January 11, 2019

It's hard for Mitt Romney to win the Trump hater's love. So unfair!


gahrie said...

Romney continues to demonstrate how he lost the election. Alienate the base and appease the Left.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Unfair? Deserved.

He's a squish. a middle of the roader. a phony. He's a status quo.

Jim at said...

Romney = McFlake

It's best to ignore him.

Bay Area Guy said...

Mitt has tunnel vision. Winning a Senate seat in Mormon Republican Utah ain't too hard for rich Mormon Republican. And, it doesn't connect you to a more "varied" demographic that might help inform your views.

Nonapod said...

Romney won’t say if he thinks declaring national emergency is a good idea. “I think the right course is to consider common ground between the two parties. But the president indicated he’s considering that option."

Romney is trying win over a niche of people who pretend to be conservatives and are somewhere between absolutely despising Trump and just generally hating Trump. I guess it's a critical demo.

Lucid-Ideas said...

Mitt Romney - the conservative that pulls out his emery board, does his nails, and is extremely offended when you accuse him of being a crypto-leftist and recently endorsed by Harry Reid s the "true voice" of GOP.

A true emery-board conservative.

Drago said...

The good news for Mitt is that he has secured both Harry Reid's and LLR Chuck's approval for his antics.

So that covers the left/dems opinions.

We will have to see if any real conservatives go for it.

Tommy Duncan said...

Blogger Nonapod said...

"Romney is trying win over a niche of people who pretend to be conservatives and are somewhere between absolutely despising Trump and just generally hating Trump. I guess it's a critical demo."

Chuck, you're a critical demographic group all by yourself. Cool!

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Tucker Carlson: Mitt Romney supports the status quo. But for everyone else, it's infuriating

A fantastic summation by Tucker Carlson.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Romney won’t say...

Fake news. Romney didn't say, at this particular time... would be an accurate report. You can't report what he will or won't say in the future.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Shame on Utah for allowing him to run and shame on Utah for kicking Mia Love to the curb in place of an anti-liberty democratic.

stevew said...

“I think the right course is to consider common ground between the two parties."

The Mitt-ster must have missed the meeting the other day in which Trump met with Nance and Chuckie?

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

“I think the right course is to consider common ground between the two parties."

do name that common ground, Mitt.

Open borders? No sovereign border?

YoungHegelian said...

Romney's a dork. He's a lost cause.

He'll go through the rest of his life being what he considers to be an upper-crust Mormon gentleman & never understand why the train passed him by.

Big Mike said...

Our southern border has been a problem for decades and every President and Congress has kicked the can down the road. Mitt says "Me too!"

eric said...

Trump won and Romney lost and there is a very clear reason for that.

What would it have mattered if Romney won? I mean this question seriously.

Every time a Republican wins, we still get Democrat/Liberal laws, albeit at a slower pace. It doesn't matter if Romney is the most conservative guy (he isn't, just making a point) because those conservative principles take a backseat to the principle of bipartisanship.

And this always happens and Never Trump just doesn't get it.

What happened? What about my principles!? They scream.

What they don't realize is, their highest principle is our deepest disagreement. While our principles may match up 90% of the time, the fact that all of our shared principles must die on the alter of bipartisanship means we really have no shared principles at all.

Phil 3:14 said...

" Alienate the base and appease the Left."

I don't think "the base" of 2012 was/is the same base as 2016. I voted for Mitt and I like him but I don't understand why he would want a public war of words. It accomplishes nothing and hardens people's stances (as evidenced above).

langford peel said...

In the end no one trusts a traitor.

Benedict Arnold died alone and friendless.

gilbar said...

just think! If/when this tweet gets talked about on either NPR or MSNBC, so our LLR's can learn what to say, we'll hear from them !!! How about it LLRs? What's MSNBC say about this?

rcocean said...

I warned everyone that Romney was going to be "Super-Flake". All he needs is a cape and giant "F" on his chest.

BTW, his father George was the same way. A wussy, backstabbing, flip-flopping, Big business Republican. Always accusing his fellow Republicans of not caring about "the Negro Situation" and adopting a holier-than-thou attitude. Nixon got to the point where he hated him and fired him from the the cabinet.

Had Trump made Mitt Secretary of State, Romney would've been fired in a month.

tim in vermont said...

