December 24, 2017

"I love your comments, you must be such a joy to be around. Always (most of the times) you only see the good and so supportive. Me on the other hand …..I am a bit more critical ….terrible is a word I use."

A commenter reacts to another commenter who said "Love the way the end of the sleeve is cut off…his thick curly locks are sublime!" about a photograph at The Sartorialist that just made me laugh out loud.

(And speaking of idiosyncratic styling, I love the 5-dot ellipsis deployed by the commenter who uses the word "terrible.")


tim in vermont said...

What’s with the droopy shoulders? I think I could take him, and I am a retired old man.

tim in vermont said...

Oh oh! My Popeye avatar is getting to me!

jaydub said...

The string of comments on that article were the gayest I think I have ever read anywhere.

MacMacConnell said...

My favorite comment,

Anthony December 16, 2017 at 1:33 pm
The parts are beautiful, the whole is a grand confusion.

Unknown said...

"...his thick curly locks are sublime!"

This popped a song into my head, Pavement's 'Fillmore Jive'.

See those rockers with their long curly locks
Goodnight to the rock and roll era
'Cause they don't need you anymore
Little girl, boy, girl,

I love that song.

I will not expound further at this time.

- james james

Wince said...

Tim at large said...
What’s with the droopy shoulders?

Is he trying emphasize his pelvic thrust?