June 1, 2018

"How can you dialogue with your assassins? This was the biggest rally yet. It was a homage to mothers who lost their sons at rallies in April and May, and they wound up adding 15 more mothers to that list."

Said Gonzalo Carrión, of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights, quoted in "Nicaragua Protest on Mother’s Day Kills at Least 15" (NYT).
The protest on Wednesday capped six weeks of what has been described as a national rebellion against the government of President Daniel Ortega. The government has denied responsibility for any of the deaths and insists that it is the victim of a vast conspiracy....

“The demonstration was peaceful,” said Juan Sebastián Chamorro, a negotiator on the national dialogue committee. “There were children there. It was a peaceful manifestation that ended up with people shot in the head and killed deliberately by snipers.”

Guillermina Zapata, 63, said protesters had told her that the bullet that hit her son, Francisco Javier Reyes Zapata, 34, came from a sharpshooter perched on the top of the national baseball stadium. Mr. Reyes was struck in the eye and died, she said.

“They have to go,” Ms. Zapata said of the president [Ortega] and his wife, Rosario Murillo, who is also the vice president. “He is a murderer, and a murderer cannot continue to govern Nicaragua. They have to leave. I believe that dialogue is no longer an option. That’s sitting down to talk with the devil, who is killing the people.”
ADDED: I am told by someone I trust that this video is a good summary of what's been going on in Nicaragua for the last 5 weeks:

AND: Let me add this, with permission, from my friend in Nicaragua:
[Wednesday] was Mothers’ Day in Nicaragua and, after 42 days of protests and 80 plus students killed, the citizens held their third march, one of mourning for their lost sons, entitled The Mothers of April and May. Five hundred thousand people, ten percent of the country’s population, showed up.

The National Police and Sandinista Youth attacked the march as it approached the universities and killed 15 student protesters, amongst them the son of the founder of the National Police after the original revolution in 1979. He was shot in the head from long distance by a police sniper. The police are shooting to kill, the students’ blood is running in the streets, and Ortega and his wife will rot in hell.


rhhardin said...

Deaths are good for your side. It appeals to women.

David Begley said...

Wasn’t Ortega loved by the American Democrat party?

And does Nicaragua have something like our Second Amendment?

Michael K said...

Ortega and the communists were thrown out once in fair elections. Those days are gone.

Chris Dodd was one of his fans.

MayBee said...

CNN used to cover stuff like this.

Rob said...

Did I miss the line in the NYT article where they identify Ortega as a leftist or communist? They’re always so helpful in identifying right-wing dictators, it seems like an odd omission. Go figure.

JackWayne said...

Reagan has Ortega’s number years ago. Who saved Ortega? The Democrats.

FullMoon said...

Good thing this never happens here.

"The increasing violence underscores what little progress has been made to resolve the conflict since demonstrations began in April. Fake news reports intended to incite the public continue to circulate; government and opposition websites have been hacked; and dozens of roadblocks around the nation have paralyzed traffic."

mockturtle said...

If we don't hear news of Central America it's because our MSM is too focused on what twit twittered what.

RoseAnne said...

The Mormon Church announced, on 5/22, it had moved about half of its missionaries out of Nicaragua entirely and relocated a number of others to safer areas. Never a good sign for the stability of any area in the world. I am assuming that majority of the missionaries who stayed were Nicarguan nationals but the article I read did not specify.

mockturtle said...

Rob observes: Did I miss the line in the NYT article where they identify Ortega as a leftist or communist? They’re always so helpful in identifying right-wing dictators, it seems like an odd omission. Go figure.

Terms one never hears in the MSM: Leftist, left-wing, far-left, Communist.

Mr. Groovington said...

It's not a story. The Latins are the story. Spent a long time there, from tip to toe. I have this theory they'd make great allies, down the road. If push comes to shove, and there are threats across both oceans, and their economies are typical mismanaged, they'd jump at the chance at a bigger picture, imo, if it had a name, and a common religion. They like that. So I came up with one, when stoned: PUPA. Paises Unidos de Panamerica. Say screw the Russians, the Chinese, the Muslims, the EU, we're an Island. The only hard sell would be those idiots in Canada. And maybe the Chileans, unless they got an extra cut.

Emma said...

If we don't hear news of Central America it's because our MSM is too focused on what twit twittered what.best condoms for her pleasure also check my blog

I Callahan said...

