June 17, 2019

Trump talks about FDR's wheelchair ramp and Obama's preference in paintings.

There are things in the unedited transcripts of Trump's interview with George Stephanopoulos that were not used in the prime-time ABC show that aired last night.

I've noticed a few (and I've speculated about why these things were cut when there was so much repetition of Stephanopoulos badgering Trump about the use of the word "collusion"). There's this, which perhaps was cut because it conflicts with the narrative that Trump only cares about Trump. The 2 men are walking through the colonnade at the White House:
TRUMP: It’s an incredible part of the White House, it is and you see it all of your life and you know you see president's walking back and forth with others. This is an incredible place. And you have a ramp over there, and the ramp you can see was put in and it actually doesn’t qualify under… because it’s supposed to be more gradual--


TRUMP: But that was put in for FDR. He didn’t want anybody lifting him with the wheelchair. So you have ramps throughout certain areas of the White House. But, uh this one over here was, uh, it’s pretty tough to walk down it, actually. I’m always a little bit careful walking down that ramp, it’s steep.
The TV version cut all of the discussion of the ramp.

And, later, in the Oval Office:
STEPHANOPOULOS: What’s the biggest personal touch you’ve put on the office?

TRUMP: I put a lot of them. The flags. You didn’t have flags to any great degree. You had an American flag, but for the most part you didn’t have flags. Uh, it’s quite a bit different than President Obama. Uh he had some fairly modern paintings, a couple. We didn’t want that. We brought it back to Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton, George Washington, very famous picture of George Washington and I like that.
The part about the flags was left in, but not the discussion of the paintings.

I liked the personal things, the things devoid of politics. I especially liked this (spoken as he walks to his office in the morning):
STEPHANOPOULOS: Are you a big breakfast guy?

TRUMP: Uh I’m not a breakfast guy at all, fortunately. I like the lunches but the dinners is what I really like.
He likes dinners. How about you? Are dinners your big meal? Do you end big or are you a big breakfast person? Put the meals of the day in the order that you're big on them....


Birkel said...

No breakfast.
Big lunch.
Lighter dinner.

That's the goal every day, for me.

Lucid-Ideas said...

"Breakfast, lunch, or dinner guy?"

"No breakfast. I'm a Linner guy."

Wince said...

What ever happened to supper?

Will we ever have another supper again? Or was there truly a last supper?

rehajm said...

Usually small breakfast big dinner. Lunch blows...unless I'm in France then go big with lunch and kind of bag the others. Maybe croissant for breakfast. So ça dépend.

Chris said...

Anything they can do to make him look worse than he is. SAD.

gilbar said...

Lunch ( i usually skip)

Tank said...

A moderate breakfast.
A moderate lunch.
A moderate dinner.

All things in moderation.

Jersey Fled said...

Clinton-boy had to be very careful not to do anything that might humanize Trump.

Meade said...

“Put the meals of the day in the order that you're big on them....”

5AM First breakfast
10AM Second breakfast
6PM Bowl of Iowa popcorn, nuts, blueberries

But you already know that.

Quaestor said...

I agree with Birkel. I seldom eat breakfast unless I plan to skip lunch. And I have always avoided coffee before noon, which has kept me from falling into that morning wake-up dependency that afflicts so many. I prefer lunch to breakfast because I can meet with friends and business contacts. I've been known to eat two lunches in succession in order to meet and chat with everyone on my calendar that day — typical followed by light or vice versa. My GF is a coffee fiend and must have breakfast every morning because she claims having morning coffee without food gives her indigestion. Consequently, I will sit with her and drink a glass of juice two or three days a week... now for instance. Dinner is typically a very slowly eaten meal for me. I'm so talkative I fall behind whomever I dine with.

Wince said...
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Quaestor said...

5AM First breakfast
10AM Second breakfast

In the habit of wearing shoes, Meade?

GRW3 said...

No humanizing for you, thought the ABC editor as he cut the show.

Leland said...

