December 29, 2018

"People are tired of having their compassion weaponized and used against them."

Says Glenn Reynolds (quoting something I wrote yesterday).

ADDED: The soundness of what I wrote yesterday is evidenced by Beto O'Rourke's brilliant shift to a new approach to attacking the the wall.


Big Mike said...
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Big Mike said...

He’s right, you know.

Ralph L said...


Gahrie said...

Althouse is proof that some people will always fall to appeals to the feelz.

NorthOfTheOneOhOne said...

You might want to re-think the "brilliance" of Beto's tactics shift. Considering that his father-in-law is billionaire William Sanders (aka the Warren Buffet of real estate), I think it likely that it's going to blow back on him.

Tom Grey said...

Glenn is right about many tax payers being tired of paying for the "good intentions" of those who want some policy because Americans are compassionate. But maybe Romney's 48% who are not net income tax payers are not tired of making claims of compassion against the rich.

"Immigration reform" is a weak alternative to "build a wall first", because there has been numerous reforms in the past, but the numbers of illegal aliens has gone up.

Beto has a good ad, for the converted; not sure how good for those tired of failed reforms.

Vast majority of folks have never been to nor seen the Rio Grande in person, nor do they ever plan to. Great "National Geo" photos for the watermelons (green outside, red commie inside. Have to say commie now, since red can also be Rep). They all hate Trump anyway.

The Dem message "Open Borders". But lying about it. Only the wall says: NO Trespassing.

Dirty secret on visa overstays -- those who got visas and stay in the US illegally are much more desirable than those who snuck over the border. But it's very anti-PC to point this out. Maybe the ICE / DOJ will start prosecuting companies hiring those who overstayed their visas.

I think the Wall is pretty popular with low income blacks, but they're quiet about it. This ad won't change that, and might even make it more clear that the anti-Wall (open border) folk are happy with lower wages for blacks, and higher unemployment. Trump gets reelected if he gets 20% of the black vote.

R.J. Chatt said...

Maybe Beto's next ad could show affluent Blacks who are Beto supporters with their Hispanic housekeepers and gardener?. Very aesthetic.

Darrell said...

Beto = Loser.

Spanish words for loser? Perdedor. Racasado. Pringado.

I prefer a short clip of a Japanese game show host shouting "Loser, loser, loser!" at a picture of Beto. TV stations sell five-second ads, don't they?

William Chadwick said...

When the State and statism are involved, compassion is ALWAYS weaponized.

mccullough said...

Beto’s Ad is good.

Trump’s ads with all the victims killed by illegal immigrants will be good as well.