February 16, 2019

At the Staring Bug-Eyed Café...

... you can lurch and talk to yourself all night.

And remember to use the Althouse Portal to Amazon buy your copy of "Bonfire of the Vanities" or whatever else you might need keep to keep going in this crazy world. I'll recommend Squeaky Clean mouthwash and not just because mice squeak. I like the way it looks.


Drago said...


TheDopeFromHope said...

If you didn't know the Smollett story was a hoax from the minute you read it, you should blow your brains out now. Spartacus, Fauxahontas, Nanny Pelosi, all ya all, do it now!

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

@ANN, and @MEADE
(our most gracious hosts, and the Baddest Bloggers in the Blogosphere)

...consider hosting an 'AristocRAT Masquerade Ball'...

With masks to preserve anonymity, a black-tie affair to Spark Joy,
or perhaps a benefit to raise awareness for Victims of Cruel Neutrality

Although the comments section can be home to some of the Web's most exquisite rancor,
guests would agree to suspend all grievances for an evening of reveling, like the famous Christmas Truce of 1914,
or the passage in Isaiah- "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat,
and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together"

Imagine-- after a few Martinis-- Chuck and Drago yukking it up like a couple of old Army buddies,
Darrell and Inga performing a zesty Tango with elan and precision,
Mockturtle formalizing her proposal to tcrosse-- a couple of short films by Laslo, etc--
It would be magical !!
Sort of like "The McLaughlin Group" meets "Eyes Wide Shut" ! (well, ok, not exactly.)

Select a location, say Chicago (MAGA Country, baby!!), open bar, band, rent the giant inflatable Union Protest Rat for out front by the valets, press 'n paparazzi, Rat merch swag provided to all attendees, etc.

Truly an evening to remember!

Over men and horses hoops and garters
Lastly through a hogshead of real fire!
In this way Dr K. Will challenge the world!

gilbar said...

someone here a year ago or so mentioned a band called
Stone Darling, which was on You Tube

I watched them then, and loved them; i noticed today that they're FINALLY selling .mp3s on amazon of two of their old songs (and one NEW one). I went out and bought them (through the portal)
And thought that i should mention them in case anyone here liked them
if you want them for free, try
Stone Darling

Unknown said...

That rat looks alot like me right now. Spent the last two days driving from Severna Park MD to Doral FL. Start my new job on Monday. Miss my fiancee and my french bulldog, they'll join me once the house is sold.
My 2006 Mustang GT ate up I95, it's amazing how much more reliable cars are these days, 30 years ago, an 6 year old car wouldn't be trusted to make that trip, much less an 6 year old muscle car.

Drago said...

All your hoaxes are belong to us

--Democrat/LLR Party

gilbar said...

someone said...
30 years ago, an 6 year old car wouldn't be trusted to make that trip, much less an 6 year old muscle car.

In 1982, When i bought my 1970 Plymouth Barracuda (with the 'Cuda package; 383 magnum and 4speed)
it had 38,000 miles on it and was 13 years old. It was Amazing what great shape in was in. The Engine was only on it's second overhaul, and the body was barely rusted at all. Everybody was like: OMG that's a Classic Car! I'd drive it on weekends.

Now, a 13 year old car probably needs sparkplugs. On the Other hand, i payed $2,000 for the 'Cuda

Oso Negro said...

@ Ingachuck'stoothlessARM - If the fourth wall separates the performer from the audience, I suppose she breaks that every time she reacts to a comment. So what separates the blogger from her corporeal commentariat? The fifth wall? That certainly tumbled with Meade. If I were her, I would be having doubts about some of the rest of us, let alone a mob of us.

Rt41Rebel said...

Well said, Gilbar. I have 160K miles on the original engine, and I've never had to do much more that oil and various filter changes, speaking of which, I'm a firm believer in synthetic oil. As an aside, cruise control is a great thing on trips like that, but to be honest, I don't think it's as efficient as foot driving. I used CC on the 1st day and averaged 25 MPG. It started acting funny and I foot drove on the 2nd day and averaged 26 MPG. Also worth noting, 5 speed manual.

n.n said...

All your hoaxes are belong to us

The Convington Affair

Water Closet

Warlock Trials

To name a few.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

pepper spray

FullMoon said...

TheDopeFromHope said...

If you didn't know the Smollett story was a hoax from the minute you read it, you should blow your brains out now. Spartacus, Fauxahontas, Nanny Pelosi, all ya all, do it now!

