November 29, 2018

At the Thursday Night Café...

... you can talk all you want.

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anti-de Sitter space said...

"Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package!
Re-evaluate the songs
Double-pack with a photograph
Extra Track (and a tacky badge)"


P.S. Tupac is alive. So that stuff don't count.

Big Mike said...

@Everybody: My cousin's daughter would like a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt for Christmas. Any suggestions on which one is best?

anti-de Sitter space said...

Imagine if Meade lasts longer, such that he's workin' this enterprise.

I'm not the type to gawk re an accident on the road. But, that wreck would be somthin' that couldn't be ignored. **shudder**

tcrosse said...

RIP Ricky Jay

anti-de Sitter space said...

Sure, give her that sorta thing-y.

But, toss in "Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell" as well. Easy to read or thumb. This way ya send her good info. Not that there's anything bad-info or wrong w/ fussing w/ a notable gal married to a more notable guy from the olden days.


Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Why is it OK for the Clinton to make money off of Russian deals, but with Trump, it's illegal for him to build a hotel in Moscow?

J. Farmer said...

@Big Mike:

@Everybody: My cousin's daughter would like a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt for Christmas. Any suggestions on which one is best?

If she hasn't read it already, start with the autobiography.

Hagar said...

It is not, and never was, illegal for him to build a hotel in Moscow, and anyway, he did not. Michael Cohen has pled guilty of lying to (Congress or Mueller?) about when the negotiations with "Russia" stopped when he told them January 2016, but he, Cohen, apparently talked to someone in Russia again in June. From the reporting it is not clear if Trump knew about this, nor is it clear through any of this story what "Russia" means. They may have been talking to the Moscow city council about tax breaks or bonds, and would certainly have been talking to the City planning and zoning commission, but higher than that? The reports do not say.

rcocean said...

This Mueller crap NEVER ends. I'm skipping all of Trump whining on this. Either pardon everyone, fire Mueller or shut the fuck up.

Its been 18 months!

Its December 2018 and time has stopped. Trump is still yakking about the Wall (we'll build it any day now!) and Mueller.

rcocean said...

I've talked to my parents, and watergate was like this.

It just dragged on and on and on. Nixon always whining but NEVER taking a decisive action.

By Aug 1974, Nixon supporters just got tired and we're glad when he finally quit.

narciso said...

Well Nixon was paranoid, but it didn't mean they weren't out to get him, for nearly 30 years of payback.

Breezy said...

I think Whitaker should unredact that aug 2 update to special council mandate. Let’s see where the lines are drawn.

Hagar said...

There is also the story about the "innocent" young black man shot by the police while it turned out another young black man was the shooter in the reported incident. The "innocent" one was armed, but had a concealed carry permit (Oh, how?) and the media thinks this is terrible and obvious police brutality as do the young man's family, who of course is going to sue.

However, the cat is already out of the bag as at least one of the early reports stated that the "innocent" young man was carrying his pistol in his hand and was running away from the scene when he encountered the cops.

wild chicken said...

Twitter is all twitterpated. Everyone thinks Mueller got something on The Boss .. oh dear.

narciso said...

There's maalox for that:

stevew said...

I'm thinking of starting an alternative to Twitter. I won't moderate postings and won't ban anyone. You will be welcome to say whatever you want.

How long do you think I'll remain a free man?

narciso said...

About 15 minutes.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Ultimately, the crack of the can, is what he didn't know why what he didn't know what he didn't know mattered.

Crack o' the can.

Alluminum they sau.

Trumpit said...

"Why is it OK for the Clinton to make money off of Russian deals, but with Trump, it's illegal for him to build a hotel in Moscow?"

Trump can't lay one brick, or hammer one nail, so what's this "build a hotel" BS all about? He's a good-for-nothing philanderer, and tax cheat, I grant you that.

Guildofcannonballs said...

tiny bubbles.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Tiny refers of course to the ubiquitous Steve Sailer troll "Tiny Duck" at or or something.

Bubbles refers to Mike Smith.

Good man, far as I know. I doubt the bad things, more like Canadia-bias to me.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Those miniscule beer bubbles?

They don't matter.

FIDO said...

I am in Key West and seeing Drag Queens. That brought Althouse to mind

Guildofcannonballs said...

Just as the ends incorporate the means so by definition do incorporate you into my means of understanding to no end.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Containing within themselves, eo ipso.


