December 21, 2017

Updike update.

Yesterday's post about an Updike quote that I figured had to be a paraphrase is now updated with new information after the author of the book I was reading emailed me to explain why he had that confusion. That was very cool for me, because I was enjoying reading his book. I mean, it was also kind of weird, because when you read someone's book, you don't think of them observing your reading it. Anyway, he was able to point me to the Updike quote, which makes an interesting contrast to the paraphrase.


anti-de Sitter space said...

Cool post.

Didn't you golden-year types used to use "bump" when you wanted to re-post w/o any new info?

I guess this it the Alt-bump.

I dunno.

Old people are funny.


whitney said...

That is cool. Very meta as the kids say

Ambrose said...

I have only read one Updike novel - The Coup. I liked it quite a bit and highly recommend it. I think it is downplayed now because of the whole cultural appropriation bugaboo.