Just finished breakfast then read this. I consider them all equal, with lunch perhaps being the lesser of equals.

Meade said...

Habit? Don’t you mean hobbit?

Kylos said...

“The dinners”. No elderly possessive for Trump.

Quaestor said...

I meant hobbit habit.

tim maguire said...

Ideally: lunch first, with breakfast and dinner tied for second.

Realistically: dinner first, with lunch and breakfast tied for second.

Lunch is the most important meal from a health/weight standpoint, but dinner is with family and I can spend as much time as needed preparing, whereas breakfast tends to be thrown together on the run and lunch is made and then left to sit for hours before eating.

Quaestor said...

Not being a devotee of 20th-century epic fantasy the LOTR movies to me were mildly entertaining. Not many laughs despite the ample opportunities for same. However, Billy Boyd delivering his line What about second breakfast? in his barely contained Glaswegian was a kick.

Paco Wové said...

As I've gotten older, my food intake has declined dramatically. I rarely eat breakfast anymore, except on weekends. Lunch went next – I eat lunch maybe 50% of the time, usually just something small to keep the hunger pangs away. Besides, a big lunch makes me pretty useless in the early afternoon, right when I'd like to get things done. Dinner is the main meal, and even there I've cut back. Still binge out on occasion, though.

iowan2 said...

Meals in order?
growing up, when there were extra people around for big jobs.
Breakfast 600
Lunch 900 cold meat sandwiches on fresh bread, and fresh cake/brownies/cookies.
Dinner 1200 Full meal, meat, potatoes, veggies, fresh rolls/bread, Pie
Lunch 1500 cold meat sandwiches on fresh bread, cake, brownies, Pie (if any left)
Supper 1900 See Dinner
Snack 2100 Ice cream, Popcorn

Temujin said...

No Breakfast. Period. Never could, not even as a child.

Lunch is key to get me through the day.

Dinner can be light, unless pizza is involved. Then all bets are off.

Mid-evening...snack. That's how I keep my svelte shape.

michaele said...

I eat the same breakfast every day and love, love, love it. I literally smack my lips when it is over and say aloud, "boy, was that good". It's a bowl of instant oatmeal with fresh fruit and store bought yogurt...so boring but I love it. Lunch is second and dinner is endured because my husband is a dinner guy.

Fernandinande said...


If he ate more tacobowls he'd finish growing past his 8th percentile 5'5" and we wouldn't have to call him Poopadoopalos.

Chuck said...

Althouse, when does "questioning" become "badgering"?

"Badgering" would be the Trump-fan characterization of George Stephanopoulos's questioning of President Trump. Trump's answers to the questions about "collusion" were false and misleading. Stephanopoulos followed up false answers with more questions. Is that "badgering"?

I am pleased that you supplied the link to the transcript, Althouse. It's a mind-boggling interview. There is a shocking Trump falsehood in more than half the answers.

Since the White House was nearly demolished and reconstructed during the Truman Administration, I'm not even so sure whether to accept Trump's odd pronouncement about a ramp for FDR's wheelchair.

Best of all, I am looking forward to the fantastic promise-fulfilling national health care proposal that the Trump Administration will be coming out with in the next four to eight weeks! I am sure you will be blogging that issue.

Gunner said...

It's so ridiculous how the only things about Trumps personal life the media want us to know about are his divorces and feuds.

alanc709 said...

I bet you think former Clinton chief of staff Stephanopoulos is a great "unbiased" journalist, don't you, Chuck?

Birkel said...

Nobody advocates for elevensies?

stlcdr said...

Tea and crumpets!

Phil 314 said...

It depends on if I can get free food at the hospital.

Chuck said...

The bit about Trump asking someone who was coughing to leave the room was interesting. Trump wanting to do his answer over was cute.

And I personally found it interesting, how pleased with himself Trump was on the subject of federal judicial nominations. Trump obviously understands that the appointment of conservative federal judges largely vetted by the Federalist Society and Heritage is one thing -- maybe the only thing -- that wins him support among the NeverTrump conservatives like me.

