August 9, 2018

Did anyone watch the debate last night — the Democratic Party candidates for Wisconsin governor?

Personally, I forgot. But here's the video, so it's not too late.

If you watch and see some good moments, tell us the precise time.


Aggie - said...


"If you watch and see some good moments, tell us the precise time. "


Drago said...

"Did anyone watch the debate last night — the Democratic Party candidates for Wisconsin governor?"

Most people do not voluntarily submit to optional torture.

rhhardin said...

I'd recommend seasons 1-6 of Veep on DVD.

(waiting for meeting participants to arrive) What's the holdup? President Lincoln ought to be back from the theater by now.

Darrell said...

1:45:38 was the best moment, from my view.

anti-de Sitter space said...

"Most people do not voluntarily submit to optional torture."


But, risque roll playing. That's different.

FTR, RRP not= these Ds jabbering.

anti-de Sitter space said...


Where is Darrell on the spectrum?

Not that there's anything wrong w/ that.

Jon Ericson said...


iowan2 said...

I doubt they will be as entertaining as the Iowa debates.
The debates had the misfortune of following a report that came out rating Iowa has the 2cnd best state in the union to live.
That left 7 Dems wanting to be Governor of the state, on stage, one-upping each other on how rotten Iowa was. Definitely must see TV.

Darrell said...

Where is PB&J/Anti-de-Sitter Space?
Nobody knows and nobody fucking cares.

His only safe space is out of arm's reach. Or 600-yards if were talking .30-06.

anti-de Sitter space said...


FTR, I don't think that ya need to kill the Stanford–Binet or the CFIT to know that writing "pass" means the opposite of "pass."



Darrell said...

Anti-de-Sitter Space and Guildofcannonballs should try to have an intelligent conversation. In Anti-de-Sitter Space. I'll pass on the transcript.

anti-de Sitter space said...

"Nobody knows and nobody fucking cares."

I know I don't.

Althouse (and/or Meade) would be doing me a great favor if she (he) deleted every thing I have ever and will ever type here.

anti-de Sitter space said...

The cool thing is that some (most?) of y'all think that typing here matters.

Funny is as funny does.

anti-de Sitter space said...


look at all the extra space I waste in comments.

I should be deleted.

Make my day.

anti-de Sitter space said...

Don't forget the "off topic" guidelines.

wildswan said...

I watched a lot of it. It wasn't electrical with excitement; it was totally hypocritical in a very boring way.

I suppose the interesting thing to me was the Foxconn bashing 47:35, 1:16:40. There didn't seem to be any concern that Foxconn would simply leave Wisconsin as so many companies have done if the Dems rolled back the tax credits and imposed lefty regulations and hiring requirements.

It was also interesting to hear them talking about how Wisconsin had racial disparities in education with Supt. Evers there - the man responsible - and how Wisconsin was the worst place in America for a black child to grow up with Mayor Soglin there. e.g. 0:31:00 and 0:56:15. Total hypocrisy. No one held Evers or Soglin responsible or criticized them. Everyone talked as if someone else, not there, were running these horror shows. It was all civility.

The programs offered were the same ones the offered or had when Walker came in (although looking back I see that the question of repealing Act 10 was finessed.) But climate change, high speed rail, restricting mining, taxing corporations, abolishing the voucher program all made their dreary reappearance together with an experiment with basic income and a $15.00 minimum wage. Yawn.

No asked why the same program wouldn't plunge the state into debt as before and why companies wouldn't leave as they did before. Specifics were avoided except tax the rich and the corporations and the rich communities. Senator Vinhout was the least worst in my opinion and yet her idea of reversing the hollowing out of rural communities with accessible broad band was just laughable. She was also going to put 50% of the people in prison back on the streets after studies had shown something or other. Not laughable and yet... cheese curds anyone? Yawn.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

MOHR Government. freebies. Medicare for all!

so tired.

Ann Althouse said...

We watched the whole thing. Laughed a lot. At what??! They weren’t funny but we laughed anyway. Something about the mikes malfunctioning, Evers mumbling, that guy who seemed like Andy Kaufman wearing a yellow suit that turned green as the time wore on, Vinehout getting so gosh darn excited over everything and rocking back and forth, Flynn being so weirdly gruff, etc. It all seemed so rinky dink. At one point, a fedora floated by. No one took care of the technical side of this show. They were all seated, yet they stood up to talk and the camera had to tilt up and down woozily.

