May 24, 2019

At the Mendota Café...


... you can talk all night.


narciso said...

A reminder of old excuses:

narciso said...

Back to the beginning;

n said...

I’d talk all night but that photo took my breath away.

Humperdink said...

I see that Trump nemesis Gerald Nadler passed out at a de Blasio event today. The back drop? A Speed Camera Saves Lives event. Don't these libs ever give up?

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

from PapaD
The Italian prime minister has suddenly requested resignations from 6 deputy directors of Italian intelligence agencies: DIS, AISI and AISE. This was all after I outed Mifsud in Rome and the president called the Italian prime minister. Italy has flipped and are giving up Brennan.

narciso said...

Which is itself a life, it causes more accidents on balance, and it's another stick up into your pocket.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

will Giulio Occhionero be giving someone a black eye?

narciso said...

A life, intel operators are not that astute take Paul pillar please with his Dartmouth oxford and princeton PhDs was spectacularly wrong about most everything

Big Mike said...

Regarding Nadler, I saw a picture of him sitting down, and he resembles a poorly designed puppet.

narciso said...

Re an extant thread

Lawrence Person said...

Enjoy a Friday LinkSwarm.

Original Mike said...

Hey narciso! If you're going to headline, how about giving us a reason to cut-n-paste?

narciso said...

Does anybody in the bureaucracy know anything, or is it not in their interest, with Abu suleiman al Orlandi the gang is back together

Molly said...

I've noticed that the Washington Post comments section is now exclusively anti-Trump. Are there still Trump critics who post comments on Althouse?

narciso said...

The fellow who slowed the wall building

walter said...

"Paramedics called a “code blue” emergency, according to the Daily News, and offered Nadler water and an orange." was more likely Code Orange re Trump pushing for declassifications

narciso said...

Nadlers just lucky hes not a groundhog otherwise hed be a goner.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

did the inter-agency "fusion cell" that brennan set up involve italian agencies also, or just domestic?

walter said...

He's more penguin..hence the heat sensitivity.

narciso said...

Seeing as mifsud was an instructor through link campus, what do you think?

wildswan said...

Here is a description of how they tally votes for Representatives to EU Parliament using the D'Hondt system of proportional representation. (Spoiler Alert - Describing this system is like describing how to tie a knot. It's impossible to follow. But the EU election results will be out Sunday and you need to know this to follow the results.)

Each party turns in a ranked list of candidates in each region. Then the voters in the region vote for given party. The parties are ranked by number of voters. The party that wins the most votes gets one seat which goes to their top ranked candidate. Brexit might get 37% of the vote and one seat.

Then they turn to allocating the second seat. Brexit which got the most number of votes in the election has that number (37%) divided in two and then the number of votes for each party is ranked again the Brexit now having only half the number of votes it had originally (18). The top candidate in the party with the highest number of votes in the new list gets the second seat. If Labor gets 19 % and everyone else less then Labor gets a seat.

Then that Labor has its number of votes divided in two just like Brexit and then the parties are ranked again. Now Brexit would have 18 and Labor would have 9 and everyone else less so Brexit would pick up a second seat.

Then the number of votes which Brexit originally had is divided by three - the number of seats Brexit has been awarded so far plus one. Then the parties are ranked again. The fourth and fifth seats go to the parties with the first and second highest number of voters on the new list. Brexit would have eleven and Labor nine. Brexit would have three seats Labor one and everyone else none so far.

The point is that under this system it is unusual for a party to have such a commanding lead as is projected for Brexit and so usually this system results in a raft of small parties getting one seat each and Germany/France runs the disunited EU. In this election a large number of British delegates may be Brexiters and the British delegation is large because Britain has the second largest population in Europe. So that Brexit may be the largest party in the EU Parliament.

traditionalguy said...

MSNBC had a 25 minute new story narrated without interruption trying to make the Coup into a narrative of selfish Trump outing our noble Intel Agencies with crazy false accusations to escape his certain impeachment for his many as yet unknown crimes.

traditionalguy said...

The Red Herring is a top Russian informant that outed Putin for helping Trump that Trump is risking exposing because he loves Putin so much.

Narayanan said...

If you've youngsters in the family ...What do you make of the Afternators?

Movie fans from Wattpad

narciso said...

Here's a twist I found out from John wick, hes supposed to be of gypsi (romani) background

wildswan said...

If Brexit was the largest party in the EU Parliament then maybe it could change the rules so that everyone could leave more easily. But then Nigel Farage would be accused of colluding with Putin and the intelligence agencies would have him arrested in no time and the whole Brexit party with him. The Khmer Green would invade Britain through the Chunnel disguised as migrants whom no one would stop as that would be racist. The American Ambassador would be dragged away into the darkness. Donald Trump would organize a lendlease programs of Guns for Britain which would be donated by the better armed among us and run shore on moonless nights. The Brits would take back Britain assisted by Pakistanis, Indians, Jamaicans and others who all along have preferred the old system but were too intimidated by armed antifa gangs to say anything and who bitterly resented being intimidated in the name of anti-racism. And thus was forged a new Britain, pulled from the stone of Europe; and the leader's name was Arthur.

