May 3, 2018

At the Trading Company Café...


... you can talk all night.

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Churchy LaFemme: said...

So: "Infinity War".

How much time travel is it going to take to fix this?

YoungHegelian said...

Since we had a Hegel posting yesterday, I'd like to add here that, by some strange alignment of the stars, not One, but TWO, new translations of The Phenomenology of Spirit got released in the first quarter of this year. It's kinda weird since there hasn't been a new translation since the A.V. Miller translation in the late 70's.**

The Cambridge Press translation by Michael Baur is part of the Cambridge Hegel series that parallels the Cambridge Kant series. Now, if we could only have a Cambridge Schelling & Fichte series, since many of the translations of those two guys really need some help.

The Inwood translation is from Oxford. What moved them to release a new translation now I do not know.

I have not read either, so I can't comment. If I had to pick one, I'd probably pick the Inwood for the commentary. As you notice, they ain't giving them away.

** The Miller translation has a special place in my heart, since my wife, then girlfriend, bought me a hardbound of it for my birthday way back in 1979 when we were both in grad school. I knew then she was the girl for me. Sniff!......

walter said...

You sentimental romantic...

JackWayne said...

Dr. Strange already gave it away. He said: 1) There was one possibility of success against Thanos, 2) Giving up the Time Stone was necessary to get to the end game. And at the end (Spoiler Alert: do not read!)

Nick Fury signaled a certain Captain at the very end.

Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

Lubuntu 18.04 LTS is out. Hooray!

William said...

Marvel isn't too strong on the theology behind their universe. Good. You would need both Bergson and St Thomas Aquinas to posit a theory to explain all the confluences and divergences in The Force as it flows through the different characters in the latst Star Wars film. The movie was way too pious and reverential about a McGuffin. Ditto with The Matrix. The first movie had a credible cosmology but in later films the matrix evolved to become a crock.

StephenFearby said...

“If people assume every sentence they read in The New York Times is either outright false or hopelessly biased, they’ll still be granting the Times too much credit.”

The Federalist's Molly Hemmingway quoting Devin Nunes’ spokesman Jack Langer.

It is the last sentence of Hemminway's demolition of the tedious NYT Sunday Magazine's hit piece on Nunes by Jason Zengerle headlined:

"Devin Nunes Turned the House Intelligence Committee Inside Out In inquiries on Benghazi and Russia and beyond, the California congressman has displayed a deep mistrust of the expert consensus on reality — a disposition that has helped him make friends in the current White House."

The head and subhead of Molly's piece are:

"The New York Times’ Hatchet Job On Devin Nunes Is Riddled With Errors

The New York Times article is riddled with errors that multiple sources publicly deny. It fails to include information easily found in the public record."

With respect to the NYT's ethics, one is reminded of this famous quote by Joseph Nye Welch
at the Army McCarthy hearings on June 9, 1954:

"...Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

The NYT has no sense of decency in publishing false political character assassinations to advance a leftist ideology.

etbass said...

If nothing else, the Trump presidency has demonstrated just how deep and pervasive is the rot in our land. One can only despair at the tiny prospect of a return to normal values and standards. All truly is lost. When Trump is past, the rapid reversion to the culture of rot will be so fast and complete, the American people will not know what hit them.

Michael Fitzgerald said...

Speaking of trading: What if bloggers could trade their commenters to other blogs? Althouse deals Drago and Chuck to Hot Air for Marcy Kirkton and Brock Peters, or sends Ritmo to Ace of Spades for a troll to be named later...

Kevin said...

So Giuliani pokes holes in the “Cohen made an illegal campaign contribution” meme and the media immediately serves up “Mueller has been tapping Cohen’s phone” from two anonymous sources.

There cannot go a day that people on the left have nothing from the NYT to hope that Mueller has a bunch of undisclosed evidence against Trump. And yet the best they could leak yesterday was Mueller’s Team is hoping the right people will call someone they know is under investigation?

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

Althouse: Meade, you got a minute?

Meade: Yeah. Take a seat.

Althouse: You can't start Drago on the Trump post tonight. You'll have to start Bad Lieutenant.

Meade: Yeah, I don't want to go fifteen rounds, Ann. The lineup card is mine, and that's all.

Althouse: That lineup card is definitely yours. I'm just saying you can't start Drago on the Trump post.

Althouse: Well, I am starting him on the Trump post.

Althouse: I don't think so. He plays for Hot Air now.

Meade: You *traded* Drago?

Althouse: Yeah. And Inga, Ritmo, ARM are all being sent down.

Meade: You are outside your mind.

Althouse: Yeah. Cuckoo.

Chuck: [popping up on IM] You wanted to see me?

Althouse: [via IM] Chuck, this is Althouse.

Althouse: [via IM] Chuck, you've been traded to the National Review. This is the link to Rich Lowry’s IP address. He's a good guy, he's the GM. He's expecting your post. You're a good commenter, Chuck, and we wish you the best.

[Chuck logs off]

Althouse: Chuck's gone, too.

Meade: [shaking his head in disbelief] You're killing this team.

Hagar said...

So we are now into what the meaning of "know" is.

I guess Giuliani goes by the "grab a nettle firmly, and it won't sting" theory.

Well, the Senate would not convict then, and they won't now.

Hagar said...

As for the "pen record" of Cohen's phone calls, I suspect the voice recordings are out there in "the cloud," or NSA facilities, and having the phone numbers and times they can be located.

Bad Lieutenant said...

Kevin said...
Althouse: Meade, you got a minute?

Meade: Yeah. Take a seat.

Althouse: You can't start Drago on the Trump post tonight. You'll have to start Bad Lieutenant.

Put me in, coach!

Michael Fitzgerald said...

Kevin- Great post!Way to drive the concept in! That's how we put it together here! You keep it up and you're gonna be a star, kid.

Kevin said...

You lofted in the softball, Michael, I just took a big swing at it.

Your idea obviously appealed to me -- for real.