February 10, 2018

"Had Fox News existed — and been essentially the state-run TV — during the Nixon era, there might not have been an impeachment of Richard Nixon."

Said Adam Schiff on Bill Maher's show last night.


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I'm Full of Soup said...

It's a growing list of FBI/DOJ staff who have resigned or been fired or demoted due to this corruption. If they had done this to a Democrat. it would be front page every day and the MSM would have named this already ...FISAgate or Obamagate etc.

By my count, these are the big shots who have been implicated:

Ohr - Bruce and Nellie
Lisa Page
Sally Yates
James Baker

Michael K said...

"But Democrat is a much broader category than is Leftist."

I haven't seen much evidence of it lately. They might win some elections if that were true.

Bruce Hayden said...

“Seventeen seems like too many for random chance.”

Esp when they are so completely concentrated at the top of the national security/counterintelligence divisions at the DoJ and FBI (and their bosses). It is somewhat like all those hard disk crashes in such a short time of the computers assigned to Lois Lerner and her co-workers at the IRS. The departed/demoted/reassigned are most of those who whitewashed Crooked Hillary’s illegal email server usage, and then went on to either illegally surveil the Trump campaign and transition and/or were involved with the Mueller “investigation”.

There are, as far as I can tell, two major exceptions to a fairly clean sweep. One is DAG Rod Rosenstein. He was in the dirt a bit over the last decade or two, and hasn’t reined in Mueller. But he did fire Comey, and, I suspect is active in pushing out the miscreants at the DoJ that we are talking about. The other is the FBI's Director of Counter-Intelligence, Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok’s former boss, and the ne guy at the FBI who was essentially had to sign off on everything, ranging from the Clinton email interviews, the FISA Title I warrant, the Title VII searching, etc. And, yet, he is invisible. Either, he is made of Teflon, or has flipped, working for the IG.

Funny thing is that if you get your news from CNN, you very likely don’t know what is going on here, why the resignations, why the reassignments, etc. While a lot of Democrats are even coming to a realization that the Obama Administration corrupted, and weaponized the DoJ and FBI, I doubt that is the case for most CNN viewers, with the network in full coverup mode

Robert Cook said...

"Peggy Noonan wrote today in the WSJ:
'You can't really blackmail Donald Trump on personal conduct because nothing said about him would surprise or shock.'

"Is this really true? Nothing is a big word."

What's the old bromide? If Trump were found in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, he might be blackmailable.

Michael K said...

McConnell could help by getting the remaining nomination to DoJ approved.

He is not helping and I'm not of the reason. It's not Sessions' fault.

Michael K said...

"If Trump were found in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, he might be blackmailable."

Not any more but that is not his doing.

The left's feeding frenzy about the White House aide who got fired when accused (not convicted) of wife beating is a cover for all the real news leaking out, plus of course an attempt the kneecap Kelly.

iowan2 said...

Blogger Michael K said...
"The Deep State involvement after is just a ramping up of the earlier knee capping. "

I agree and I'm not sure Trump can pull this off. He is very isolated with McConnell a very reluctant ally. Ryan is not much better.

Yes, but you are the source of my theory, I'm pretty sure I got this nugget from your musings.

Bilwick said...

Schiff and other "liberals" dislike Fox because they think it's biased--and if there's one thing "liberals" hate, it's biased journalism. That's why they get their news from totally unbiased sources: CBS, NBC, ABC, the NYT, CNN, etc.

Birkel said...

Old communist offers old bromides.
In other news, water is wet.

Caligula said...

"If we had 99 media outlets preaching one party's line and one preaching the other party's line, wouldn't we be better off if that one pesky outlier would just shutup already?" -- Schiff

Q22 said...

Nixon was impeached!? Did I sleep through that part of history?

mikee said...

I love it when NPR plays declassified tape recordings from LBJ's White House, and the reporters comment on his incisive political skills and down-home folksy speech, while ignoring that the recordings are worse than anything Nixon was taped saying.

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