2/16/19, 7:42 PM

Jussie simply hates white people, and anyone who voted for Trump. Typical letfzi.
Like others have said, poor baby gonna go into rehab and all is forgiven.

Maillard Reactionary said...

Has that rat been microdosing?

One wonders.

Original Mike said...

So apparently in NYC the gas company will not accept new connections to their system, due to lack of supply. New York is sitting on top of the Marcellus Shale.

Rocker scientists...

Big Mike said...

Rats eat peas and rats eat their broccoli.

Conclusion: rats are better than people because they know to eat their veggies.

Big Mike said...

@FullMoon, do you think maybe Trumpit is actually Jussie Smollett?

Sprezzatura said...

"...or whatever else you might need keep to keep going in this crazy world."

Wasn't Althouse against this sorta jabber re the mentally ill? Cause of some sorta PC thinking thing re folks who are diagnosed as crazy.

Or was that sorta jabber only cause saying so helped racist (e.g. not clearly denouncing Duke, and sayin very fine folks are hanging w/ torchers who chant about Jews and protest a local government voting to remove monuments that were installed to protest black rights, and bragging about the superiority of his German blood), F-ing moron (according to staff) POTUS.

Rhetorical questions are fun!



How about a rewrite:
"...or whatever else you might need keep to keep going in this retarded world."

OTOH, that does use the R word (the second one, i.e., not 'redskin'.). I hate that word cause I've had staff w/ such kids. But I also don't throw out 'crazy.' Cause I've had staff and family w/ that. I also don't run defense for racist moron POTUS. I'm full cuck snowflake, re Gab Althouse.


Does putting lipstick on and/or dolling up a rat ever get tiring? At least for a femtosecond.

Big Mike said...

@Meade, I tried a small experiment today. Please let me know if Amazon informs you about an order through your portal that included bootlaces for hiking boots and hair care products for a man's wife. (And pays you, of course.)

Big Mike said...

@anti-de Sitter, I'm pretty sure that you're not the alias for Jussie Smollett. You aren't the sharpest tack in the bulletin, but you still to be smarter than he is.

FullMoon said...

Booker and Harris trying to push an "anti lynching" bill through. Most people see it as unneeded because there's already laws against such a crime... So stage a fake attack, blame it on "trump", add a noose to show they wanted to lynch him and now the bill has a ton of support.

politicians rally for Jussie

Gahrie said...

I guess we're supposed to treat Smollett with charity and cruel neutrality, and not condemn him for his vile and despicable lies?

Lucid-Ideas said...

The following politicos on twitter on the hook for smollett...

Kamala Harris
Elizabeth warren
Cory booker
Harry Reid
Wasserman schultz
Bernie Sanders

Oh, and the list goes on and on and on

Throwing these tweetcaps in their face foe...well honestly, forever is going to be delicious.

Jussie Smollett, the self-bashing gay.

Sprezzatura said...

Big M,

I'm pretty dull.

But, I don't suck dick.

Gahrie said...

Booker and Harris trying to push an "anti lynching" bill through.

My favorite part of this absurdity is Booker tweeting about the fact that anti-lynching laws have been blocked in Congress 200 times, without mentioning that each one of those times it was the Democrats who did the blocking.

Mark said...

If you didn't know the Smollett story was a hoax from the minute you read it, you should blow your brains out now.

Don't be too hard on them. You should feel like a tool if you paid any attention to the story in the first place.

FullMoon said...

Big Mike said...

@Meade, I tried a small experiment today. Please let me know if Amazon informs you ....

Reminds me of when I read Amazon reviews for something, maybe radio or something.. Anyway, clicked on a womans other reviews and learned a lot about them. Clothing size. Pet owner. Favorite books. Kids? Sex toys.

Try it sometime, for fun.

Lucid-Ideas said...

Jussie smollett - the little bottom that couldn't

Big Mike said...

@Ingachuck'stoothlessARM, you do know that "The AristocRATs" is a famous filthy joke, right?

Here's George Carlin's version.

FullMoon said...