Original Mike said...

John Brennan: "Is [Barr] investigating a crime? Well, what's the predication of that crime?"


Crazy World said...

Gorgeous picture!

narciso said...

Crimes against the constitution. Kingpin, besides hacking aenate computers he also had a congresswoman Jane Harman kicked off the committee for being too pro Israel. That was 10 years ago

Guildofcannonballs said...

"I see that Trump nemesis Gerald Nadler passed out at a de Blasio event today. The back drop? A Speed Camera Saves Lives event. Don't these libs ever give up?"

Shit link. Clicked on the ZH icon and got to the article. This idea because someone is grotesquely obese they shouldn't A) control or B) even have the desire to control all healthcare for 350 million people is bigotry.

I want Barb Mikulsky and Barb alone to force me to do whatever she is paid to want to force me to do, health-wise. And you should too, especially if you don't happen to be hideously fat. You don't know nuttin' 'bout 'nuttin' less you fat.

Damn sons a bitches.

Guildofcannonballs said...

"Blogger Original Mike said...
Hey narciso! If you're going to headline, how about giving us a reason to cut-n-paste?

5/24/19, 9:24 PM"

No reason, you figured it all out. Thank you.

I followed narc to JOM and it has been glorious. But you shouldn't OM, for even erstwhile if he did explain it to you, you see, the thing is, you still wouldn't get it.

He is priming the pump, for he knows that even when you and he are long gone, his seedlings will have sprouted.

If you, not having planted any trees with your reasoning "hey I won't sit under the fuckers" can't understand others and their plantings, that is your perogative. Geriatric or not.

We all appreciate your contributions OM. Thank you kind sir.

walter said...

Sure Guildy,
But if intending more widespread review,

Guildofcannonballs said...

"Blogger Molly said...
I've noticed that the Washington Post comments section is now exclusively anti-Trump. Are there still Trump critics who post comments on Althouse?

5/24/19, 9:29 PM"

Name a commenter on Althouse (or if there is a difference to which I am unaware then kindly name someone who posts comments on Althouse) who has never criticized Trump.

Even the demi-God Obama's infatuations included critiques, usually of the "his only problem is he is so perfect" variety of obfuscationary commentings.

So my question is this: could it possibly ever be that an entity could exist that isn't critical of Trump on some level?

Guildofcannonballs said...

Some see the effort to, on a pc, run the cursor over the link to see the URL and decide if we want to click to be non-distinct from reading a pasted URL and then determining whether 'tis worth the minimal effort to copy and paste. And on iPads and phones often you aren't allowed to see the link's URL you have to click with blind faith it will be worth your (geriatric or not) time.

I support narc.

walter said...

All folks ask here at times is context and an active link.
Small favor to ask for being driven away from the discussion at the host site.
But if planting seeds in darkness gets one off..have at it.
I do appreciate the better spelling of late.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Of course, I have assumed for a decade now Althouse shadow bans me because she is afraid of my powerful, powerful use of words.

I mean if not, I would be showered with fame and fortune by now right? I keep up the charade out of a singular (non-morbid) curiosity.

Otherwise I would never let the narcs of the world know what I am thinking, ala ol' Vito (with the orange in his mouth).

narciso said...

I couldn't guess, maybe it's just the unusual locations. The first link was Brit Hume who was Jack andersons protege noting how intelligence agencies have covered their backside

narciso said...

The second is self explanatory, the third concerns the danger that lindh represents

narciso said...

The next is about the Covington and birling (see holder) partner that held up the wall building

Guildofcannonballs said...

Huge gifts bestowed often have teeth seemingly yellowish in appearance.

Why not listen to the ancient elder wisdom to not look at the gift-mouth, but instead decide it is wise to look deeper and deeper at those teeth, but not the act of giving itself.

Is it because mostly you've taken those gifts ergo a comprehension that others give gifts is eluding?

narciso said...

I tried those links they just get longer, like an accordion

walter said...

Why don't you admit the broader benefit of making such sage interpretations more readily/likely accessed?
Your seedlings in obscurity metaphor is not helpful in these times.

narciso said...

CNN closing down their health care division, but it's just a fleshwound

walter said...

Blogger narciso said...I tried those links they just get longer, like an accordion
Easyhyperlinks? Not so. Use that all the time here. Name the link as short as you like

JOB said...


