January 30, 2018

The top 100 Althouse cities.

According to Google Analytics, these are the cities that sent the most readers to this blog in the last day:
1. Dnipro (I'm still trying to figure out what's up with Dnipro!)
2. New York (should be first, but something's up with Dnipro?)
3. "not set" (people who know how to hide, but don't choose to pretend to be from Dnipro?)
4. Chicago
5. Washington
6. Houston
7. Los Angeles
8. Dallas
9. Atlanta
10. Seattle
11. Boston
12. Austin
13. San Francisco
14. Madison
15. Denver
16. Minneapolis
17. Phoenix
18. San Diego
19. Philadelphia
20. Charlotte
21. Toronto (first of 5 Canadian cities; I need to show more love to Canada)
22. Coffeyville (a town with only 10,000 people strives to be the next Dnipro)
23. Nashville
24. San Antonio
25. Arlington
26. Portland
27. Milwaukee (proving that I'm not really the "Wisconsin blogger" you think I am)
28. Omaha
29. Indianapolis
30. Tampa
31. Columbus
32. Orlando
33. Fort Worth
34. Ann Arbor
35. Albuquerque
36. Detroit
37. Kansas City
38. Knoxville
39. Alexandria
40. Paris (hello, Paris!)
41. Raleigh
42. Sacramento
43. St. Louis
44. Jacksonville
45. Louisville
46. Melbourne (Melbourne wins the Australia competition)
47. Tucson
48. Colorado Springs
49. Memphis
50. San Jose
51. Sydney (hello, Sydney)
52. Cincinnati
53. Scottsdale
54. New Orleans
55. London (lagging behind 2 Australian cities)
56. Pittsburgh
57. Saint Paul
58. Richmond
59. Plano
60. Huntsville
61. Oklahoma City
62. Oakland
63. Durham
64. Tallahassee
65. Winston-Salem
66. Salt Lake City
67. Honolulu
68. Irvine
69. Pasadena
70. Virginia Beach
71. Montreal
72. Chattanooga
73. Cary (there are 6 cities in the U.S. named Cary... which is it? And why?)
74. Charlottesville
75. Baltimore
76. Las Vegas
77. Miami
78. Birmingham
79. Ottawa
80. Naperville
81. Boise
82. Ashburn
83. Bellevue
84. Calgary
85. Vancouver
86. Sunnyvale
87. Lexington
88. Overland Park
89. Beaverton
90. Appleton (Wisconsin!)
91. Tempe
92. Roswell (there are 6 Roswells in the U.S.... I hope this is the one with the aliens)
93. Lincoln
94. Reston
95. Jersey City
96. Spokane
97. Edmonton
98. Fort Collins
99. Decatur
100. Greensboro


deepelemblues said...

There is nothing but Dnipro

Dnipro is love

Dnipro is life

We are all Dnipro


buwaya said...

San Francisco beat Madison!

Your appeal certainly isn't local.

Amadeus 48 said...

Damn! No Holland, MI.

I was just reading in Simon Kuper's column in the Financial Times last weekend that Holland is the heart of the Trump presidency. How can anyone who cares about giving the Donald a fair hearing not read Althouse?
I've got it! Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, is from Holland. He probably has the whole town routed through Dnipro.

Althouse, Erik Prince will expect your fealty. His sister is Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education. I expect lots of posts touting charter schools!

rcocean said...

Paris Texas is Althouse Country!

rcocean said...

Where are St. Louis, Salt lake City, Cleveland or Cincinnati?

Capitol Report New Mexico said...

The Roswell with aliens is Roswell, New Mexico. I have a photo of the sign pointing to the alleged "landing" site, if you would like.

rcocean said...

Of course, you really need the althouse viewership per capita to make a meaningful comparison.

Although I'm sure Dinpro would win.

Original Mike said...

Come on Madison! We need to up our game!

Henry said...

What about the next 100?

n.n said...

66. I am not alone.

Roswell... I hope this is the one with the aliens

Over one million annually. Over a million more since Obama forced Catastrophic Anthropogenic Immigration Reform a.k.a. refugee crises. We are not alone.

Dnipro? That is a city controlled by Western Ukrainian forces. It seems that they are still spying on Americans, on behalf of the Obama faction, Clinton faction, Soviet-era relics?

Anonymous said...

Which Bellevue is it? Nebraska? Washington?

n.n said...
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n.n said...

St. Louis, Salt lake City, Cleveland or Cincinnati

43, 66, and 52, respectively. Cleveland is progressing.

Henry said...

Proxy servers. The lot of them.

Darrell said...

Dnipro? They've heard of this stupid Lefty woman, Inga, that's a true believer. They have to see it for themselves. They laugh. Oh, how they laugh!

Saint Croix said...

Charlotte's #20!

We need T-shirts.

traditionalguy said...

Take out Dinipro and the secret place , and the list tracks Amazon's new center likely candidates.