Reddit guys predict the future:

[–]JessumB 297 points an hour ago

Step 1. Apologize if anyone was offended

Step 2. Enter Rehab

Step 3. Exit Rehab

Step 4. Pat yourself on the back for starting a conversation

Step 5. Life goes on as normal

permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive awardreply

[–]bupdup [score hidden] an hour ago

5 years from now do an interview about how it was a very dark period of your life and how much you regret it every day. Pat yourself on the back some more.

permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive awardreply

[–]nonresponsive [score hidden] 50 minutes ago

You forgot the part where you write a book and then get interviewed about it.

permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive awardreply

load more comments (14 replies)

[–]ayyyvocado 260 points an hour ago

I'm waiting for the moment when he starts saying the police are racist and should leave him alone and start investigating real crimes.

Big Mike said...

@anti-de Sitter, just joking with you. I sense from your response that it fell a bit ... flat? Sorry for offending you.

Big Mike said...

@Althouse, your rat forget to take its post-surgery anti-inflammatory drops. You don't want to do that either.

Lucid-Ideas said...

Jussie Smollett - Drama knock-down king

FullMoon said...

Let us not forget the theatrical hate letter Jussie received prior to beat down

Hate letter photo is definately not related LOL

Lucid-Ideas said...

Jussie "i paid nigerians a fee to pound me for sympathy" Smollett

Sprezzatura said...

Why do you folks care so much about this black homo running a scam?

POTUS has a massive trail of doing real harm to the lives of large numbers of human beings. From swindles, to shitting on personal commitment re marriage, to leaving others to pay for his shit deals gone bust, to hiring illegals to edge out 'Muricans for work, to racism re hiring (e.g. who can handle casino dough) and folks looking to find a place to live, not to mention the way more than a dozen gals jabbering about abuse, and his own jabber re looking at kids re when they can be F-ed and walking in on unclothed gals and wanting to date his own kid.

IOW, if this black homo is a good actor -- IOW he does what he's hired to do (like DJT is hired to make rich folks richer and to make gals stop killing their kids) -- who cares about a single foible.

If the POS scale goes one to ten, that black homo has nothing compared to DJT.


Lucid-Ideas said...

Jussie Smollett - Nigerian boxing coach and sparring partner

Lucid-Ideas said...

Jussie "i pay guys to punch the gay while getting subway" Smollet

Lucid-Ideas said...

Jussie "Fast-whitening bleach was out of reach" smollett

Lucid-Ideas said...

Jussie "the rope didnt fit we can't acquit" Smollett

Big Mike said...

Upon review of new information, I withdraw my previous apology.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...



Ken B said...

I learned a useful mantra once. “What do you think? What do you know? What can you prove?”
What I think has not changed.
What I know is when Smollett refused to give up his phone or phone records was that he didn’t want the case solved. We both understand what that implies.
What I can prove is nothing yet.

narciso said...

I think he should apologize, TMZ should as well, he should be prosecuted for staging a hoax, sued for the cost of this investigation and all those who bought this story, should have their faces rubbed in it.

Big Mike said...

Why do you folks care so much about this black homo running a scam?

@anti-de Sitter, because (1) it tied up police resources that could have been used to catch criminals, and (2) it attempted to take race relations even further backwards than eight years of Barack Obama managed to take them.

Sprezzatura said...

Pre or post withdraw,

I can never not like you.

Way back, many years ago I remember a thread.

I don't know how you swept into a thread that had no signs of you. For some reason folks in that thread were jabbering about initials and abbreviations. Since I'm a big fan of such I was engaged. but I did note that there were some situations where I wouldn't use an abbreviation for certain commenters' handles. In particular I wrote that I would only use 'Big M' for 'Big Mike.' Cause the alternative is too crude. And, FTR, that was and is true, re the reason I use 'Big M'.

Then, out of nowhere, ya jumped in and said that you appreciated that.

One of my top five funniest things I've witnessed in these threads over the last (more than) ten years.

Lots of folks say they lurk. Maybe that happened. Or just crazy [ha] timing. Or a tip. I still wonder. Which is still wonderful.


Lucid-Ideas said...

Jussie Smollett - A hallmark story that will tug at your heart, at least until you see the timeline and evidence flow chart.

To everyone who thinks this shit is 'small potatoes'. It's not. These aren't white lies.

Duke lacrosse - lie
UVA rape - lie
Kavanaugh - lie
Covington kids - lie
Muslim chicks screaming about headscarfs getting grabbed - lies
Swastikas on campus - lies
Nooses on campuses - lies
Smollett - lie

A pattern emerging yet?