But Trump seems to think that his record of getting federal judges confirmed is somehow to his personal credit. What is that all about? Trump is getting more federal judges confirmed than any president in history because the rules have changed. There are no more Senate filibusters. Without any filibusters, Trump can nominate an entirely different type of ideological judge (and so will Democrats, when it is their turn), and can reliably get them confirmed by a Senate that is held with a majority of his own party.

Lucid-Ideas said...

If the Mediterranean diet is to be believed, all meals should take the form of a snack - roughly sized similar - taken 8-10 times through the course of the day and with a healthy serving of olive oil for each.

That seems like a massive chore.

Chuck said...

alanc709 said...
I bet you think former Clinton chief of staff Stephanopoulos is a great "unbiased" journalist, don't you, Chuck?

Of course not. But I care about the questions themselves, not the questioner. The questions were fine. It was, beyond any doubt, a far, far better interview than if it had been done by Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham. (And actually, they don't even qualify as journalists, do they? Do they claim "journalist" status? Or are they viewpoint/entertainment hosts?)

Kevin said...

“Put the meals of the day in the order that you're big on them....”

1. Althouse's posts.
2. Thoughtful responses to Althouse's posts.
3. Rat drawings.
4. Responses to Chuck's boring and predictable comments.
5. Pictures of places I've never been.
6. Althouse's comments about how she's had to delete comments.
7. Inga's comments about how loathsome we all are and how sorry we're all going to be.
8. Display ads.
9. Reminders to hit the Amazon link.
10. Please prove you're not a robot check box.
11. Chuck's boring and predictable comments.

Birkel said...

MSNBC is talking about Trump asking a cougher to back up or leave the room.

Would you call that happenstance or enemy action?

See above.

Freeman Hunt said...

On weekdays: dinner rules.
On Saturdays: lunch rules.
If staying at a hotel: breakfast rules.

SeanF said...

Trump: I’m not a breakfast guy at all, fortunately.

Personally, I'd've asked him to expound on that "fortunately."

J. Farmer said...

Breakfast is my favorite meal to cook. My favorite to eat is breakfast for dinner.

Birkel said...

Breakfast starts the blood glucose higher first thing in the morning.
This is the one belief Inga and I share in common.

Get your body burning fat early in the day.
Stay slimmer.

Birkel said...

Brinner is my favorite meal too, J Farmer.

Amexpat said...

Fortunately I'm a breakfast guy because I don't always have time for a sit down lunch. With a big breakfast and some small snacks, I have enough energy to work until dinner.

alanc709 said...

Questions only interest you, Chuck, if they advance your narrative that Trump is despicable. The questioner is unimportant to you, because you have no interest in the answers, only in how you can use them.

MountainMan said...

Big on breakfast. I rise each day about one hour before my wife and start getting breakfast ready. I cook a really good breakfast. This morning it was veggie omelettes, grits, bacon, wheat toast, a bowl of fresh cut fruit, V8, and black coffee. We then eat a light lunch, usually a small salad and another bowl of fruit, then a decent, but healthy, dinner. Tonight's dinner will be rigatoni marinara and a green vegetable. I make my own marinara, which is as good as you'll find in any good Italian restaurant. I do all the cooking and grocery shopping and have for some time. We are Weight Watchers so I am very careful about what we eat and how it is prepared.

Since retirement, we only eat out a couple of times a week. We love to eat out for breakfast and usually do that one day a week. We are at our home in GA and there are a lot of good breakfast/brunch places close by. We eat out for dinner at most once/week, sometimes only once every 2 weeks. Too much fat, salt, and calories in most restaurant meals, you have to really be careful what you order.

Dave Begley said...


Iowa popcorn? Heretic!

Charlie Currie said...

The Swiss side of my family, Kansas farmers, all, ate breakfast, dinner - mid-day and the biggest meal - and supper - usually, leftovers.

