April 13, 2018

At the Green Circle Café...


... you don't have to talk about whether that circle is your idea of green. You can talk about anything. At Althouse, a "café" is an open thread, so go on and talk all night. The other thing that happens in cafés is I remind you to use the Althouse portal to Amazon.


Elliott A said...

While it would be inadvisable for Trump to fire Mueller, does he have the power as chief law enforcement officer to require the probe be limited to events directly related to the election?

Hagar said...

I don't know that anyone can control Mueller; that's what makes him "special."
However, I would think that the reaction to Comey's book, and perhaps even more so his interview with Stephanopoulos, will make a number of Mueller's friends and associates suggest to him for the good of the FBI to mind his manners and stay within his brief.

Michael K said...

The Wall Street Journal story is so obvious a case of malice, the reporters should go to prison for receiving stolen property,

The guy had a brief encounter with a whore and she claimed she was pregnant.

A He is not Trump.

B blackmail is against the law.

C the left does not care care who it hurts in the quest to over throw Trump.

Sebastian said...

"for the good of the FBI" What difference, at this point, does it make?

If Mueller cared about manners, he would not have accepted an assignment lacking the crime required in the statute.

More starkly than ever before, law is simply a weapon now. Who, whom reigns.

Oso Negro said...

I bought my Inga and Chuck puppets through the Althouse Amazon portal! They're colossal!

AvoCat said...

What Mrs Vitter should have said:

"Yes Senator I stand by that remark. Planned Parenthood aborts hundreds
of thousands of fetuses every year. About half are female. You can tell by their
tiny lady parts . Any high school biology student could show you. Even if you
don't believe they are human beings or persons entitled to the protection of the
law you cannot argue they are not females, or that they are not killed. Can you?"

What would the senator have said?

Birches said...

I'm trying to understand why Mueller had the NY District raid Cohen if they were looking for records about Cohen meeting Russians in Prague. Isn't that his investigation? Our media repeats everything with no skepticism. I will wait to see if these anonymous sources actually know what they are talking about before I believe anything.

Rabel said...


I was rude to you earlier without good reason. I apologize.

Back issues making me grumpy.

Drago said...

Elliott A: "While it would be inadvisable for Trump to fire Mueller, does he have the power as chief law enforcement officer to require the probe be limited to events directly related to the election?"

Yes, he does.

Congress then can do what Congress would want to do.

Therein lies the separation of powers and balance of powers.

What the lefties are arguing now is that they, magically, as of January 20, 2017, have created a 4th branch of government, wholly independent of the Executive Branch. Lets call it the Deep State Branch of government. The permanent federal bureaucracy which must always be staffed with partisans who will carry out democrat desires.

Just as the Founders intended, no doubt.

David Begley said...

How in the world did the following stuff leak?

1. Alleged hush money payment by RNC guy to Playmate.

2. Cohen’s alleged trip to Prague.

David Begley said...

Congress wants to stop Trump from firing an employee in the Executive department. Might as well do that for the entire EPA.

narciso said...

The first was because of judge kimba wood? The second is just feeding more bupkis without evidence

narciso said...



narciso said...

Could be a bluff


Ralph L said...

Back issues making me grumpy.
The only time my parents argued in front of us was when Dad found out Mom had given 10 years of Nat Geo magazine to the library.

Ralph L said...

I bought something through the Althouse Portal and it broke after several months. Is there an Althouse warranty?

Etienne said...
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Birkel said...

From another thread:
Mark thinks Comey (sic) traveled to Prague?
Mark means Cohen.
But it has been definitively proven that Trump's lawyer, Cohen, was not in Europe; he was in the United States.
Another Michael Cohen - no relationship with Trump - was in Prague, which proves the dossier was compiled using non-public information including data bases of foreign travelers.

In other words, Mark inadvertently brings up Obama's spying on Trump and Obama's using the intelligence apparatus of the US government for political purposes.

A DIFFERENT Michael Cohen went to Pragur. Trump's lawyer was in the U.S.

Humperdink said...

Ralph L said: "I bought something through the Althouse Portal and it broke after several months. Is there an Althouse warranty?"

I am guessing you declined to purchase the Althouse Extended Service Plan. Penny wise, pound foolish.

Jersey Fled said...

I'm trying to remember who it was that said "Whenever you read the term "anonymous sources" substitute "an old gypsy woman"

Curious George said...

Today is Milwaukee Day (4-14 get it?) and my son was picked to create the Milwaukee Day beer. Enjoy some Milwaukee Day Lager from Company Brewing. At 4.14 % APV you can enjoy several.

Hagar said...

AA still dodging Paul Ryan.

I think the Republican caucus in the House needs to tell him he is gone now, and elect a new speaker. And this time select/elect a person who wants to be speaker.

Hagar said...

I think Syria is pretty much gone as a sovereign state and is now just an area soon to become a battlefield between the Shia and Sunni coalitions.
Trump needs to get our troops out of there ASAP - right now they are just small outposts in enemy territory - assess what the near and intermediate future is likely to bring, and decide on a strategy to deal with it.