These aren't white lies. They are in fact hate crimes themselves, primarily directed at 50% of the country. Police are involved. Investigations. Time. Money. Lawsuits. These aren't white lies. These are crimes.

Smollett lawyered up which is a perfectly reasonable thing for an innocent person to do....

He needs to do time and he owes both Trump supporters and white people a public apology.

Lucid-Ideas said...

Hey Jussie, keep it up bud. We have time. We'll give you all the rope in the world!

narciso said...

No not merely white people, this type of gaslighting is likely to set the whole country aflame

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Again - the media becomes the bigger story. The hacks.

Drago said...

anti-de Sitter space: "Why do you folks care so much about this black homo running a scam?"

Ah yes, the predictable post-lefty-hoax-exposed gambit.

Hey now, lets not quibble about who accused who of being racist white supremacist attackers of minorities for the eleventy-millionth time and demanded apologies and explanations of every republican out there!

This is supposed to be a time of healing....which we'll get to just as soon as the lefties are done contacting every university to which the Covington Catholic High Schoolers applied for admission to ensure that the Universities reject those applications and the High Schoolers extended family members are also threatened with death.

Ken B said...

How are Cory Booker and Kampala Harris and Gillibrand any better than southern politicians who trumpeted their belief in the accuser of Emmett Till? The same partisan rush to judgment, same selective reading of facts, same attempt to demagogue race. Why is no one responsible for saying “This is true!” when they do not know it is?

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Where can you go when it's all in your head?

FullMoon said...

An oldie but goodie comment prior to election. Bonus AA 2016 rat pic at link Poll November 2016

"Bay Area Guy said...


"The good part of a Hillary loss will be watching the Democrats go through the stages of grief. Lots of anger and denial."

This is exactly right. To any folks still wavering out there -- imagine the look on Rachel Maddow's face, and the rest of her cohorts on MSNBC, as they have to report an "unexpected" Trump victory next week.

Yes, it may not happen, but the glimmer of such hope, is worth your vote.

Trump-Pence 2016!

11/1/16, 10:40 AM "

Gahrie said...

He needs to do time and he owes both Trump supporters and white people a public apology.

He's not the only one who needs to pay a price. All of the politicians and so called journalists who seized the opportunity to attack White people and President Trump need to pay a price. The reason this shit keeps happening is that no one ever pays a price for their actions.

CBF and her enablers have never paid a price.

Phillips and his enablers have never paid a price.

Will Smollett and his enablers?

Just look at Booker...he attempted to use each of these lies for his political gain, and I still believe he will be the Democratic Party's choice for VP.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Fullmoon -that's when the Russians swooped in and removed Strozk's balls, Comey's grip, and McCabe's wife's golden ticket to the foundation.

DavidD said...

Filed our federal and state income taxes today.

Big changes from the previous year to personal exemptions, the standard deduction, and child credits for federal taxes; even though our withholding had gone way down, we’re still getting a hefty refund of taxes that had been withheld throughout last year.

Michael McNeil said...

Carried over from yesterday's cafe….
Re 2 earlier comments:
Amazon has raised my standard of living a lot. Whatever you want you can get. No visiting stores to see if they have anything you want. Huge cost drop.

I love browsing thru old used book stores. I always can a gem. But I also love the convenience of Amazon. I guess I'm bi-booksual.

While Amazon is good in many of its departments at providing great variety of choices as well as excellent prices, ironically it's not always the best with regard to its original speciality: books.

It's true that Amazon very often offers not only a variety of choices but also quite good prices in the “books” dept. — however, Amazon also has a formidable competitor there that one really ought to refer to for (oftentimes) even better prices not to speak of choices: to wit, abebooks.com, which is to say: the “Advanced Book Exchange” — a consortium of 10,000 or so used bookstores all presenting their wares under the common “ABE” umbrella.

When purchasing through Abebooks.com, the ABE website shows you a list of books and their bookstores meeting your search criteria — organized (say) by lowest price or whatever — then handles checkout and payment so your credit card doesn't get exposed at any of these 10,000 used bookstores….

It works quite well, and its prices are good. Just the other day, for instance, I ordered a scholarly but artistic book on ancient Maya art — to wit, The Blood of Kings by Schele and Miller — in response to a footnote in another book pointing at same. From Amazon, the cheapest copy available now costs $69 — the next copy $175.

