level) and they regularly brought in a beagle that could sniff them out. She said the money was well worth it.

Scott said...

I also check bedbugregistry.com before traveling. It's a database of reported infestations for hotels, motels, apartments, etc.

The Minnow Wrangler said...

When on road trips I frequently stay in cheap motels. I always check the mattress before I unpack anything.

Ironically it seems that cheap places are less prone to bedbugs, probably because they are not frequented by college students and wealthier world travelers.

If you don't find evidence of bedbugs, but are nonetheless suspicious, leave your belongings on a metal luggage rack,in the car, or enclose them in a plastic bag before bringing them into the room. Sleep naked and shower before you get dressed in the morning.

I don't like staying in motels at all, I never sleep very well. But on a road trip sometimes you can't avoid it.

Fernandinande said...

Lt. Frank Drebin practices safe sleep:

"Oh there ain't no bugs on me
There ain't no bugs on me
There may be bugs on some of you mugs
But there ain't no bugs on me"

rhhardin said...

'We know in hotels that bedbugs like to get behind the headboard. The reason for that is it’s the least disturbed area,

Gravel, bits of glass and wire like the side of the road where it's less distrubed for the same reason.

Scientists investigate fruit flies because their brains are so similar to ours.

Heartless Aztec said...

The gf and I semi-vanlife. Three days camping then a weekend in a hotel. That said, there are some skeezey hotels out there. Like the one with the leftover lingerie behind the chair or the big spider under the covers. There have been times where we rented the last available room but slept in the van. The van bed was more comfortable anyways. We always (ahem - she) look for bedbugs before we do anything else.

Fernandinande said...

Speaking of bugs, here's a nice Crash Blossom even though flies aren't quite bugs:

"Sex smears fly in White House press secretary race..."

Ahmed_FX said...

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Marcus said...

I wound up with bedbugs in my condo years back after several weeks of using someone else's laundry room. I tried EVERY method online to get rid of them including heating the inside of my condo with commercial heaters, natural solutions, pesticides and more. Nothing worked. I finally gave in and paid a professional outfit to come in (with a repeat visit within 30 days) and they took care of the problem. Should have done that from the start but I chose the easier, softer (and cheaper) way.


Tyrone Slothrop said...

The wife and I are heading out for the summer in a couple of days. We avoid bedbugs by taking our hotel room with us, an 18' 1965 Aristocrat Land Commander (great name, huh?) travel trailer. KOA here we come!

Ray - SoCal said...

Bedbugs are a nightmare to get rid of.

Best to go with a professional outfit with a guarantee.

Browndog said...

I got bedbugs from a one night stay at a Holiday Inn Express.

What an absolute nightmare. My arms looked like I had leprosy, and was ready to go to the doctor. Finally one night something bit me on the elbow, hurt like hell. Got up, turned on the light, and those bastards were everywhere. Climbing the walls, running into tiny holes in my pillow.

The only way I was able to get rid of them was to throw away everything--I mean everything- in the bedroom.

I never knew bedbugs were a thing. Now I know to never stay in a hotel again for as long as I live.

YoungHegelian said...

You know why it's the high-end hotels in places like NYC that suffer more bedbug infestations than do the fewer star joints? Because the foreign (read 3rd world) dignitaries stay there, and they travel with their servants.

Now, the 3rd world upper crust care very much about their own personal comfort, but of their servants they care not a whit. If their servants live in infested quarters in the home country, who cares?

When those servants pack their clothes with them in the home country, they take along their pests to share with you, dear 1st world four star hotel guest. That's why high end hotels in big cities have a much higher chance of being infested than does a Motel 6 in Beloit.