March 23, 2018

"It was kind of obvious that there was an attraction — from his part to me."

I haven't watched the whole thing. That quote happens in the first 2 minutes. We had to pause to laugh a lot. Meade went into an extended comic rant in which Trump's penis was likened to a divining rod...

ADDED: I really don't have the patience to sit through the whole video, so let me snag a few quotes from the NPR article, because there is something I want to say if I can find my way to it:
Once, she said, he even took her to the apartment in Trump Tower that he lived in with his wife and their young son, Barron. "Aren't you afraid to bring me here?"

"They won't say anything," Trump supposedly said. He showed her around the "very gold" apartment and pointed out Melania's room saying, "she likes to get away to read."... "Doing something wrong is bad enough and when you're doing something wrong and you're in the middle of somebody else's home or bed or whatever, that just puts a little stab in your heart," she said.

Even worse was actually meeting Melania and posing for a picture with her, Trump and a handful of McDougal's Playboy Playmate colleagues, she said. McDougal conceded it's possible Melania knew about the Playmate's dalliance with Trump. Still, she said she was very happy throughout the romance. She said she loved Trump and that he loved her. He told her so "all the time" and had several pet names for her, including "baby" and "beautiful Karen."...

McDougal claimed she was not aware that Trump allegedly had other paramours while they were involved, including adult film actress Stormy Daniels, who says she also had a fling with Trump. Stormy, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is also suing to be able to tell her story.

"I thought I was the only one," McDougal admitted, adding that "it makes sense. If he's doing it behind his wife's back why would he not do it behind my back?"

In the end, McDougal said she was overwhelmed by guilt and fear that the affair would become public.
Where is that guilt and fear now? Why is she being disloyal to a man she said she loved, who never seems to have done her any harm? She says she felt bad because of Melania — I guess that she was abetting adultery and also that she knew all along she couldn't be Trump's only woman.
"The excitement took over for a while but I started feeling so bad about myself. ... It was tearing me apart in the long run. I knew I needed to get out," she said.
If she really is the kind of person who felt all of that, why is she the kind of person who sits for this hour-long interview, publicizing the very intimacies she feared would be exposed?
[She said she] felt a deep sense of loyalty to Trump both as a former lover but also as a Republican. "I voted for the president. That's my party. That's my president!" she said....
So what happened? She says, "I almost feel violated. I feel taken advantage of... I feel like the contract was illegal, I was lied to and I want to share my truth. I want my life rights back."

She apologizes to Melania:
"I'm sorry," she said choking back tears. "I wouldn't want it done to me."
Would you want this Anderson Cooper interview done to you?
"I know it's a wrong thing to do but in those days I was a different girl. I had fun. I was in the Playboy scene," she explained.
Why is doing a 1-hour interview about your affair with the woman's husband the right thing to do? You're hurting her again, and you are hurting the child, Barron. What's the explanation? It doesn't make sense to me unless she is in league with anti-Trump forces or she just wants to make more money.
"I'm going to church. I'm involved in ministry," she said.
Point me to the religious text that justifies getting out of a contract so you can talk publicly about your affair with a married man and humiliate the man's wife and child?


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Ambrose said...

This shows the difference between a Playboy model and true Porn Star. Did Stormy D ever apologize or was she too busy chasing after CBS's cash?

Bad Lieutenant said...

In sworn testimony. She recanted it, in conjunction with her divorce settlement. But before that, she testified that way, under oath, and used the word "rape," and described circumstances that would have amounted to an episode of Dynasty.

FIFY. Now what TV show or movie depicts Clinton's pursuit of the female?

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

maybe there really is a 'Whore School'

Achilles said...

I look forward to the indictments that are going to roll out soon. Grand Jury is already empaneled lefties.

Poor Chuck and Inga. Soon they will be operationally aligned in decrying a "WITCH HUNT!"

A lot of Chuck and Inga's heroes are going to jail soon. But Chuck is really a republican. Swearsies.

Mark Daniels said...

The interview was interesting, or at least what I saw of it. She seems credible. She voted for Trump in 2016.

wwww said...
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tim in vermont said...

The interview was interesting, or at least what I saw of it. She seems credible. She voted for Trump in 2016.

You make is sound like she is talking about rape. Juanita Broaddrick’s interview was credible, and backed up by multiple contemporaneous witnesses under oath and nobody gave a flying fuck.

Chuck said...

How does Juanita Broaddrick fit into current news about Trump? For someone like me, that is. I never had to justify a vote for Clinton; I never voted for Clinton; not once, not ever. I certainly can’t vouch for Juanita Broaddrick’s veracity, but I’m not doubting her story. I accept her as credible.

Do Trump fans want me to accept the Clinton accusers as credible but regard the Trump accusers as liars? Why?

I think we’ve already established that Bill Clinton is a liar, and so is Trump, and so the own denials are weak.

We have also established that it is not so simple as Trump having consensual affairs and Clinton being a “rapist.” Because they have both admitted to being adulterers, and they have both been accused, but never tried or convicted, of varying forms of sexual assault.

And ironically, both Clinton and Trump were friendly with the billionaire pedophile monster Jeffrey Epstein.

None of this is any “defense” of Bill Clinton. It is all a fairly obvious comparison, of Clinton and Trump.

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