That boy is pretty wild now
The boy's a super Flake
The kind of boy you read about
In National Review magazine
That boy is pretty kinky
The boy's a super Flake, super Flake

tim in vermont said...
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EDH said...

I'm still holding out hope Romney brushes back his gray hair on the side into Silver Wingtips like Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri on the Sopranos and transforms from RINO into the Mormon with no pity.

tim in vermont said...

Romney spent the bulk of his business career at a firm called Bain Capital. Bain Capital all but invented what is now a familiar business strategy: Take over an existing company for a short period of time, cut costs by firing employees, run up the debt, extract the wealth, and move on, sometimes leaving retirees without their earned pensions. Romney became fantastically rich doing this.. - Tucker Carlson

I used to consider this kind of criticism of Romney unfair. “He killed my wife with cancer!” But somehow I don’t really feel like defending the indefensible anymore.

cubanbob said...

“I think the right course is to consider common ground between the two parties."

Mitt must think there is a compromise on what size turd is acceptable in a milk tank. I voted for the guy but clearly this just goes to show why he wasn't elected president. Trump's position is simple, national security along with border security and integrity are core functions of the government. Not optional choices. The Democrats apparently think that national security and border security and integrity are far less an important function of than say Big Bird. Trump should keep hammering that at every opportunity that the Democrats are putting Mexicans and Central Americans interests above Americans interest.

Bob Boyd said...

Some cogent analysis overheard in a bar:

"Mittens done fucked his-self."

tim in vermont said...

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has no remaining signs of cancer after her surgery last month, requires no additional treatment, but will miss oral arguments at the court next week to rest, the Supreme Court said Friday. While odds for a recovery from the surgery she had are good, they go way up if the subsequent pathology report shows no cancer in the lymph nodes. On Friday, the court released a written statement saying there is no additional evidence of cancer. - Nina Democratenberg

Maybe Nina is just a lousy writer. IDK.

gahrie said...

I don't think "the base" of 2012 was/is the same base as 2016. I voted for Mitt and I like him but I don't understand why he would want a public war of words.

But there was a war of words. Romney just refused to fight back and surrendered.

Darrell said...

Romney killed his own brand--there's no going back. I would never vote for him again.

alanc709 said...

There's a new word I learned today, that describes Romney's Presidential campaign. Allision. Failure to avoid striking a fixed object.

rehajm said...

I get the impression y’all don’t much care for Romney.

Lydia said...

More of what Romney actually said about this:

Romney, R-Utah, said Trump did not discuss invoking emergency powers with GOP lawmakers in a meeting Wednesday, but they all came away convinced the president won't budge on building a wall.

"He has staked out his position and he wants to build a border barrier. That's something I concur with, by the way," Romney said on KSL Newsradio's "Dave & Dujanovic" show. He said a border fence "makes all the sense in the world." ...

Romney said if Trump declares a state of emergency, the Democrats will have lost an opportunity to get things they want through negotiation.

"And I think we Republicans will be concerned that this kind of approach could be used by perhaps a Democrat president in the future, and that's not something we want to see either," he said. ...

"The right approach is for there to be some kind of deal that can be done where both sides get something that they feel is important," the senator said. "But I don't see movement to suggest that's about to happen." Like may Republicans, including those in the Utah delegation, Romney pointed out that Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, have supported building the existing 650 miles of barriers at the border.

"But they're opposed to a border wall now that President Trump is the president," Romney said. "Regardless of what you think about the particular president, you would hope that your policy thoughts, that your principles on a topic would override what you might think about the person bringing them forward." ...

Democrats, he said, are in an "awkward" position having voted for border walls in the past and now saying it's immoral to build any more.

"That just doesn't fly," Romney said.

Democrats, he said, "have painted themselves into a corner and they're having a hard time getting themselves out of that corner."

tim in vermont said...

Romney can run in a third party to guarantee a Democrat win. That’s his goal, he can certainly do it.

Gk1 said...

At least Mittens sees the same problem I do that the democrats have painted themselves into a corner and do not have an exit strategy. In poker when your bluff is called (like Trump's done) you don't get to sit there and wish you were playing parcheesi and ask the onlookers if they agree with you. Where are the great statesmen on the democrat's side that can figure a way out of this mess?

Phil 3:14 said...

Thanks for the citation Lydia. That all makes sense and is pretty damning for the Dems.

