June 21, 2018

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YoungHegelian said...

You've got red currants already up there in Wisconsin?


Let me tell ya, currants, red & black, & gooseberries ain't too popular in this country, but them thar Yuro-peans just go ape-shit over 'em!

Ann Althouse said...


narciso said...

This was the story that I thought they had ordered the kerflufflr over:

https://founderscode.com/bin-qumu, this was made possible by general haftar

steve uhr said...

If she really didn't care she wouldnt wear a coat saying she really didn't care. I think she just wanted to see some heads explode at CNN.

YoungHegelian said...



Not a currant at all. That explains the "early" fruiting.

narciso said...

So they fed a ridiculous convoluted to Buzz feed, tying a trump aide to the nxim cult, and to the libyans,

Big Mike said...

So it turns out that the IRS was informed that there would be no repercussions from harassing Tea Party and other conservative non-profits by a senior staffer representing alleged Republican John McCain. According to documents in the possession of Judicial Watch:

“In the full notes of an April 30 meeting, McCain’s high-ranking staffer [Henry] Kerner recommends harassing non-profit groups until they are unable to continue operating. Kerner tells Lerner, Steve Miller, then chief of staff to IRS commissioner, Nikole Flax, and other IRS officials, ‘Maybe the solution is to audit so many that it is financially ruinous.’ ”

McCain outlived his times.

narciso said...

It's really how striking how much of the news is just blotted out of the paper. The news out of Libya has been in Saudi British and Dutch even indonesian sources but not in any us paper.

gilbar said...

Micheal K:
Some questions (that aren't any of my business)

How'd you get your wife to Arizona? That seems far east of LA
Did you meet at the hospital? I'm assuming she's a nurse?

Like I say, none of my business. I'm reading War Stories, and I'm up to the Burn Ward

Birkel said...

Big Mike:

I didn't vote for McCain in 2008 and have not regretted that decision a single time in the time since.

McCain is a Big Government advocate who prefers nothing more than his own power. I hoped he would lose his most recent election in the primaries but Arizonans disappointed me. Father Time remains undefeated and I'm hoping he does what Arizonans couldn't.

And, in point of fact, I'm happy about the retirements of so many Big Government Republicans. They can all go to hell.

narciso said...

Someone mentioned spy fiction, since Steinhardt has moved to domestic terrorism for his most recent, I can't think of any eastern European ones off the Mark, in the technothriller category there's James Barrington from the uk

Sebastian said...

"So it turns out that the IRS was informed that there would be no repercussions from harassing Tea Party and other conservative non-profits by a senior staffer representing alleged Republican John McCain."

Another case that would have provoked lefty outrage if predicted by righties in, oh, 2009--"Weaponizing the IRS? With RINO connivance? Get your crazy conspiracy theories outta here!"--but easily dismissed and justified after the fact. Anything for the cause, after all.

narciso said...

The way he stuck a shiv in the huntress through the Jones memo, all the while he was groveling to qaddaffi like Larry Miller.

Note Trent 'snapper organs of q division didn't turn this up, but judicial watch did, just like general Flynn prophetic salafust principality memo.

narciso said...

In other news toppled from the headlines, it turns out the lap top bomber plot didn't come from Israel or Jordan, but the previous former aq asset aimen dean, whose name was leaked by Ron susskind in 2006

stephen cooper said...

there is little overlap between CDAN commenters and Althouse commenters.
i doubt Anthony Bourdain is, technically, someone who committed suicide.

while I feel bad that Obama is so intellectually mediocre,
he kept H. R. Clinton from being president and I didn't.

nobody, and I mean this literally, as in not a single person - is as funny as they think they are.
if you do not have the confidence to overestimate your sense of humor you cannot be funny

there are trillions of insects enjoying life in every single county of the USA tonight, a short June night ... think about it, all those miles and miles of a dark June night, in this big lovely country --- but for every insect you can count, if you are the sort of person to make such an effort, there are trillions of angels, trust me .... God created angels "a foison", an old French term for "bountifully":
which is why every single insect, whether an eternal creature or not, will never be forgotten, and will never be in a place where someone who spoke to them heart to heart cannot, not necessarily miraculously, simply rationally (recta ratio, right reason) call them back to life ... never ...
do the math, you are a companion of the angels, if God remembers each sparrow with love in his heart, just as much as that, and clearly more, God remembers and cares for you

I am thinking of legally changing my last name, does anyone have any advice on how to do that without seeming like someone with issues? I just want a couple less letters in my last name

narciso said...

One would think angels would be rare compated to millions of insects,

narciso said...

But the wider point of God's grace and omniscience, is on point.