CJinPA said...

Trump had a similar interview with CBS News in the Oval Office that was the traditional "awe-inspiring White House, you can feel the history" until it went down in flames, with Trump dismissing the reporter and taking a seat at his desk, while the camera rolled.

CJinPA said...


We still manage to have family dinners.

Choirmom34 said...

No breakfast ever.
Light Lunch.
Dinner. (My husband’s a big dinner guy.)

What I really enjoy is a 10:00 brunch!

JAORE said...

" I'm not even so sure whether to accept Trump's odd pronouncement about a ramp for FDR's wheelchair."

Keep pushing those ponies aside, Chuck. There's bound to be some shit in there somewhere.

Hoo, boy.

reader said...

No breakfast
Occasionally supper at 7:00 while I make my husband’s dinner

Except for Sunday. Sunday dinner is promptly at 6:00 so that Nana doesn’t miss her 60 Minutes.

rcocean said...

Big Breakfast
Big Dinner
Not a lunch person


Fen said...

4. Responses to Chuck's boring and predictable comments.
11. Chuck's boring and predictable comments.

Heh. It has become a kind of sport. I find the responses to him more entertaining than whatever he is on about that day.

rcocean said...

Love having Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon, OJ and Coffee - when we travel. Too much work at home, so we usually just have egg whites and toast.

rcocean said...

Never understood grits, but I suppose you have to cook them right or get used to eating them. People usually like the Carbs they grew up with. Grits, Rice, Potatoes, wheat, corn, its all imprinted in childhood.

Fen said...

I have no order, I eat when I am hungry. Sleep is the same way for me. It's the job. Targets don't pause for my convenience and that round isn't going to burrow it's way into their flesh all by itself.

Probably why my life always feels a bit too chaotic.

Or it could be my Visa bill. There is no point in dry-cleaning, you just have to throw it out (favorites and all) and buy all new clothing.

dbp said...

"Put the meals of the day in the order that you're big on them...."

Depends on the day. I fast twice per week and so the breakfast after a fasting day is pretty big. Usually fried eggs, toast, some kind of breakfast meat and fruit with cream and strong coffee.

I only take lunch at the office once per week (Friday) because the other days, I either work at home, am fasting or use the time to work-out with weights or go running. So Fridays are the largest lunch--normally hamburger at our cafeteria or at McDonald's or Burger King (walking distance). On weekends we normally have late-ish breakfast or am busy with projects and so skip lunch.

The other 4 days, dinner would be the major meal.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Venezuelans now use this order:


ken in tx said...

People who look down on grits will pay extra for it if you call it polenta.

Michael Fitzgerald said...

So what artists did Queenie Obama have hanging in the oval office, Mapplethorpe and Tom of Finland, or just paintings of decapitated white women by the angry negro?

wildswan said...

1. Coffee plus a nuncheon of bread. Nothing else till I get hungry. Haven't eaten yet.

2. Breakfast food if hungry before noon or lunch food if hungry after noon.

3. Supper. A cooked meal, avoiding GMO vegetables - or any other kind - no dessert; usually classic American food with a German, French or Italian background but, due to gluten-free needs, have learned some exotic Chinese and Mexican recipes. By exotic, I mean, jerk chicken, Kung Pao chicken, tacos.

Known Unknown said...

I can never eat in the morning.

Michael K said...

it had been done by Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham. (And actually, they don't even qualify as journalists, do they? Do they claim "journalist" status? Or are they viewpoint/entertainment hosts?)

Laura Ingraham clerked for Clarence Thomas. Her mother was a waitress. She went to Dartmouth on a scholarship.

Who did you clerk for, dipshit ?

narciso said...

Grits are best with a fried egg, I know that is verboten now

narciso said...

I haven't had grits that way in a long time.

Narr said...

I'm under doctor's orders to eat three time a day, which is not a problem.

I used to virtually skip breakfast, have a very light lunch, and then pig out all night.
That was bad, so I have reformed.