ABE contrariwise presently has a number of copies of this very same book available starting at just over $6 (!) — with no shipping charge. Yesterday I got the copy I ordered through ABE: a big glossy art book 10" x 10" x 1" in size, which is in perfect, like-new condition. (I think I paid a bit more for mine to get a copy its bookstore rated as being “good”: $7.)

It's too bad that the Advanced Book Exchange hasn't set up a referral system for small-scale blogging entrepreneurs — like Amazon has for (e.g.) Althouse, to encourage them to (also) refer people to ABE — but they apparently haven't.

Sprezzatura said...

"Phillips and his enablers have never paid a price."

That one ya gots backwards.

It was the blacks who caused trouble. White oppression.

As if the Captain wasn't white enough, it was a Danish shipping company, and the ship was named 'Alabama' = could not be more white.


Big Mike said...

@anti-de Sitter at 9:29, well I thank you for that, but you have to understand that we normal people are waaaaayyyy past tired of these hoaxes. From Anthropogenic Global Warming (rebranded as "climate change") to Russia! Russia! Russia! to swastikas on campus (painted by Jews), to the Covington Kids to Jussie Smollett, when does it end? I get that the people dependent on identity politics have an existential requirement to keep people at each others' throats, but but if you or any other person looking at the political scene think that the right way to address America's problems then Emily Litella doesn't cut it.

Something else you don't get. We, the People, basically hired Donald Trump to fix the mess left behind by eight years of Barack Obama and the sixteen years before then of presidents whose image has been (rightfully) tarnished by time and hindsight. Damned right he has warts! So what? He was the best person for the job among those who applied for it and were willing to do it. And so far he's done marvelous. Now. Get. The. Hell. Out. Of. His. Way.

Gahrie said...

"Phillips and his enablers have never paid a price."

That one ya gots backwards.

It was the blacks who caused trouble

Not really. It was Phillips who told and promoted a lie, not the Black Hebrews. In fact the video that began to reveal the truth was shot by the Black Hebrews. I firmly believe that Phillips would have staged and promoted his lie whether the Black Hebrews were there or not.

That being said, the Black Hebrews are a bunch of ignorant racists who did behave as badly as they usually do on that day.

Seeing Red said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seeing Red said...

JS shoukd be charged for the time spent on this case.

FullMoon said...

Racist Jussie chose Black History Month to stage an amateur production of a hate crime.

TheDopeFromHope said...

Our prosecutor in Chicago is Kim Fox. She's black, female, and hates the police. It's doubtful she'll do the right thing.

walter said...

Gee..it's all "This is not who we are" until it appears this is not who we we were. We need Cracker Emcee and Titus to chime in. Farmer ain't gonna.
Kudos Big Mike for the Emily Litella shout out.

Lucid-Ideas said...

You see this all the time with these Hollywood types. It's hilarious. For people that basically play pretend for a living they can't make up a story for shit.

I take back everything bad I've said about the screenwriters guild. It looks they REALLY ARE the ones doing the heavy lifting.

Jussie, 10,000 chimps with typewriters in a warehouse could've come up with something better, and that's still 'insulting' to the chimps...

You also owe the chimps an apology you fraud.

AlanKH said...

Deck of reckless Accusers - started out as 54 playing cards, but I added a third joker when the Covington legal team officially targeted Nathan Phillips.


Does anyone remember the first time someone on the Internet used playing cards to make up a list of persons? I faintly recall one from the early previous decade.

rcocean said...

I'm simply SHOCKED that the chicago PD is claiming the Jussie Smollett "Noose party" is fake. I refuse to believe that Chicago is not full of Gay baiting, Jew hating, Black-o-phobe Trump supporters. I think President Trump has bamboozled the Chicago PD into covering up this hate crime to please his hate filled supporters.

/s/ Kamala Harris.

PS. However, I will answer no more questions on this matter and have asked Jussie not to campaign for me - for his own safety.

walter said...

That Subway contract is slipping through his hands...

stephen cooper said...

it is not the new york city bob dylan, friend of all those greenwich village beatniks, who just wanted something beautiful in life, remember as their new york

but it is a good new york for people with love in their hearts for all

take me anywhere

rita ora

dancing on the streets of the new york city i rememeber from half a century ago

back in the day i was honest

no hoaxes no hate

i wish such happiness for people a half century after my heyday, the days i knew in old new york

no hoaxes no hate

it looks different now

so the new york city i remember is gone

let someone younger live in a new city

God loves us all

rcocean said...