And you want to be my governor?

narciso said...

The florida democratic primary was similarly insane, Alan Grayson other brother (greene) the mayor of Miami beach, who assures it will be underwater some day, and bob grahams daughter, who just wants to tax bullets and everything else.

anti-de Sitter space said...

Thank you Meadehouse for giving us (incl, presumably, some WI voters) a recap re this debate.

And please, no more blather re Sacha Cohen being a disappointment re his presentation re characters re a comedy show.

Don't get the connecting between a meaningless recap of real politics and a comedy show? Good. That's a sign of hope.

walter said...

anti-de Sitter space said...The cool thing is that some (most?) of y'all think that typing here matters.
And then there's your hypocritical (generous characterization, that) POS comment to make it worthwhile.
But then, how would you type a fart sound?

anti-de Sitter space said...

Well Walt,

Your comments are very important.

They're the exception that proves the rule.

Carry on.

anti-de Sitter space said...

I always need to remember that many (most) here come for satisfaction.

Not distraction from genuinely important things.

walter said...

(The enter key is not supposed to be leaned on while you uptake the oxytocin of yer blathering postings)

walter said...




anti-de Sitter space said...


My circles are more into Adderall.

But, I've never even done that. Not even pot (and not even a cigarette (In the past I did do cigars, cause it was a thing (they even had (have?) a magazine))), which probably makes me a square at Meadehouse.

Even so, I've hung (still hang) w/ plenty of coked up (and more) folks.


anti-de Sitter space said...


anti-de Sitter space said...

Undeservedly so.

anti-de Sitter space said...


Inga said...

“The NBC News/Marist Poll had Evers ahead of Walker by 13 points, while the Emerson College Epoll showed Evers up by seven. Evers is one of eight Democrats vying for the chance to face Walker in November. The primary is Aug. 14.”

anti-de Sitter space said...

I'm a longtime lurker, but never commenter.

But, I must break my silence to agree w/ Althouse. This debate was so funny. Did you see the camera move? And the folks w/o perfectly formed sentences? I coughed up a spleen. Soooo funny!, the thing at really, finally, inspired me to comment was my total agreement that Sacha was disappointing and not funny, but this debate was killing it, comedy-wise.

Althouse, thank you for your service to America.


Hopefully Walker can time it to cash-in for something close to Ryan dough. #WiRsGettin'Payed(for crumbs, re the payers)

walter said...

Fair enough, 'shitter. Maybe your buds are tapping the enter key whilst you are otherwise entranced.

D. said...

boring: commies grifter signaling.

walter said...

And consider what these Dems offer the state.
It won't take much space..

D. said...

anti-de Sitter space said...

"It won't take much space.."

Depends who's paying for the space.

Here Google is paying for the space, but ingrate Althouse thinks she owns it.

It was cool when she huffed and puffed cause she didn't like the Google policies re her archives. She was gonna go to a Swedish (or such) address and have total control!

Then, she realized that moochers don't got power in the private sector. So, she tried to save face while simultaneously groveling and settling down. Luckily for her she's got mostly sycophants, and even I don't blame her, since she's been a coddled gov worker for (essentially) her entire career. And, she serves. So, it's cool.


Lewis Wetzel said...

"Anti-de Sitter space" is calling someone else a moocher.
Right, dude. "Carry on!"

Mr. D said...

Not an impressive field at all. I'm guessing people might be tired of Walker, but it's probably going to be Evers and he's weak sauce. Over here in Minnesota, it's going to be a lot more interesting.

Rick Turley said...

I thought that the professor was against comments with so much white space? Apparently I misremember.

Charlie said...

My favorite part was "blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah".

Bad Lieutenant said...

Rick Turley said...
I thought that the professor was against comments with so much white space? Apparently I misremember.
8/10/18, 9:15 AM

Anti-social here is trying to get teacher's attention. For him all attention is good attention. If they actually censored, censured or banned him, he'd mess himself.

I'm proud of the blog that this new all-caps supertroll, whatsisname, has to my memory attracted zero replies to his blatant racism. We rarely observe do-not-feed-the-trolls discipline, but I guess he is such a clear cut case.

Bruce Gee said...

BL: "We rarely observe do-not-feed-the-trolls discipline, but I guess he is such a clear cut case...."

Is this sarc? Because, uh, you just fed the troll.