I seriously would love to get Robert Cook’s take on this. Hopefully, he’s reading...

BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

Leftwing dictators need to leave. Indeed.

Bill Crawford said...

I recently moved to Costa Rica, the nation just south of Nicaragua. CR has its issues with Nicaragua illegal immigrants. Lots of expats here who need to get their tourist visas extended would take a three-day trip to Nicaragua and then come back. Looks like Panama will be a safer option for the time being.

Paul said...

Isn't Nicaragua socialist? Well it's just what socialist countries do when their ideology goes nowhere.. Just like Venezuela, Cuba, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc..

Drago said...

I can't wait to see what Robert Cook and ARM cook up defending these little tin-pot commie/leftist Nicaraguan leaders.

Coming on the top of the strong and passionate defense of the Chavez/Maduro nightmare by our resident lefty dullards and the coming nightmare in Mexico (under soon to be commie President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) it should be entertaining to hear how somehow, someway, all of these commie/socialist problems are the fault of the US and, if LLR Chuck pops in, how its all the fault of Trump.

Let's pay close attention....

Seeing Red said...

I didn’t think Ortega was still around. That’s the 80s calling, Barry. And wasn’t Lurch involved back then?

buwaya said...

Martyrdom is a compelling propaganda message anywhere.
The symbolism is universal.
Some Americans profess not to understand it, but it works extremely well here also.
The BLM thing was built on it as an election turnout effort.

Often enough it is possible to manipulate events such as to increase the probability of politically useful martyrdoms.

Seeing Red said...

It’s not good for US to have so much unrest on our southern borders.

Mexico seems to be In a slow-moving collapse, Venezuela is toast, Nicaragua is getting restless and Brazil.

We’re not ready and I do t mean a wall. We can’t take in that many people.

I’m getting PO’d because I hate you Whitey, I want you gone! Let me in because....

Henry said...

Weirdly, I just picked up Graham Greene's old World War II thriller, "The Ministry of Fear" which opens with "Chapter 1: The Free Mothers".

The hero. Arthur Rowe, wanders into a charity bazaar.

'The charge,' said the middle-aged lady at the gate, 'is a shilling... we don't want people to feel cheated--even in a good cause, do we?"

"...What exactly is the cause?"

"Comforts for free mothers -- I mean mothers of the free nations."

Later it is explained a bit more clearly:

"A poster on the railings said: 'The Comforts for Mothers of the Free Nations Fund'"

Seeing Red said...

They fell for Ortega. They fell for Chavez. They will probably fall for Obrador. They fall for that unworkable socialistic commie bullshite then they fall. Every time. No matter what color they are. Welcome to more dead dying and hungry plot points from that failed 20th century ideology.

And somehow it’s aleays our fault.

William said...

Ortega had a #metoo moment a while back. His stepdaughter accused him of sexually molesting her when she was a child. She had some corroborative evidence to support her testimony, However, it was just that one stepdaughter......Icons of the left are allowed one free grope, one free drowning, and one free molestation before losing face with their supporters.. The exact opposite of Trump Derangement is left wing Hero Worship. They overlook some extremely significant flaws in their heroes......I think the American left has decided that the best way to handle Ortega at this time is to put him down the memory hole and pretend he wasn't their hero.

Sheridan said...

Mockturtle at 0802h: If we don't hear news of Central America it's because our MSM is too focused on what twit twittered what.

A suggestion - revise your comment to "what twit twittered twat" and post to the thread on "feckless...". It's not often that the same comment can apply to two different posts!

Yancey Ward said...

Ortega learned the lesson from his loss to Chamorro in 1990- don't ever run in an election you can't rig. The leopard didn't change his spots- shooting the opposition in the head is nothing new for Ortega.

etbass said...

rhhardin said

"Deaths are good for your side. It appeals to women."

I thought rh had a healthy attitude of anti feminism. But now I am wondering what the...?

James Graham said...

What's wrong with Latin America?

You'd think that by now most of the region would be represented by functioning democratic incorruptible functionaries.

A possible cynical non-PC explanation: it's because they are "latin."

Can you imagine Canada ruled by Canadians acting like Central Americans? I can't.

Josephbleau said...

The problem of latin america is ... that it is full of latin americans. Ref. Edward I.

clint said...

But remember, communists and fascists are totally different things!

Gabriel said...