What makes the lake a body of its own
Is blue and cold, acceptable as prose,
Unexpected as poetry that’s grown
Beyond its words – a liturgy that grows

And glitters, glacier-like while weighing down
With weathered time the slowly massing floes
That squeeze a lake’s existence out of stone.
So passing passion into patience slows

The blood but speeds the wave to the tideline
In a land of lakes and stars; both repose
In the other’s eye — fire and water shine
Together the secret the other knows.

narciso said...


narciso said...

I guess its rhetorical, carrying watee for qataris against Cavanaugh and every other hot button issue.

narciso said...

In fair azania:

narciso said...

Azania was the peoples republic they thought would arise out of the south African revolution, it's been delayed for 25 years.

Guildofcannonballs said...

"Weather to Save Lori's 1st Weekend

Don't believe the hype about 1,200 officers and various social services, "revrunds" and a city services "blitz" tamping down the violence. This weekend's MVPs are going to be Tommy Skilling and Mother Nature:
Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Thursday she’s “flooding the zone” — with 1,200 additional police officers, dozens of religious leaders and more than 100 youth programs — to prevent Memorial Day weekend from turning violent.

“I want our kids to be safe in every community. That’s what success looks like. I know that we’ve got a way to go on that journey. But, I want to make sure we start the building blocks aggressively this weekend,” Lightfoot said.

“We’re flooding the zone. We know the areas in the city where we believe there are challenges. And we’re gonna make sure that we are physically present. That we are engaging with people in those neighborhoods. And that we’re bringing resources into those areas in particular where we have concerns about any kind of conflict.”
We haven't done an over/under in quite a while, but if we were degenerate gamblers, we'd say under thirty wounded this weekend and no more than nine fatalities. That covers from 1700 hours Friday until 2359 hours Monday.
Labels: crime, stats

Over to you.

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Unknown said...

If she has a yacht, why is she Rowling?

Robby said...
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Nobody said...

Your seedlings in obscurity metaphor is not helpful in these times.

Just do what I do and skip his comments.

gadfly said...

"Infrastructure" is just another word to shorten "pork-barrel spending" - and congressional members ( Dem, GOP or Bern) would rather break the budget than actually campaign for good government.

GOP conservatives have disappeared as evidenced by Freedom Caucus membership led by Trumpians Mark Meadows and Gym ("I know nothing") Jordan supported by Lie-for-Trump non-conservatives Matt Gaetz and Louie Gohmert - and we come down to Justin Amash as the only honest politician who even knows what freedom and rule of law is. He is a "Big L" libertarian that the Grand Old Party will no longer support in the primaries.

Nobody said...

“Big L” stands for “Big Lie” I assume.

Too bad about the tariffs on his little operation to export American jobs.

Nobody said...

I think it is time for Nobody to retire as a commenter, and since as I write this, I am looking out on a scene very similar to the cafe photo, maybe it’s time for me to take a break from commenting altogether and enjoy the days, maybe a little fishing, a little golf (though it’s hard for a man to serve two masters). I’m sure I’ll be back in a few weeks, but I am beginning to bore myself.


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rhhardin said...

Ham contest this morning, having difficulty being heard even in the Caribbean except Cuba but then worked western Australia fine. The skip changes.

A guy in Guam is wanting to talk but doesn't hear anybody calling him.

rhhardin said...

Glen Forest Western Australia beats my previous distance record by 31 miles. The most antipodal piece of land in the world is only 131 miles further.

Quaestor said...

I think it is time for Nobody to retire as a commenter...

Just as that nine iron of yours comes down I'm going to shout Blucher!

rhhardin said...

The flickr upgrade on May 22 is still broken. Seriously genius programmers are rare.

Tina Trent said...

Gadfly, Amash is a Ron Paul nutcase. When people wander around shouting that they are principled, there's a problem.

Big Mike said...

I found the picture from my 9:07 comment about Nadler’s shape on Drudge. He looks like a ventriloquist’s puppet that some made by attaching arms, head, and two floppy legs to a torso made from a beach ball.

gilbar said...

Nobody ever said... ,a little golf (though it’s hard for a man to serve two masters

you Know what they say! Nobody Can serve two masters!

mandrewa said...

wildswan said, "If Brexit was the largest party in the EU Parliament then maybe it could change the rules so that everyone could leave more easily."

The EU parliament doesn't have the right to initiate legislation, but they can vote yes or no.

Only the EU commission can propose legislation. Practically speaking this usually amounts to the EU bureaucracy (unelected, of course) proposing and advancing new laws.

Michael K said...

He is a "Big L" libertarian that China will support in the primaries.


narciso said...

irony of ironies:

walter said...

Gadfly hard for gadfly Amash.

mark said...

So based on Wildswan's description of EU voting, where vote totals are successively divided in two as seats are awarded, it sounds like the number of seats is the logarithm of the number of votes.

Why not just award the seats that way? Isn't that exactly what the method does?