Brevity longs.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Dry Serf: Drunk Town.

narciso said...

You can't make this up:

rhhardin said...

It won't play yet for me (until youtube converts it to an older format) but a new Gresham Lecture

2018 saw a seismic change in the willingness of women to speak out about sexual abuse they had suffered at work and the willingness of others to hear and act on it. This year (2018) saw the creation of a #metoo movement called 'Behind the Gown' created by a group of barristers committed to tackling sexual harassment at the Bar.

This lecture frankly confronts the anecdotal evidence and suggests ways in which we can learn from it.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Billion uears from now.

I look Bwttamax200 in eye and i say: yeah you ain't so cool as I thought.

Cool guy.

Anita Villegas said...

one post, that is all it takes, and the demons in here try to hack your google gmail account. yes this is a thing that is happening. i get alerts. you guize.

J. Farmer said...


You can't make this up:

I don't agree with his politics, but I've always liked Marc Lamont Hill as a commenter. It's a shame to see him get Rick Sanchez'd. I agree with Mickey's tweet on the subject: "Crazy idea: Let Marc Lamont Hill, Laura Loomer and David Edelstein all keep their platforms. We're close to walking on eggshells."

narciso said...

Of course you would stick up for him, I don't know what was loomers banning offense nor that of Montes Bradley a great man from a family of scholars

FullMoon said...

Billion uears from now.

I look Bwttamax200 in eye and i say: yeah you ain't so cool as I thought.

Beware uff harvey kietel

narciso said...

Now edelstein, I'll grant him his margin of stupid, not that he would reciprocate.

Stephen Cooper said...

narciso ----

I hear you, Nixon was not liked by the powerful nasty men of his day

but Nixon was one of the very few "Presidents" to have a wife who loved him and children who loved him

in any of our lifetimes

all that Watergate bullshit is just noise compared to that

Sure, he would have been a better president if I were old enough, at the time, to give him good advice, in a world where (a) I was old enough to give him that good advice and (b) in a world where he would have listened to my advice, but who cares, really, his wife loved him, his kids loved him

so the world, as beautiful as it is, is not quite as beautiful as it would be if I had been in a position to give Nixon good advice, but so what

Think about it

God loves you too

and at your best

you would have - or you did - made your friends fantastically better, we all know that

at your best, you would have made your friends better

by kindness, concern, and charity

there is faith hope and charity

and faith and hope

are not

what charity is

charity is the answer if the question is

Faith, Hope, or Charity?

I have seen miracles

More than once

all of them consistent with kindness, lack of anger, concern for others, good treatment of animals, and charity directed at those who never had a friend in this world

Guildofcannonballs said...

tWhy you racost
s watcj tja cmm up

narciso said...

They hated him because he called their fair haired boy hiss, who was a real agent of soviet military intelligence, might have ended up secretary of state maybe even president 10-15 years later.

William said...

No Ordinary Time by Doris Kearns Goodwin won a Pulitzer. It's the story of a FDR's and Eleanor's marriage during the war years. It's sympathetic to Eleanor, but Goodwin presents many details that are unflattering. It's definitely worth reading.

William said...

The evidence is undeniable. Nixon was an anti-Semite, but he was an anti-Semite who saved the state of Israel. FDR would occasionally pass anti Semitic remarks, and unlike Nixon his antisemitism had a body count. He was the one who turned away the St Louis from our shores. He could have saved thousands of German Jewish refugees if he had taken the trouble to lift his little finger.

narciso said...

Such is suggested by Henry morgenthau's son diary of the period if memory serves he is the father of the morgenthau Mueller shut out of the bcci investigation.

Stephen Cooper said...

FDR was a wonderful young man whose fate was to be an awful old man.

I feel deep sympathy for those ugly dudes who think they are women trapped in the body of an ugly man.

That is how I feel, with the same level of sympathy, thinking of old FDR, the vicious callous man, of whom

the young FDR

would have been thoroughly ashamed.

Deep sympathy for the young guy who had no idea he would some day be what FDR became

By the way, the young Eleanor Roosevelt was totally hot
and would not have been happy to know

that she would give up all her beauty to be married
to "FDR"
and to be his "First Lady"
instead of being that nice neighbor with that wonderful family
she should have been but was not

Still, I hope they enjoyed life
we all make mistakes, at that moral level where our decisions affect others badly, and do not affect us at all
and I hope they enjoyed life, and repented before dying

God forgives everything if we only ask

God will not forgive me if I do not say
I know this
Roosevelt was stupid

oh well

stupid is not the end of the world

I hope he was no worse than stupid
God loves me, God will not let any daughter of mine marry FDR

No, Hodge will not be shot

wildswan said...