So I guess both Dems and Trumpkins believe that if you don't provide full throated "yur damn right" support for the Trump position you're anti-Trump.

I think both sides love the fight (and both sides could have gotten the wall that they asked for at various times in the past.)

narciso said...

splunge but he's not being indecisive, of course david corn was part of the plame kerfluffle, and then the 47% narrative (hiding the fact that Robert creamer, not carter's grandson had been behind that) and of course the whole fusion foofaraw, which raju was also a party to,

Phil 3:14 said...

PS Romney won will well over 60% of the Utah vote. Flake won in AZ in 2012 by 3 percentage points.

narciso said...

in light of other agendas:


robother said...

The de facto common ground between the 2 parties has been open borders. That's why the 700 miles of border barrier approved and funded in 2006 never got built. Professional fundraisers and campaign managers for each party love that kind of status quo:
R's fundraise and garner votes from their base by chanting "just build the damn wall" every election cycle and D's fundraise and garner votes from their base by demonizing aforesaid Rs as racists (or in the case of blue dog Ds by parroting "just build the damn wall.")

Meanwhile, of course, they both drink at the trough of the Big Donors who benefit from low cost labor. Mitt, needless to say, is a product of that kind of politics.

narciso said...

in other news:


Jupiter said...
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The Godfather said...

I favored Romney for the Republican nomination in 2008, knowing, of course, that no Republican could possibly win in that year (even Hillary! would have won if she'd gotten the Democrat nomination). I supported Romney for the GOP nomination in 2012, given that McCain was the alternative, even though I recognized that Romneycare in Mass. made it hard for him to use Obamacare effectively as a sword against Obama. I thought Obama's performance as President was SO BAD that a decent moderate alternative was all that was needed to send him off.

And I think I was right until the second Presidential debate, when Romney allowed the moderator to shut him up. What a WIMP!

Obviously Romney wants to become the anti-Trump. Equally obviously that couldn't do anything other than elect a Democrat in 2020. Bad as Trump is in many ways, he's better by orders of magnitude than any possible Democrat successor.

Leland said...

The good news for Romney is that he is making himself his own man. The bad news for Romney is that when he needs others again, he may be there, but they won't.

Yancey Ward said...
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Yancey Ward said...

Romney, I thought, would have made a good, conservative president, but he never had the fire in the belly to win. Nothing demonstrated that more than what he allowed Candy Crowley to do to him in that debate with Obama- it didn't cost him the election, it was already lost, but it encapsulated his entire general election campaign. Even worse, though, was he chose Paul Ryan for VP, a man with the same disposition. Both seem to think politics is played by gentlemen's rules- it isn't- it is a blood sport and should be treated as such.

Yancey Ward said...

"There's a new word I learned today, that describes Romney's Presidential campaign. Allision"

That is so weird! It was in a crossword puzzle I did this morning! Though I knew the word, I hadn't seen it in more than 25 years (probably the same puzzle at that time, though in the newspaper then).

narciso said...

it's like everything they've told us is fake:


rcocean said...

"Romney, I thought, would have made a good, conservative president"

I didn't think that even in 2012. Why did you think Romney was "Conservative"?

What was that based on? His record in Massachusetts? His run against Kennedy in '94? His opposition to Reagan in 1980?

His constant flip flops on every issue from 2007 to 2012?

gilbar said...

i remember that Elvis Costello song! it was pretty good

Chuck said...

Um, does anybody here care whether Mitt Romney has the approval of David Korn? Was that ever an ambition? For me, any disapproval from David Korn is what you call “a good start.”

Gunner said...

The only way for NeverTrumpers to gain real lefty love is to go full Democrat like Ana Navarro and Jennifer Rubin.

President Pee-Pee Tape said...

Yes. Common ground for our emotionally challenged president means that you agree that he is the greatest, most tremendous, beautiful thing to exist in the whole universe. Then you have common ground with him.

Birkel said...

P3T thinks the Democrats have the better of the position with the American voters. I support P3T and other Leftists in this position. Please call and write your respective elected representatives to continue supporting illegal aliens over American citizens.

You go, Lefties.

President Pee-Pee Tape said...

If you want to pay $5 billion for a wall doesn't stop:

1. The drugs that generally come through legal points of entry,
2. The legal entrants who become the majority of undocumented aliens here by virtue of overstaying a visa,
3. The terrorists who enter our country via airports, and not Mexico -

Then go start a Go Fund Me campaign and pay your own way on that vanity project scheme of President Hairpiece's. But I ain't wasting money like that.