FullMoon said...

narciso said... [hush]​[hide comment]

It's really how striking how much of the news is just blotted out of the paper. The news out of Libya has been in Saudi British and Dutch even indonesian sources but not in any us paper.

Wasn't Libya the most important thing inthe whole wide world a few weeks ago? Now it is Melanias jacket.

narciso said...

About a month ago, was the anniversary of Manchester bombing, but that story was eclipsed by something else.

stephen cooper said...

narciso - that is what I thought for much of my life, that angels are sort of rare.

but in the Bible God says to his pals that God can make sons of Abraham from the rocks on the side of the road

so, let's say I am an angel - let's say I am not me (I am me, but this is a hypothetical) and I hear this

look, I want every fictional person I have ever read about who was admirable to be alive, not just the brave hobbits and their lovable wives in the Lord of the Rings - who would not rather have coffee in the morning with Merry or Pippin and Mrs Merry and Mrs Pippin instead of watching Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie? - nothing against Savannah and Al, but you see what I mean, I hope - and of the thousands and tens of thousands of fictional creatures I have read or heard about, even including Mr A and Mr B who took two trains, one going at 20 miles an hour that started at five AM and one going at 40 miles an hour at nine AM in that algebra test I took long ago, and who seemed to me like likable enough people, perhaps they were more interesting than one thought: and, look, if you are an angel who sees the face of the Lord on a daily basis and someone who is one of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity tells you that sons of Abraham can be created from the rocks on the side of the road, you are going to immediately think that you want to see lots of new angels created, since that cannot be any more difficult than making children of Abraham from the rocks on the side of the road

a billion prayed for and created here, a billion there, pretty soon you are talking about lots of angels

insects on the other hand are hard to make, they require a universe, lots of supernovas to supply the rare metals and some of the not so rare elements that they are made of, and, unless one is willing to cheat on the physics side of the ledger, that takes billions of years!

whereas if you ask God in prayer to make a thousand angels
and you are a saint
that very moment
there they are
pure as snow
virtuous, kind
+ 10000000000000001

stephen cooper said...

or, as you said, Narciso, God's grace is amazing, and that is enough

Big Mike said...

@Birkel, I did vote for McCain because I correctly surmised that (1) Obama would try to apply Chicago-style dirty politics nationally, (2) he had even fewer clues about the economy than McCain (who was essentially clueless), and (3) he knew much less about the military than any Commander in Chief ought to.

Bad Lieutenant said...

Ann Althouse said...

6/21/18, 9:47 PM

I've got it! Ann, this one is so good, I have to have a piece of it: American, Wisconsonian, Bar-le-duc jelly.

Bar-le-duc jelly (Wiki)

Bar-le-duc jelly (French pronunciation: ​[baʁ lə dyk]) is a highly regarded preparation of jelly originally composed of select whole seeded currants, typically white currants or alternatively red currants. The name Bar-le-duc refers to the geographical origin of the preparation in the French town of Bar-le-duc. Since the jelly's first documented reference in 1344, the culinary name "Lorraine Jelly" is occasionally used, as the city of Bar-le-duc lies within the boundaries of the former province of Lorraine.

...so, a name change. But...

Commonly served as an accompaniment to game, spread on bread, or with foie gras, it is considered a culinary luxury, sharing an elite status akin to Beluga caviar and is colloquially referred to as Bar Caviar.[citation needed] The typical product is a jam, with the berries remaining intact in a thin syrup. About 200 currants go into one 85 gram jar (approximately 3 ounces), which costs approximately €15 a jar in Bar-le-Duc and $40 in the US (as of 2008). The spread has been enjoyed by notables such as Alfred Hitchcock, Ernest Hemingway, Victor Hugo, and Mary, Queen of Scots.[citation needed]

Examples Edit
As of 2012 the House of Dutriez in the town of Bar-le-Duc provides one of the very few hand-made preparations still on the market, la confiture de Groseilles de Bar le Duc (Currant Preserve). The traditionally hand-made product involves épépineurs or épépineuses (seed extractors) de-seeding the currants with goose quills to flick out the tiny seeds without disturbing the flesh of the small fruit. Sometimes sweetened jellies, consisting of mashed and sieved currants of a significantly lower cost and quality, appear on the market under the same name.[1]

When Rex Stout's fictional detective Nero Wolfe deals with the distraught daughter of his bootblack in Kill Now—Pay Later, he suspects hunger, as much as the shock of her father's death, is responsible for her emotional instability, and tells his cook “Tea with honey, Fritz. Toast, pot cheese, and Bar-le-Duc. For Miss Vassos,” strengthening Wolfe's reputation as a gourmet and establishing the high regard in which he held her father.

