February 24, 2018



mockturtle said...

I know nothing about curling but I'm watching the replay because I know the outcome.

John Christopher said...

The addition of sports coverage to my favorite blog is always welcome.

Bay Area Guy said...

White power!

Michael P said...

I think that should be the power of the 'stache.

The power of the stash is well-known in Colorado, among an increasing number of other states.

Or so I hear. I am not Laszlo, so I cannot be sure.

Anonymous said...

Aaron looks like James H Macy.

This whole post is a dog whistle to white supremacists:
Showing two very successful ( a white trait!) white men with no PofC included? Check.

One lives in a state with only 6% AA population...LESS THAN HALF THE NATIONAL AVERAGE? Check.

One plays a Northern European Olympic sport with no PofC participation at all? Check.

One guy looks like James H Macy, a famous WHITE actor? Check The other looks like George Wendt or Chris Farley touting 'Da Bears' ... both famous WHITE actors? Check.

Really, Frau Althouse (a very WHITE name, btw)...when did you turn this place into StormFront?

Bay Area Guy said...

Comparing the great Aaron Rodgers and his famous Gridiron exploits to some fat, probably drunk curler with a Swifter just ain't right.

Seeing Red said...

Next stop : 70s pornstache

traditionalguy said...

Why don't Women get their own curling league ? Oh, yeah, it is so boring that two leagues would never sell.

Ann Althouse said...

Aaron Rodgers is only 34 years old. He looks at least 10 years older. Could be 20 years older.

Ann Althouse said...

Remember when women used to go out in public with curlers?

Big Mike said...

You gotta love any sport where a guy can sport a mustache and have his belly flop over his belt. Curling for-evah!

madAsHell said...

I saw the mustache, and thought "You ain't gonna make it in Arena Football".

Wince said...

The 1970s called -- they want their "porn stache" back.

Ralph L said...

Is it OK to say Rodgers was ridden hard and put away wet?
He used to remind me of the images of the ancient Romans of themselves.

In the last 3 months, I've grown my second full beard (the first in the 80's was a failure). Look for the full beard fashion to fade soon.

Howard said...

I'm still rocking Movember Madness... Although my Doc friend said it's diagnostic for HIV/AIDs

Anonymous said...

James Macy should be William in the above. I readily admit to not knowing all the white supremacist actors in Hollywood.
There are so many.

traditionalguy said...

Rodgers cannot risk Curling. The stones could break his collarbone.

YoungHegelian said...

Aaron Rodgers is only 34 years old. He looks at least 10 years older.

That football shit just tears a body up.

It's no sport for old men, and scarcely one for young.

jaydub said...

Too much violence in curling? Ya, you betcha. The rioting and police car burning in International Falls after the US won the curling gold was appalling. And don't get me started on the trash talking during the matches.

Ralph L said...

She may very well pass for 43

Kate said...

"Remember when women used to go out in public with curlers?"

I remember when women set their hair before bed and slept on rollers and bobby pins. And my mother wore wigs (for fashion) throughout the 60s/70s, so her hair was often in a tight net.

I don't remember what the heck women were thinking.

Ralph L said...

Slaves to fashion.

Cultural appropriation?

reader said...

For twenty five years my grandmother had her hair set once a week. Every night she would pin down the curls by her face, wrap her head in toilet paper, and put a net cap on to sleep in. It took her about fifteen minutes to complete this process.

She was a widow. I'm not sure if she would have done that with a husband.

reader said...

My twenty year old is in the process of trying to grow a mustache...it's so wrong.

Earnest Prole said...

Porn stache? It’s now known as a pedostache.

Original Mike said...

That eefn’ NBC. I stayed up last night to start the recorder on the curling match. I added an extra hour, but it still ran out in the 9th end. So I checked the guide and saw it was to be replayed on NBCSN 3-6pm. I set the recorder and went and did errands. I come home and they moved it to a different channel and started it early. What part of “reliable” do they not understand? The bastards.

Original Mike said...

From their ratings I’m one of the few watching their broadcast, and they screwed me. Fuckers.

Curious George said...

OK, guess which one isn't gay.

walter said...

Ann Althouse said...Aaron Rodgers is only 34 years old. He looks at least 10 years older. Could be 20 years older.
"Margolius, 24, is nearly a decade younger than Rodgers, who is 33, and she’s much more under-the-radar than his Hollywood actress ex, Munn.

The soccer star is a native of Acton, Mass., and graduated from Harvard University in 2015. She played soccer for Ope IF in Sweden after college.

Rodgers was with “The Newsroom” star Munn for three years before they broke it off in April. At the time, Us Weekly reported that “the big issue is that Olivia doesn’t get along with his family. They think she’s controlling,” a source told the magazine.
see also

Rodgers’ relationship with his family continues to be “complicated,” even with Munn out of the picture.

It was reported in June that Rodgers still wasn’t talking to his family after a rift developed over Munn.

The football star has since been linked to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn."

Ralph L said...

How many beards has Aaron shaved?

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