If I did, I'd be a Republican. But I'm not.

Oh, that's right. Birkel doesn't make enough to be a taxpayer. Sounds like he's in the 49% or whatever figure Romney spoke about as needing all kinds of government handouts and programs - of which this is the worst one.

Birkel said...

You have my full support P3T.

I encourage you to call for the removal of current border walls.

President Pee-Pee Tape said...

No need to do that; it would add cost.

But no need to add $5 billion more for no reason, either.

I guess since I'm a taxpayer, how we spend my money matters to me.

Since you aren't one, it doesn't.

Seems to be about that simple.

Go send Trump your love for his vanity projects on your own dime.

rehajm said...

His record in Massachusetts

There’s much revisionist history in this thread about his ‘record in Massachusetts’. It will come as a shock to many of you that the state is a very hostile place for conservatives.

Birkel said...

P3T, there are lots of Mexicans willing to remove the wall for free.
No need to spend a dime.
And never pay for repairs.

Advocate your true position.
Start a GoFundMe.

You have my full support.

President Pee-Pee Tape said...

It's not a "position" to not care to spend my money in ways that won't stop the drugs smuggled through legal ports, visas from legal entrants being overstayed, or terrorists at the airport from not coming in through Mexico. It's just not giving a fuck.

Your true position is that you want to uphold a phony position for the guy who's ass you lick and follow into hell. Oh, and to pretend it's going to get rid of the undocumented Mexicans here who didn't, for the most, part, come through that way anyway.

Your position is to be a phony and to tell lies and spread hate. Maybe you might want to figure out why.

Lol. You're a Republican. You'll never figure out why. Distracting America is all you care for. Distracting yourself is the only way you can keep calm and keep from freaking out.

Michael Fitzgerald said...

Dickin' Bimbos, Mia Love went NeverTrump, didn't want him to campaign or even endorse her. When she lost, she blamed Trump and republican racism. Don't know her voting record, but her behavior in the midterms was poisonous. Exactly the kind of prog Democrat-lite bureaucrat that the republican party needs to excise.

narciso said...

So raju quoting fusion GPS corn on Romney is indeed amusing

Don Surber: Mexico pays for not having a wall

Birkel said...

So what you're saying is I shouldn't pay for government programs I don't like and approve?

You are really into something.
I support you in this new venture.

Shall we disband the Coast Guard to really decrease spending.
After all, drugs still come ashore from the oceans.

President Pee-Pee Tape said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
President Pee-Pee Tape said...

Only I acknowledge facts. Birkel doesn't.

What would a wall do?

Will it stop undocumented residents? (No, they come in legally and overstay visas).
Will it stop drugs? (No, those are smuggled through the entries).
Will it stop terrorists? (No, they enter America through airports).

If I support an expenditure, I can say what it does that's useful.

Republican Mental Defective (redundant) Birkel cannot say one thing that he'd want from a wall that it would do.

narciso said...

Only chuck blathers to lesser effect:


narciso said...

In other news:


Drago said...

PPPT: "Only I acknowledge facts."

Note: PPPT still believes that Justice Brett Kavanaugh was the leader of a gang-rape crew that ran wild across the Maryland landscape for years with many victims.

PPPT literally believes that. Its one of his many "facts".


The Godfather said...

Some folks here say that there's a lot of illegal immigration, drug smuggling. etc., that the "Wall" won't stop. I'm sure they are right. So why aren't the Democrats proposing programs to address those problems, as an alternative to the "Wall"? They might be able to end the Government Shut-Down immediately.

Could it be that they don't really want to address problems of illegal immigration, etc., through a "Wall" or anything else?

President Pee-Pee Tape said...

It's a fact that Dreck-O lies and can't quote me saying a single such thing.

I do think there's better evidence than not that he's a blackout drunk who can't remember how aggressive he was and who made very non-judicial, politicized "scenes" during his hearings. But that's a judgment call. Dreg-O's too fair for judgment calls, you see.

But he's not too fair to lie, as anyone can see in his typically stupid 8:56 comment.

Drago said...

Perhaps a wall could have kept Kavanaugh from gang raping all those women, eh PPPT?

Now that I think about it, does PPPT even remember making that lunatic claim over and over and over and over....?