You're damn right!

Sconnie caviar. Sconniar. Have some Sconniar on toast, Don't mind if I do.

A new global luxury product in an age of prosperity. We'll be rich!

narciso said...

In Jesus time, he rebuked the sophists who denied his miracles and asked for signs, while bringing up Jonah as prophecy for his own fate, as well of those who would not heed his word,

Bad Lieutenant said...

Richer than astronauts!

Sprezzatura said...

Wrong, Bad L.

At Meadehouse 'serviceberry' is code for tits.

Meade's tits.

Althouse's (figurative) balls are called slobberknockers.

Keep Madison cray-cray!

narciso said...

This is what the asset has been preoccupied with, since susskind the fellow Wolff was aspiring to;


narciso said...

Following up:


Ray - SoCal said...

The McCain involvement with the irs to destroy the tea party is a wow.

What a mean, nasty, and petty person.

I used to think much better if him.

This is on top of:

The vote for saving Obamacare after getting elected by being against. Same with his hypocrisy on “just build the dang wall”.

And what a coincidence, he was also involved in the Steele Dossier!


etienne said...
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Freeman Hunt said...

Stephen, Ooer is maybe not the best last name. I think you should reconsider.

rhhardin said...

I really don't care do u doesn't make sense to me.

MaxedOutMama said...

If Ann publishes her "How I stopped worrying" Trump book, and sells an electronic version on Amazon, according to the Supreme Court she would have to file state/local tax returns for each separate locality where the book was sold.

So I don't think we are going to see that book!!

J. E. Malthaus said...

Nice organic marbles.

Humperdink said...

PA has been garnering sales tax from Bezos for quite some time.

Bad Lieutenant said...

Keep Madison cray-cray!

How, PBJ? You and this nice new person Steve Cooper seem to be cornering the market.

The McCain involvement with the irs to destroy the tea party is a wow.

Surely it is some sort of crime? Arizona has recall, do they not? (Evan Mecham) As horrid as the Middle East tampering, this is a direct offense against the American people. This almost lets IRS off the hook -they were following orders! (jawohl)

Blogger rhhardin said...
I really don't care do u doesn't make sense to me.

Well that's worrisome, innit.

sodal_ye said...

Leaving Bombay tonight after 6 months touring round India. Flying to Cape Town for 6 months to Cairo. After that two more equivalent legs and I can (permanently) go home. Been doing this since 2012. It's amazing how big and how small the whole thing is. I thought seeing everything I wanted to see would take less time, but I get bogged down by the occasional wonderful woman, mostly.

This leg, including a prior month in Myanmar, my 'Clinton for Prison 2016' shirt has received about an 80% positive response. In Nepal (there for a few weeks ago) I was a hero to my guide who pronounced that Obama was the 3rd Satan predicted by Nostradamus.

When India and China suck the oxygen out of the system, maybe a decade after their populations peak about 2040, the western socialist nations, if that's the outcome, will be hand-to-mouth on IMF food stamps, buried by negative GDPs, exploding pension liability and zero competitive industries. Or something much worse.

We're in such deep trouble, and we can't see it.

sodal_ye said...

*argh, typos

Anonymous said...

Bad L:

Blogger rhhardin said...
"I really don't care do u doesn't make sense to me."

Well that's worrisome, innit.

When I first read rh's comment, I didn't take it to mean: "the phrase 'I really don't care do u' doesn't make sense to me"; but rather: "I really don't care do u? because none of this makes any sense to me."

I think my meta-reading explains more, in context.

Rick.T. said...

Don't care that much for the taste of serviceberries. Kind of bland. Maybe it was the variety which ripened to a dark purple. Right now the wild elderberries are flowering. Can't wait for the fruit if the birds leave any. Elton John said it best:


walter said...

Hmm...'Sitter was drunk posting last night?

Tammy Baldwin has finally pushed herself forward on a national level with that Baldwin on Baldwin CNN clip.
Lots of folks recognizing her unique qualities.

Ann Althouse said...

"If Ann publishes her "How I stopped worrying" Trump book, and sells an electronic version on Amazon, according to the Supreme Court she would have to file state/local tax returns for each separate locality where the book was sold. "

Huh? Amazon will collect sales tax at the point of sale. You pay income tax in the state where you make the money, where you are, not where the buyer is. You're mixing up sales tax and income tax. If I sell something directly, I'd have to collect sales tax, but I won't do that.

MaxedOutMama said...

So won't this ruling imply that only the giant conglomerates will survive?

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