I loves me a big breakfast (yay grits!) if I can get it and I know I'll be busy, but fresh fruit and cereal is the usual. Lightish lunch. Largest and most-anticipated meal is dinner/supper.

I go weeks and months drinking nothing but coffee, icewater, and cold milk.

Coffee, black and hot!

stevew said...


If I eat lunch at all it is small; some nuts or a small salad.

dreams said...

I try to eat early in the day with a hearty breakfast and then a big lunch, both breakfast and lunch are in about a 4 or 5 hour window. I don't always adhere to this routine but it is my daily goal. I think the fasting for the rest of the day and night helps my following morning blood sugar.

Drago said...

LLR Chuck comes out swinging in passionate defense of Clintonite Stephy Stephanopolous!!

Unexpectedly, LLR Chuck maintains his perfect 100% lefty media personality Strong Defense rating.


But only 100%.

LA_Bob said...

Interesting how many people skip breakfast. It has always been my favorite meal.

Like michaele earlier, my breakfast is almost the same every day: Six egg yolks, gently fried in about three tablespoons of butter, garnished usually with Tabasco sauce, cooked spinach, and grated parmesan cheese. I eat it from the same Corning Ware pyro-ceram pan I cook it in, cooling it a bit with some sour cream. Sometimes I finish it off with a small slice of bread heated in the same pan (with a little of the leftover butter) topped with more grated parmesan cheese.

Lately, I've been finishing it off with slice of Spam, coated with cheddar cheese, and topped with marinated sun dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

I really like breakfast.

RobinGoodfellow said...

I like all the meals.

Jim Sweeney said...

Love breakfast (spinach omelette), enjoy lunch (any and everything) and eschew big dinners nowadays. (pun intended)

Churchy LaFemme: said...

'Dinner' is not a time bound meal. It is the big meal of the day. (Well, OK, it's never breakfast). If you are invited to your grandmother's for Sunday dinner, it will be the noon meal. Same for Thanksgiving dinner. Otherwise it's *usually* supper because that's usually the big meal of the day.

Michael K said...

Why Steve Bannon will be in the next Trump administration.

Another great interview.

Kelly said...

No breakfast
Light afternoon snack
Dinner (called super when I was growing up)

Gk1 said...

I love how Trump still gives unfettered access to shitbirds he knows are trying to stab him like Snaggolopoulus yet the butt hurt liberals assure us of Trumps dictatorship in the same breath.

It must be dispiriting to them that Trump has no fear of them and his followers no longer bother to listen to them, much less get exercised.

narayanan said...


ramp at FDR home.

maybe similar at White House

does not look like he could go up himself without aid from aide.

Michael K said...

So far 100,000 ticket requests for the Orlando rally.

People lining up 40 hours in advance. How many were at that Biden event ?

Gk1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bgates said...

you see president's walking back and forth

When I was in school, the rules of apostrophe use were so simple a fifth grade kid could understand them.

Somebody get ABC News a fifth grade kid.

James K said...

I never eat breakfast, but I like breakfast food, so I have it for lunch. Black coffee in the morning, eggs for “lunch.” So two meals per day. I’ve lost about 30 pounds from my peak weight, and reduced A1C from 6.1 (pre-diabetic) to 5.5. Trump is right as usual.

Kevin said...

When I was in school, the rules of apostrophe use were so simple a fifth grade kid could understand them.

When you were a kid, the rules of gender were also simple.

Today, ABC News has to determine if the word identifies as being written with an apostrophe.

walter said...

Did Snufflerumpagous ask the all important "boxers or briefs"?

Focko Smitherman said...

Nobody remembers Homer Simpson's groundbreaking discovery of the meal between breakfast and brunch.

readering said...

Lunch, dinner, breakfast. You mean I sorta agree with POTUS on something?

Josephbleau said...

So for eating, the low carb (below 30] I think is best. Protein, fish , fowl, some beef much fiber Is good.