Possibly not, considering the likely chemicals involved.

Drago said...

PPPT is actually asserting he didnt call Kavanaugh a gang rapist!


Drago said...

PPPT, I am afraid you have a ways to go before you achieve LLR Chuck "walk back" skills.

Hang in there!


President Pee-Pee Tape said...

And while we're on it, here's another fact: Dreck's 8:56 was posted as a way to cover-over the fact that he has no defense or justification whatsoever for Drumpf's scheme on that wall.

Maybe Dreck's one of the old-school hardcore chamber-of-commerce corporate Republicans, still uneasy with how to approach the blue-collar nationalist takeover of his lame party.

President Pee-Pee Tape said...

Find the quote, ass-hat.

My 9:12 perfectly summarizes my take on Black-out Brett and one that's hard to disagree with. But I can see why you want to avoid the rational conclusion on that guy, and swerve back to more of your lies about me.

Maybe you should take a minute to actually read what you're responding to. Your rapid-fire machine gun jerking knee responses show you to be not much more intelligent than a crude AI spam-bot. But of course, maybe that's the type that's taking over your party. It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

narciso said...

Clearly he is a filth spewing bot, perhaps designed by Jonathan morgan.

Birkel said...

P3T believes walls won't stop everything and that therefore a wall plus a lot of other stuff is the answer.

Again, I support P3T completely.
I too think Donald Trump should stop more illegal alien activity than he has.

Truly P3T is a thought leader on this issue.

President Pee-Pee Tape said...

They won't stop 95% of the problem because 95% of the problem doesn't come from where the wall would go.

It's like putting vaginal medication on your peni -- oh, wait. Nevermind.

Achilles said...

eric said...
Trump won and Romney lost and there is a very clear reason for that.

What would it have mattered if Romney won? I mean this question seriously.

If Romney has won in 2012 we would have cap and trade, more stupid wars they have no intention of winning, amnesty, and “free trade” gutting our model class.

And romneycare would be “fixed.” i.e. permanent.

Because Mitt Romney is on the other side.

He is and always has been a globalist uniparty traitor.

Birkel said...

With an expert like P3T on the case, I rest easy.
Now we just have to sit back and wait for the policies that will work.

Go ahead P3T.
As above, I remain a big fan of your policies to stop what you acknowledge are big problems.

Let the policy recommendations fly.

Qwinn said...

I think it's hilarious that PPPT's argument relies absolutely on the predicate that the TSA is so hilariously bad and incompetent that a terrorist has at least as good a chance making it into the country while being fed in single file through a full airport TSA screening as he would sneaking across any point among thousands of miles of unwalled border without getting caught by the border patrol.

I agree that they're hilariously incompetent, mind you, but I would *like* to think that *being seen* entering the country provides at least a slightly better chance of catching them than allowing them to casually sneak across anywhere along the entire border.

You claim you don't want to spend money on things that don't work, PPPT. Why aren't you protesting the entire budget of the TSA, since by your own argument they are not even fractionally better than completely unmonitored entry?

Qwinn said...

I mean, if I were to try to enter the country illegally, and I had a choice of A) fly in on a plane and risk being flagged, or B) cross the border illegally anywhere there isn't a wall knowing that Democrats everywhere are fighting valiantly to make sure I can do so undetected, I'm picking B!

Apparently PPPT would pick A. Which merely proves that it's the stupider option.

President Pee-Pee Tape said...

With an expert like P3T on the case, I rest easy.

The difference between my expertise and yours is that I base what I think on the facts and you hold to your opinion in full defiance of those facts, or any facts.

And yet, that doesn't stop you from believing that you're right and should be listened to. Very strongly.

So you think you're an expert. Just an expert who can't hide the fact that he doesn't know a damn thing.

President Pee-Pee Tape said...

I think it's hilarious that PPPT's argument relies absolutely on the predicate that the TSA is so hilariously bad and incompetent that a terrorist has at least as good a chance making it into the country while being fed in single file through a full airport TSA screening as he would sneaking across any point among thousands of miles of unwalled border without getting caught by the border patrol.

Under the budget shutdown that you're forcing, even more so.

Birkel said...

All the pertinent facts you have cited: zero.
But I am patient and believe you have some that matter.

And your plan will reduce the number of illegal aliens in America.

Come on P3T.
Quit bogarting the facts you never name and the plans you never articulate.