What the hell has this country come to, when a Gay, jewish, black man can't fake a hate crime - with the help of 2 Nigerian friends - in order to get some publicity for a TV show - without the police butting in and proving it to be fake?

What is this, Nazi Germany?

rcocean said...

On the plus side. Subway sales have gone up.

Fen said...

"Why do you folks care so much about this black homo running a scam?"

Because you folks use these scams to justify all the evil things you want to do to us.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

"Fake Noose"

Ken B said...

Either way Jussie Smollett is the victim here. Either he was attacked or, in order to vilify and whip up hate, he was forced to lie. What kind of a country is it where a man is forced to lie in order to incite a mob?

Dr Weevil said...

U.S. forces in Iraq had a deck of playing cards printed with the names and faces of the top people in Saddam's regime. Saddam was of course Ace of Spades, his sons Qusay and Uday the Ace of Clubs and Hearts, 'Chemical Ali' King of Spades, 'Mrs Anthrax' (the only woman) Five of Hearts, and so on. Full list on Wikipedia. Poor 'Bagdhad Bob' wasn't important enough to make the list. Six are still at large, hiding out in (where else?) Syria.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

"Why do you folks care so much about this black homo running a scam?


Charlie Currie said...

Up thread there is some comments on the reliability of cars of old and present day cars.

In 1936 my mom, her 5 siblings and their mom and dad drove their not new model A from Marysville, KS to Hawthorne, CA.

In 1965 me and a buddy drove his 1956 VW from Hawthorne to Long Island, nonstop and then back again 2 months later.

In 1970 I drove my 1959 VW from Hawthorne to Bandon, OR and then back again 6 months later.

While in Bandon, my cousin and I drove his 1949 Plymouth back to Hawthorne. He drove it home 2 weeks later. I hitched a ride back to Bandon with a buddy in his 1961 VW van.

So the cars of yesteryear were quite reliable. And, if they had broke down, we could have fixed them ourselves.

My current daily driver is a 1966 Ford Falcon wagon. I bought it several years ago off Craigslist from a guy in Folsom, Ca. Drove it 12 hours straight through the night back to Long Beach, CA. Nothing like an unfamiliar 40+ year old car to keep you alert and paying attention on a dark stretch of highway.

Fen said...

"JS shoukd be charged for the time spent on this case."

I want him to do 1000 hours of Community Service Tours to local high schools, explaining what he did and why, and why faking hate crimes is dangerous to future victims of actual hate crimes. After each Q & A, the students are encouraged to follow him to the gym with a bag of rocks.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Blogger walter said...
That Subway contract is slipping through his hands.

Not necessarily--
Depends on the ad concept.
"How far will YOU go for a Subway"
"I'd go out alone at 2am in minus 30 degree weather, fight off a staged lynching, then risk arrest by filing a fake police report, and even risk my reputations and damage race relations"
At SUBWAY, our sandwiches are soooo good, you'll do anything to get your hands on one!
"I aint taking the high road-- I'm taking the SUBWAY!

See if you can #BeatJussie

narciso said...

I can see James Gunn direxting:

narciso said...

Oh never mind:


Yancey Ward said...

Isn't Smollett's fallback story going to be that he fell for a Nigerian e-mail scam?

AllenS said...

Jussie Smollett paid the Nigerians money to pour bleach on him so he could look like Michael Jackson, a white girl.

MountainMan said...

Gabriel said: "Phillips and his enablers have never paid a price."

They might end up paying a lot if Lin Wood is as successful as he has been with some of his prior cases.

stephen cooper said...

Phillips is a bad person whose nasty soul can be seen on his face.
If he asks God to put love in his heart he will be wonderful to look at, but as of now he is a hate-filled man whom people look at and immediately look away from. The drama that got so much attention was based on the fact that one person looked at him and did not look away. People were fascinated by that.

Jussie Smollet, apparently, committed a crime, a Klan-level racist hate crime, seeking to harm other people, innocent people, simply because they were of a different race.

God will forgive Jussie Smollet, if he repents, and we should all hope he repents.

Neither one of them - racist Smollet or hate-filled Phillips - can be happy in the morning, looking in the mirror, and they are both the sort of person who have brought shame on their families.

But they both can repent, so there is that.

Laslo Spatula said...