You know, you look at the migrant caravan. It didn't get to the border in time to be an election day provocation. It didn't succeed in rushing the fence. The whole mess only suggests that we need the wall. It's another victory for Trump. And Mueller is looking so feeble - all that money and time and talent and he's only claiming that a few people, mostly low on the totem pole, lied in minor ways about minor issues. Regardless of what the media drum-circle wants to chant, this investigation is a total failure. And the new House - is it promising the American people real assistance? No, it's promising the big rock candy mountain - freebies and freebies and free and more free and free stuff. And to be more like California which happens to be burning again. There's inner shifts going on in the country as Trump delivers on promises and the Democrats steal elections but don't deliver jobs, good schools or safe streets. Everybody's got their thoughts in a burka.

narciso said...

Sorry the brother of same, well he kept us in a depression for 13 years, the clouds only lifted in the last 5, when he stopped going to war with business, he was a great orator no doubt about that. But as for accomplishments

narciso said...

Roosevelt had a long standing animus against Japanese Americans going back to the 20s

Stephen Cooper said...

I am a pretty good orator too

and I know how to teach a cat that it is all right to purr

if you have a cat in the house, the cat will be very happy at your attempts at what - for a human - are your attempts at random epiglottal "purring" - if you are very good at it, you sound more or less the way a cat sounds when it purrs, if you are not good at it, you sound sort of ridiculous, but it does not matter - whatever you do, the sounds you make are, for a cat, that sound that goes to your heart, and makes you think that, I , too, although I am just a cat, am loved by someone who cares. Or something like that.

It is no small thing to be a friend to a creature who never had a friend in this world.

In the great scheme of things it does not matter that Nixon was a good man who was brought down, in the public sphere, by haters, almost all of them now dead or in old folks' homes, unaware of the evil they once did ---- or that Roosevelt obtained the reputation he obtained among the people who do not remember those days, because nobody called him out on his cold mistakes....

all that matters is knowing God loves us (Faith), knowing that everyone we care about will, we hope, understand that one day (Hope), and Charity. "And the greatest of these is Charity"

narciso said...

He favored the Chinese and their supporter at state Stanley hornbeck (I found this out from a Frank deford book) was the one who pushed for the oil sanctions against japan.

narciso said...

Yes in the long run, we're all dead' of course that's a cynical statement by Keynes who didn't believe in the future. Or apparently the afterlife either.

Stephen Cooper said...

narciso, we all make mistakes sometimes, that is part of being human

tpceltus said...

Big Mike,

How old is your cousin’s daughter and how serious is she? A really good, in-depth bio is Eleanor Roosevelt, Vols. 1-3, by Blanche Wiesen Cook.

Stephen Cooper said...

I have a friend who was a kid when Keynes was an old dying man

It would be the simplest thing to ask her if she prayed for him

do you think that Keynes would not have been appalled, before he was born, to know that his or her fate was to be a tall, unattractive, famous personage who wrote a lot about economics and who was well known for not sufficiently loving his ballerina wife?

The question answers itself, narciso.

(if she did not pray for him, she should have, and that is good enough, in the long run)

Known Unknown said...

"Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package!
Re-evaluate the songs
Double-pack with a photograph
Extra Track (and a tacky badge)"

This just popped into my head 2 days ago. I posted the latter half on Facebook for no good reason. Weird.

Known Unknown said...

"It's definitely worth reading."

But did Doris really write the damn thing?

Bay Area Guy said...

My favorite Hispanic politician Roberto Rourke wants to run for Prez. Usually, though, losers don't get politically promoted sez Rahm Emmanuel.

narciso said...

Keynes couldn't have believed in the future or there would be consequences to the actions he suggested.

Jay Elink said...

Enough! Basta! After a lifetime of keeping abreast of national/world affairs and politics, I have taken a break from following the so-called news, which has become a vexation to my spirit..

Ditto with "commentary" from "journalists" who obviously don't have a CLUE, or are nakedly partisan and stupid, or all of the above.

My hope is, I will achieve a Beatific Calm by Sunday, and be "One With the Universe" by this time next week.


narciso said...

