November 20, 2018

At the Tuesday Night Café...

... you can talk all night.


Churchy LaFemme: said...

Man, I said I was going to get an early start on the cooking today.

Yep, that worked out..

Ken B said...

Chipotle has offered to rehire the woman they fired and called a racist for doing her job. But only after they were made to look like twats. So this seems a good time to remember that Chipotle food made hundreds sick, sending 600 to hospital. In more than one outbreak.

narciso said...

I guess it's a chicken and egg question:

n.n said...

Bloomberg: china-slowed-its-economy-long-before-trump-s-trade-war

Trade war? Hardly. It was compensation for labor and environmental arbitrage that undermined the function of the market to assess and set prices, and to protect workers and the environment through equitable practices... at both ends of the bridge.

Humperdink said...

Fifty (50) Chinese houses/apartments are unoccupied. That is a lot of vacancy signs, even with a population of one+ billion.

They could take some people from the caravan. Or how about some Dreamers?

n.n said...

Chipotle has offered to rehire the woman they fired and called a racist

The store manager judged on character and precedent. However, the corporate managers have an official policy of diversity, and to their earned misfortune, they indulged in color judgments/discrimination once too often. A progressive day witch trial.

narciso said...

oh that's interesting

Tommy Duncan said...

An unanswered question from a previous thread:

Blogger Inga...Allie Oop said...

"In the meantime we are finding out how Trump wanted to abuse his office to get the DOJ to prosecute his political enemies. Impeachable offense."

Inga, please elaborate. Which political enemies? Prosecute for what offenses? Were the prosecutions unwarranted and the enemies innocent? What evidence do you have to support your assertion?

Unknown said...

No one on the previous thread offered my reason for Obama's wooziness:his dealing with the side effects of the industrial strength "Preparation H" that he, erm, *has* to use.

That "down low" month in Tahiti must have been a frenzied catch-up to all those years on abstinence ion the WH.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Chinese gang busted making millions selling used condoms

...must have solved the 'underpants gnome' conundrum, so I guess they get credit for that aspect of their scam.
But a big EWWWWW! for the rest.
Check your drawers

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

if they were distributed by the Ho Li Fuk condom company,
contact Sum Ting Wong at Consumer Affairs Bureau.

tim in vermont said...

I bought a toothbrush from the dollar store once. I opened the package and it had dried toothpaste in the bristles.

stevew said...

Weather looks to be unseasonably cold this Thanksgiving on the north shore of Boston. We’ll have twenty-eight for dinner. Have about a cord of firewood ready. All other preparations are underway. Should be glorious.

SteveR said...

I am of the firm belief that knowing less about the wider world news would make for a happier life, the value of which becomes greater with every day.

Mike Sylwester said...

If Barack Obama had a son.

Darrell said...

Inga is getting paid $1 to set the stage for the lawfare the Democrats are planning. They can do anything, yet Trump is allowed to do nothing.

Humperdink said...

"I bought a toothbrush from the dollar store once. I opened the package and it had dried toothpaste in the bristles."

Were you expecting the entire tube?

Mike Sylwester said...

Humperdink at 6:18 PM
Fifty (50) Chinese houses/apartments are unoccupied

50 million

Humperdink said...

^^^^^ Thanks for correcting my typo.

walter said...

Pelosi gave candy to Fudge..

Darrell said...

Fifty (50) Chinese houses/apartments are unoccupied

50 million

Now you know where to send your Lefty relatives that bring up political arguments at the Holiday dinner table.

stephen cooper said...

I talked enough last night.

Not long ago (yesterday, actually), three of us were in a room - me, my cat, and the vet.

The cat is being put down, irreversible heart failure, and I talk to the poor tired little cat a little, I purr a little near her ears while I affectionately hold her side in my hand (humans can easily imitate the cat=purr sound, it is a random esophageal thing that I could teach you in a minute, and after a few years of practice you too will be as good at it as I am), and I whisper to the cat a little. I am thinking about the cat, not the vet - the cat, after all, is the one who is being injected with some heart-stopping chemical, after our long day trying to save its life, in vain, because her heart had enlarged too much and the minor stroke was about to be followed by a devastating and painful stroke, if we did not do the right thing ----

a few minutes after the cat had passed away, I told the vet I did not talk all that much to the cat (who knows what the vet heard? - the time I said see you tomorrow once or twice, the time I said Wake up Wake up Wake up as I always do when I want someone to know God loves them and forgetting that is the same as being asleep when we should not be asleep, even though it is good to be asleep when we should be....) ... I told the vet that I did not talk to the cat that much because I did not want to make her nervous because she might have thought I expected her to talk back. Right then and there, a couple minutes after my beloved cat died, the creature who was so close to my heart, the vet laughed.

Tomorrow morning - years from now, but it will seem to them in that distant day as simple as "tomorrow morning" seems to us now - my beloved animal friends will wake up, and see each other again, and be happy and full of love, as they always were when they lived in my various houses and apartments, and morning will be here, and God will have restored all the years that Time has, almost always thoughtlessly, and sometimes almost malevolently, eaten.

Magna est veritas et praevalebit, thanks for reading.

Mike Sylwester said...

I miss Trump using his apt, eloquent expression so-called judge.

Let Trump be Trump!

Trumpit said...
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Trumpit said...

Lock him up! The stock market gave up all the gains for the year, yet his rich friends made out like gangbusters from the GOP's odious tax giveaway passed in Christmas 2017.

Who's gonna pay for the bloated annual military budget of $639,100,000,000 if not rich people. I don't feel any safer.

Rob said...

Milk, milk, lemonade. And in the back, Fudge is slayed.

narciso said...

History does rhyme:

narciso said...