Well, having re-elected him after the first set of extra-judicial killings I don't know what they were expecting.

gadfly said...

Nicauraguan violence has roots in the U.S.

But one aspect of the Central American violence that's feeding the border crisis has been largely overlooked: its roots in the gang culture of Los Angeles. Many of the gangs that are destabilizing much of Central America are American-born.

The history of Central American gang violence dates to the 1980s, when civil wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua sent thousands of people north, in search of refuge. Some of those immigrants found their way into gangs in Los Angeles that wound up seeding drug-related violence back home, often after their members were deported by the United States, analysts say.

"These gangs are part of the cultural fabric of the U.S., not Central America," says John Sullivan, a gang specialist with the Los Angeles County sheriff's department. "We deport them, and they're bigger and badder than any gangs there, and they dominate. And now we have areas [in Central America] that are widely destabilized, with a high degree of violence."

That violence has helped to create waves of refugees, many of them children, who have arrived at the U.S. border. The crisis has provoked urgent calls for the White House and Congress to respond to the swelling ranks of children filling detention centers along the southwestern border. The situation has led to finger-pointing among U.S. politicians as well as debates in many American communities over the potential impact of young immigrants on schools and a range of social service programs.

Our President , who knows all - just ask him - hasn't ever told us this story

Jon Burack said...

Oh, gadfly. Great. You've found a way to blame it on the U.S. And Trump, in particular. Always helpful. Now we can get back to the big news - Stormy, Roseanne, Samantha, Ivanka. The real stuff of our lives.

gadfly said...

@Jon Burack said...
Oh, gadfly. Great. You've found a way to blame it on the U.S. And Trump, in particular. Always helpful. Now we can get back to the big news - Stormy, Roseanne, Samantha, Ivanka. The real stuff of our lives.

Well Jon, you read somewhere perhaps that I blamed Trump when his name was only used at the end because he likely is oblivious to the L.A.gang influence. It also appears that you missed the source of my information - National Geographic. Please click the first line of my post for their entire article.

Also you somehow didn't realize that the "big news," - Stormy, Roseanne, Samantha, Ivanka all point to Donald Trump's disdain for women.

Yesterday, I posted this response to Ann's article on the C word.

@ gadfly said...
So is the C-word better or worse than a father calling his daughter a piece of ass?

In October 2006, Howard Stern told Donald Trump on the radio that his daughter, Ivanka, “looks more voluptuous than ever” but Trump corrected him: “She’s actually always been very voluptuous.” And then Stern basically baits Trump into giving him the OK to call his daughter “a piece of ass.”

Trump: “My daughter is beautiful.
Stern: “By the way, your daughter…”
Trump: “She’s beautiful.”
Stern: “Can I say this? "A piece of ass.”
Trump: “Yeah.”

Jon Burack said...

Gadfly, What National Geographic has to do with it escapes me. As to your Trump, Trump, Trump, I can see now that he is the black hole of your galaxy - everything else circles it round and round until it disappears into nothingness.

RichardJohnson said...

The problem with trying to pin the Nicaraguan violence on the gangs is that the gangs are for the most part, Salvadorean and Nicaraguan.
murder rates.

El Salvador 108.64
Honduras 63.75
Nicaragua 11.49

BTW the VIOLENCE in the Nicaraguan demonstrations is coming from the Turbas Divinas- Sandinista mobs.That is, government mobs.

National Geographic doesn't do facts too well these days.

Unknown said...

Seems like it's time to add some strategic ambiguity to their thinking. One night they go to bed, sleepy gas they wake up in Guantanamo with no clue of what and how it happened. Cover it with a deception, going for a walk, drunk, something normal. Wait weeks. Then return them to a public square giving a flash mob time to assemble before military can arrive, announce all with weapons in or nearing the public square will be killed. Then it’s the oppressor’s choice, contrition, redress wrongs or a Ceausescu moment. If the people care. They may not. If so, rinse and repeat every few years if still insane so the people can vote again. New technology means new solutions. Ok, who made you god? The curse of drawing straws. They nominate these bad actors on social networks, we rank by aggregate suffering, pain, and deaths. Titles mean nothing, just ability and will to harm. Then draw straws knowing perfection is not of this earth, but the Greeks did this and it worked out well, creating the foundation of western civilization. Sorry George, I want to see you in the Coliseum. As well as a random sample of street people.

Unknown said...