Fine how about this:

narciso said...

It's not a typical Jim Morrison piece.

Unknown said...

So the Zen master drops by Domino's and says "Make me one with everything".

narciso said...

Ending on a positive note:

Ralph L said...

Nixon was an anti-Semite, but he was an anti-Semite who saved the state of Israel.

Arguably, at the cost of his presidency. If the First Gas Crisis and ensuing sharp recession hadn't occurred, the pressure to get him out of office might not have been as great or bipartisan, and he might have been more willing to fight back.

I don't think I'm paranoid to believe part of the reason to bring him down was so South Vietnam could fall, too. Consider how hard the Democrats tried to deny W a victory in Iraq. Of course, some were bona fide "Little Americans," in the manner of the Little Englanders.

Was Kissinger the first Jewish Sec of State?

Unknown said...

Judah P. Benjamin was Jewish.

rehajm said...

So the Zen master drops by Domino's and says "Make me one with everything".

I don’t get it

tim maguire said...

Hopefully Mueller isn’t as careless as journalists. Using “Russia” to mean the country, Putin, national government, local government, individual Russian citizens...The reporting is useless if you are trying to figure out what matters. Which, I’m sure, is intentional.

Did Cohen lie (and was it a material lie?—a distinction that used to matter) when he told congress he stopped talking to the Russians in January? Depends on who he was referring to when he said “Russians.”

rehajm said...

This thing was supposed to Watergate the President not actually find the smoking gun serios crime. Now that the resignation isn’t coming the process crime or non crime crime will do.

Why not just wait it out till the next election cycle? The campaign will be in full swing after the holidays.

gilbar said...

Here's a fun thought!

Kirsten Gillibrand ✔ @SenGillibrand
Emma Lazarus’s poem on the Statue of Liberty promises an America defined by hope and refuge for all who are in need. This is the founding principle of our country

An America defined by hope and refuge FOR ALL WHO ARE IN NEED
This is THE Founding Principle of our country

racists and fascists will say that the founding principleS of our country were things like
property rights
representational government

But those racists and fascists say those things because of RACISM! and FASCISM!
Senator Kirsten wants all true americans to remember that
THE Founding Principle of our country is REFUGE FOR ALL WHO ARE IN NEED

Tommy Duncan said...

In light of the Corsi/Manafort plea deal rejections, does anyone find the timing of the Cohen news suspect?

Hagar said...

I think it was more that America was a place where an individual could succeed if he was strong enough to survive; at least the odds would not be constitutionally stacked against him, but the U.S. was never a good place for the weak.

gilbar said...

that's just showing that you're a RACIST FASCIST hagar!

THE Founding Principle of our country is to be the welfare state that supports the world's refuge
Senator Kirsten and her party have read/written our living constitution, and it says:
YOU EXIST TO PAY TAXES to support non americans so that they don't have to work

Darrell said...

The Cohen story is pure bullshit. There is no law requiring a Presidential CANDIDATE to cease all business involvement or quit making a living. Trump stopped negotiating for the Russia project when it was clear he was a contender. As anyone would. If his chances of winning didn't look good, he wouldn't have to throw away several years worth of work.

Darrell said...

A fucking poem is just a fucking poem. It's not the law, The Constitution, or anything that matters.

gilbar said...

BUT! it's a LIVING CONSTITUTION; that means that it means whatever the democrats WANT it to mean
once Hilary is elected, and she fills up the 15 vacancies on the Supreme Court, things change

Paco Wové said...

"This is the founding principle of our country"

Jeebus, what an awful human being.

However, this is the obvious place to insert a link to Steve Sailer's body of work on the concept of the "Zeroᵗʰ Amendment" to the Constitution, a.k.a. "Why Emma Lazarus' poem supercedes all U.S. laws and statutes".

Darrell said...

International law says you have to accept the first rescue (asylum) that is offered. If a fishing boat shows up to fish you out of the water, you go with them. Since Mexico offered them asylum, the matter is finished. It is clear now that they are invaders, subject to being shot on sight.

tim in vermont said...

but the U.S. was never a good place for the weak.

I am not sure that this is so, but it’s not a good place for the lazy, and laziness is weakness, so sure.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Rape is legal. The drunk driver has the right of way.

Hagar said...

The appeal of the United States has always been to the individual; the "huddled masses yearning to be free" have pretty much stayed huddled and yearning, it's what they do.