$9,000,000,000 Write Off said...

Mostly LA visits to pictures of snow.

Anonymous said...

I very loyal Althousky reader. Much happy. Putin great guy. Really great guy.
Totally krasny.

Must put computer down, now. need to refill samovar.


Larry in Detroit. Much nice city.

Zorfwaddle said...

Regards from Pensacola ;-)


JML said...

When I read the subject I thought you were planning a move a la Amazon.

Sean Gleeson said...

The Oklahoma City ones are me.

Henry said...

Dnipro is an anagram for Id Porn. Welcome to America!

dustbunny said...

I’m usually in Spain but now visiting North Carolina, north of Charlotte but south of Winston-Salem. When I go to LA in a few weeks am I there or somewhere else in the Althousian demography?

JaimeRoberto said...

How Dnipro is your love?

Luke Lea said...

On a per capita basis I bet Walden, TN will be near the top. What's the number in Chattanooga btw?

madAsHell said...

72. Chattanooga
73. Cary (there are 6 cities in the U.S. named Cary... which is it? And why?)
74. Charlottesville

It has to Cary, North Carolina. I see other geographical relationships in the list as well.

madAsHell said...

Does Google ever explain their methodology?

I'm frequently appearing on-line with the wrong zip code. The zip code frequently corresponds with the location of my internet provider.

anti-de Sitter space said...

I wonder how I'm identified by GA when I'm in the Seattle hood.

I have four Seattle-ish* houses, which in my mind are all grouped as "me being in Seattle." At every location I have at least two (and up to four) distinct connections to the internet, not including mobile phones (two more providers) and mobile satellite (one more).

I probably get counted as a dozen or more people.

*Being very loose re definitions, i.e. the house that is the farthest from the city is on the West Coast (literally you head West from Seattle until you hit the actual ocean).

Henry said...

I am a little curious about how the data is determined. Traditionally Google Analytics looked up the IP address of the http request, which is based on the ISP. Proxy servers will mess this up since the request may come from a server in Dnipro for a user in Kiev using a VPN at their job in the munitions factory.

However, for those of us who log in to comment, Google knows the location associated with our profile. However that location may be missing or made up. Mine is a joke.

Elliott A said...

Ann- Do you have numbers with the rankings? It would be interesting to see how many of Virginia Beach's 440000 people are here versus a city like Chicago, LA, or Houston with ten times as many.

robother said...

WTF? All I can think is that Madison is the only liberal place in the USA where the people who swore they'd move to Canada if Trump won, did.

D said...

More love for Canada??!??? In the words of our Dear Leader: uh, uh.... Uh, no.
Canadians are so gosh darn sure of their holier than thou-ness that they wouldnt notice your efforts. They are too busy self-loving themselves in gosh darn humblebrag ways.
Never trust a Canadian. We are your best friend. Well, until someone else rolls in to be the worlds superpower. Ask the Brits. We dont really care who we sell all this godforsaken rock wood wheat fish and whatever the hell else we can find lying around. Whatever pays to keep the lights on at the rink. We're the sneaky bastards "pivoting" to asia. Pasty constipated yobs, redneck gunslingin cowboys or whatever patronizing term we come up to describe the Chinese by 2050: we are your best friend. Only, well, you know, slightly better in some weird metric that only we care about, as explained in a dry overlong canlit novel.
I can say that, being Canadian. But thankfully I'm not from one of those five crap cities in your top 100. The only thing more Canadian then thinking well of yourself (vs US) is thinking what the hell is wrong with the rest of this country.

madAsHell said...

Which Bellevue is it? Nebraska? Washington?

The mental hospital in New York City!?!?!

exiledonmainstreet said...

There certainly seem to be quite a few commenters from Seattle.

George Leroy Tirebiter said...

Agree that Cary, NC is the one at 73. It used to be s sleepy small town just north west of Raleigh (#41 on the list) on the way to Chapel Hill, but now encompasses a lot of RTP (Research Triangle Park) which is a massive hi-tech spot. Wouldn't surprise me that folks there are reading you while at work.

Henry said...

madashell wrote: "I'm frequently appearing on-line with the wrong zip code. The zip code frequently corresponds with the location of my internet provider."

The http request is transferred by your ISP, so that is what Google Analytics knows.

HTML5 geolocation will tell a server exactly where a user happens to be when connected to a web site. This is generally attached to the http request from mobile devices. The most recent versions of Chrome will not transfer this data unless the user permits. Except in secure context. Once you go to the comments, you're in secure context.

So technically, Google Analytics could identify the exact geolocation of users on mobile devices in the comments section. I'm not sure it does, though.

Ann Althouse said...

"Ann- Do you have numbers with the rankings? It would be interesting to see how many of Virginia Beach's 440000 people are here versus a city like Chicago, LA, or Houston with ten times as many."

I have a number for the readers, but you'd have to look elsewhere for the population of the city.