So sorry to hear that Stephen cooper, my puppy is only two years old

stephen cooper said...

Thanks, Narciso.

I took as good care of that cat as you can imagine.

She did not feel much pain in those last 24 hours between her stroke and the last few minutes when she was euthanized

I like to think that she knew, as I knew, that death is not important

the day after death is important

I remember how she sat at my side, a year or two ago, much of the way through my million words on the internet, when I wrote words to the effect that ...

Easter is not really a holiday, decent people are not, no matter how good the news is, all that eager to celebrate at a holiday level a mere three or two days after a friend is killed, having been tortured to death almost before being killed.

Easter is what it is, I guess it has philosophical significance, but it is not, in my heart, a holiday.

It is a good day, the best day, but not a day to be happier than many other days.

Christmas on the other hand ---- even if Jesus knew that he would not have to save the world in an agonizing way, Jesus still might have created the holiday of Christmas

because the world is full of love

as I told my cat yesterday

the dear creature

she understood

for her it will be tomorrow morning, for me if may be years from now (not all that many, probably) but we will all wake up together, one beautiful morning, in the better world, so much like this world, but without all the death and pain and selfish pride and stupidity and heartbreaking lack of kindness/health/happiness

narciso said...

Well Easter is a holy day, the commemoration of the greatest gift anyone could ever give.
Christmas is important because it commemorates his appearance on this earth, the exact date is flexible.

narciso said...

It sort of the flipside of Joshua 4, when the people crossed the Jordan and stones were set aside to commemorate it

There's actually a Spanish series that covers that span of time, now they are the coronation of saul.

Big Mike said...
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Big Mike said...

@Stephen Cooper, unless you buy a tortoise for a pet the day comes when two of you go to the vet but only you come home. It is the price we humans pay for the happiness they bring into our lives. Please accept my condolences.

stephen cooper said...

narcisso you are a humble guy I am not.

I can easily imagine begin a little older than I am and remembering the actual exact dates of Christmas and Easter (while I am not humble, in the average way, I am humble in a very real way - I have not had a pain free hour in the last 38 years, that sort of experience makes you feel unimaginably old, you could walk to the moon and back at a normal walking pace twice and still have spent a lot less time walking to the moon and back than I have spent wondering why I have been destined to live a life of physical pain, hour after hour, without a single hour free from pain --- sad!) and I repeat: Christmas is the real holiday that we should celebrate, Easter is just some day where we finally figure out that we were right to have celebrated Christmas in the first place. Nice to commemorate such an event, but look at it this way ----imagine, say, that Jesus was a really good friend of yours, and he had told you plenty of times that he would raise himself from the dead. So you, being a friend, are all like,well of course you can. And when he does it , why should you celebrate that as some unequalled day? you knew he could do it all along//// no big deal, and plus, it is kind of a sad day, as it is only three days or so after your friend was tortured and killed. I hope you empathize with why I would say that .....

Christmas, on the other hand, really is the beginning of a story that is so beautiful that it is more than a story, Christmas is a real holiday in every way

stephen cooper said...

Thanks Big Mike.

Narayanan said...

Federal Judge stops attempted refoulement by Trump or did he?

narciso said...

I understand but he understood there could be only one way through this, the sad fact is only 15 years from the 2nd millenia many still don't get that.

narciso said...

Because it was told of in the book of isiah, it does not seem like the lesson penetrates.

n.n said...


This bears the tell-tales signs of a warlock trial, where there is one or more witnesses, counter-testimonies, and little to no corroborating physical evidence.

narciso said...

Yes it's much like haditha about a dozen years ago on the Nisan sour gate shooting a decade ago

narciso said...

This can't go wrong

Tennyson is screaming in the ether,

PresbyPoet said...

Stephen Cooper, I grieve and rejoice with you.

This is a poem written after the loss of one of the animals who shared my life
Goodbye Beloved

Thank you for time too short,
I shared with you.
I miss your charm & grace.
You always brought such joy.

Always so sure,
how life was lived.
Your leaps of joy,
a thrill to see.

But you are gone,
your time so short.
Now buried in the ground.
Cold death seized you.

Never more to meet on earth,
to share our love & joy.
The love we shared,
only bitter pain of loss.

Yet deep in my soul I know,
we’ll meet again,
where pain does cease & joy abounds.
Where tears are washed away.

Then such bliss.
To know you forever.
Till then,
goodbye beloved.

© Presbypoet 1-22-02

n.n said...


To defend "freedom and democracy", after backing a coup to remove the people's choice, and forcing a refugee crisis cut short through Russian support. I guess a multi-trimester warlock hunt and trial would have delayed their gratification.

narciso said...

Its as muddled as the last Crimean engagement.

Darrell said...

The death of a beloved friend and companion.
And now Indian whores.

The length and breadth of Althouse.

Anita Villegas said...

"set the stage for the lawfare the Democrats are planning" yep.

Democrats are openly telegraphing. Yesterday, Preet Bharara tweeted, "Which other political adversaries did Trump want DOJ to investigate? It will all come out."

This is going to be a very bumpy ride. Democrats tried the black swan in 2008, and they were on the cusp of one-party rule. I am preparing for another 2008.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks for sharing your love for your cat, Stephen.

Rosa Marie Yoder said...

To Stephen Cooper. I am so very sorry. What a lucky cat, to have you for its human.

stephen cooper said...

Thanks so much, PresbyPoet, that was beautiful.
Thanks, Darrell, Ann, and Rosa Marie. You are blessed with kind hearts. (as are the 2 veterinarians and 5 or 6 wonderful people on the animal hospital support staff (front desk and vet techs) , who were so kind on such a difficult long day and night).