Amazon Cart:
• clothesline
• MAGA hat

Amazon suggests: Others who bought these items also purchased:
• bleach
• Mein Kampf (paperback, English translation)
• Hate Crimes For Dummies (paperback)
• How To Tie Knots Real Good (paperback)
• Chicago IX - Chicago's Greatest Hits (Audio CD)

I am Laslo.

Humperdink said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Humperdink said...

Charlie Currie said: " ....In 1965 me and a buddy drove his 1956 VW from Hawthorne to Long Island, nonstop and then back again 2 months later.

In 1970 I drove my 1959 VW from Hawthorne to Bandon, OR and then back again 6 months later...."

My first car was a 1958 VW bug. Paid $285 for it in 1970. I loved that car. The car had one round instrument on the dash, the speedometer. The lower left corner of speedometer had a small red light for generator issues (no alternator). The lower right had a light for low oil pressure. That was it. No gas gauge. The car came with a factory issued dipstick to measure the gas in the fuel tank. Of course, it had a one gallon reserve tank for the forgetful driver.

stevew said...

If Jussie Smollett was just going to lie and make up the attack, why did he have to stage anything? Was he trying to get the staged attack on camera somehow, and failed quite spectacularly? Was he attempting to establish some foundation of truth on which to build his lie?

I'm not saying I believe him, but I can't figure out why he would leave his apartment at, what was it, 3am - he didn't need to do that to make up the attack.

rhhardin said...

"Of course, it had a one gallon reserve tank for the forgetful driver."

That's just a separate drain on the same tank. The running out of gas thing is a reminder.

Humperdink said...

"That's just a separate drain on the same tank..... "

That's true, of course, but in most circles it was called a reserve tank.

BUMBLE BEE said...

I'm not so sure about Smollet's dusky future. Remember Tawana Brawley? That earth shattering racist event rocked america. He even got away with inciting the Crown Heights madness. Has owed The IRS MILLIONS for years, no sweat. Now he's an accredited TV news commentator on "Racial Issues". Talk about "KLAN LEVEL" activities paying off. Maybe Babs will do a farewell concert for him. Gotta take care of your own.

Fen said...

"but I can't figure out why he would leave his apartment at, what was it, 3am"

I would have planned it at such an hour because there would be a significantly lesser chance a bystander would be there to intervene or contest my version of events.

Remember, a neighbor disputed the likelihood of tbis happening because tbe area is predominantly black and/or gay.

BUMBLE BEE said...

Fen... I'd think an TV actor would be concerned with camera coverage/angles as well.

alan markus said...

@ gilbar said...
someone here a year ago or so mentioned a band called
Stone Darling, which was on You Tube

Glad you found them - I do recall linking We're Through here. Don't remember the motivation to do so, other than I think I commented that the vintage mid-60's film footage of the blonde girl in the bikini may be Althouse.

Stone Darling seems to be a girl band that faded into obscurity. The tall girl lead guitar/vocalist (Paige Stark) is now the drum/vocalist Tashaki Miyaki. Incredible how much noise they can make with 2 guitars and drums. Facts of Life

Michael K said...

No gas gauge. The car came with a factory issued dipstick to measure the gas in the fuel tank. Of course, it had a one gallon reserve tank for the forgetful driver.

I had one and kept a plastic mileage recorder on the flap above the windshield. I would reset it every time I got gas.

Drove that VW to Boston and back from LA.

Ralph L said...

The '56 Olds we kids drove in HS in the 70's had a non-working gauge. Dad had already trained us to write the mileage on the receipt and stick it in the visor. I've no idea why that was important for his other cars.

What were my parents thinking, sending teenagers out in an over-powered, under-braked boat?

gilbar said...

thanx alan markus for the Tashaki Miyaki info!

walter said...

Blogger stevew said...
I can't figure out why he would leave his apartment at, what was it, 3am -
Especially after receiving that cutout letter MAGA threat note (declining offer of security) a week before.

alan markus said...

@ gilbar:

Here's more. Funny that their "fan club" seems to be limited to two old guys like us.

Stone Darling & Tashaki Miyaki Playlist"

Char Char Binks, Esq. said...

"Why do you folks care so much about this black homo running a scam?"

Why don't you care about Democrats' dirty political tricks and Nigerian collusion? This MAGA Country rope trick was designed to turn voters against Trump. Democrats only care whether or not it works.