I'm seeing 88 from Virginia Beach. 12,438 from Dnipro.

Ann Althouse said...

1,336 from Chicago. 896 from L.A.

Ann Althouse said...

Those are numbers for Jan 23 to Jan 29.

robother said...

And that's not even getting into those of us who have established a foreign internet address for purposes of getting MLB games of our home team. Hey, you don't suppose Dnipro...?

Crimso said...

"(I'm still trying to figure out what's up with Dnipro!)"

It's a synchronicity thing. When I first saw your Dnipro posts yesterday, I had just finished a turn in the full campaign of War in the East, and divisions of the 1st Panzergruppe were just across the river from Dnepropetrovsk. They're going to drive south along the left bank of the Dnepr to the Crimea, and bag a shitload of Soviet units in the process.

Richard Dillman said...

Amazingly, no city I ever lived in is represented in the list. Indeed I am an outlier.

SDaly said...

Wilmington doesn’t even crack the top 100? Where’s the love for a hometown girl made good?

buwaya said...

"War in the East"

I have that. Since Grigsby's old DOS version.
Also used to play Drang Nach Osten and the other Europa games way way back.

D said...

Ich bin ein Dniproner.

Crimso said...

"Since Grigsby's old DOS version."

Same. Played a lot of that in the 90s (PacWar too). Got WitE when it first came out, and have made several false starts over the years getting into it, but only recently buckled down and actually did it. But I trust you know how that goes. I am still similarly flirting with WITP-AE and WitW. People wonder how I know so much geography of the old Soviet Union...

The Cracker Emcee Activist said...

Not hip to GA but I'm thinking there's a certain amount of lumping-in here for certain states/localities. From Palo Alto, Seattle probably is Washington State.

Albertasaurus said...

I was about to correct La Althouse - Toronto is the first of SIX Canadian cities - but then I thought that she probably wasn’t counting Montreal as a Canadian city which is about right.

Tom_Ohio said...

I'm mostly a trend setter, and I predict that next year at this time Canton, Ohio, and Akron Ohio will be in the top 100. Here's looking at you and at Meade, kid

Mark Chardonnay said...

I like to think I'm the sole source of Memphis traffic

buwaya said...

"People wonder how I know so much geography of the old Soviet Union..."

This is an old wargamers skill. You could tell a proper wargamer if he knew what Rzhev was. But it has to be the old Stalin-era names.

WITP-AE - my favorite game. Could use more scenarios though.

gadfly said...

Dnipro is home for all those Russian bots sewn into the Net by Cozy Bear hackers. Althouse is an obvious target because the site is home country for many conspiratorial Trumpsters. Simply translated: Althouse is Trump Country!

FWBuff said...

Hello from #33!

Mark said...

D.C., Arlington, Alexandria and Reston. No readers from the Maryland suburbs I guess.

chuck said...

Hey, my mother grew up near Coffeyville, attended a small, very small, church near the town entrance. What I liked was this ;)

J2 said...
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Mary Beth said...


paminwi said...

Coffeyville, Kansas: home of N. Jack "Dusty" Kleiss the WW2 American dive-bomber pilot who helped sink three Japanese warships. Just finished his book "Never Call Me A Hero". These attacks were at The Battle of Midway. A great American hero.

Tim in Vermont said...

It’s proof that your site is a Russian propaganda operation! What Putin wants most of all is lower energy prices!

whitney said...

Who's going to plan the meetups now?

tim maguire said...

21. Toronto (first of 5 Canadian cities; I need to show more love to Canada)

Time once again to ask for that amazon.ca portal.

Roger Sweeny said...

Are these within the city limits? In the Census Bureau's Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area? In an area code? I have to know if my little suburb is part of number 11.

ndspinelli said...

I've been to Roswell, NM. Just a tourist trap. However, I discovered a beautiful Apache hotel/casino outside Ruidoso. It is called Inn of the Mountain Gods. Great restaurant, majestic view of a lake and nearby ski mountain.

DrewC said...

Signing in from Roswell, NM. The alien kitsch is a tourist trap, but lots more here ndspinelli (including the best art museum in NM).

SAGOLDIE said...

Have no idea if this is the case with Althouse and Dnipro but saw this https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/08/kansas-couple-sues-ip-mapping-firm-for-turning-their-life-into-a-digital-hell/ a while ago about how IP addresses without a known geo location are assigned a made-up Lat/Long that happens to correspond to this farm in Kansas (geo center?).

Perhaps there's an Euro/Asia/Africa equivalent that resolves to Dnipro?

Begonia said...

Bots: http://davebuesing.com/google-analytics-spam-traffic-bots/

Begonia said...

I'm a Madison reader, by the way.

ndspinelli said...

DrewC, Thanks. I will stop @ the museum my next time through. Full disclosure, I did stop at one of the tourist trap stores and buy fridge magnets for friends.