October 9, 2017

What does Ivana Trump think about "the fact that President Trump often uses Twitter to name call?"

What if she heard her children "call someone a 'loser'"?

"I think they sometimes call the people losers. If they are losers, they are losers, okay? And I don't mind it."


eric said...

Hey, what are ya gonna do? If you call someone by their name, loser, what's wrong with that?


William said...

It used to be said that only the wealthy could afford the expense of a lengthy, discomfited old age. Now we all get to share that blessing. Only the wealthy get to look like Ivanka in their later years. That's not such a blessing.

Molly said...


Ivana may think she has fabulous manners and doesn't name-call, but her insistence on calling Marla Maples "the showgirl" rather than using her name (and this is 26 years after Ivana and the Donald split) suggests that she indulges in a bit of name-calling herself. ("Shopgirl" must = "whore" in Czech or something.)

I can understand Ivana being plenty bitter--Donald was home every evening for dinner, and home all night -- but every day at lunchtime he left the office and went up to a hotel on Central Park South to hit the hay with Marla.

So I get that Ivana is mad--but these interviews she's giving are as eyebrow-raising as some of Donald's.

Look at the uproar she caused today by joking that she was the First Lady--and look at the very acerbic statement Melania Trump issued in response. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/09/politics/melania-trump-ivana-trump-first-lady/index.html

I like the part in the CNN item I linked in which Ivana says Donald was "a good provider."

That's for sure.

Ann Althouse said...

I think Ivana is hilarious.

I bet she and Donald had some great times together back in the 80s.

You may think she looks bad now, but remember, she had Donald Trump when he was very cute. Melania never had that.

Molly said...


1. I notice that someone else at a post farther down commented on what "showgirl" must mean in Czech--I hadn't noticed that before. Sorry, didn't mean to stop on your line (it was yours first).

2. I will never hear the end of this, but Donald is still cuter than Ivana (although Ivana looked infinitely better before she got her plastic surgery).

They obviously did have something in common--check out this Pizza Hut ad they did--five years after their divorce--it was the toast of Manhattan.


William said...

I think the media would like nothing better than to foster a feud among the wives of Donald. The wives look like they don't need much baiting. The Bush family all seem to have the knack of happy marriages.

Big Mike said...

I prefer Melania.

Lem said...

They are no longer "children". It was a trap.

Will Cate said...

Well I guess that settles that!

Sprezzatura said...

"I bet she and Donald had some great times together back in the 80s."

The Power of Positive Thinking.

Sprezzatura said...

“As long as you come here legally and get a proper job . . . we need immigrants. Who’s going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us? Americans don’t like to do that.”

Sprezzatura said...

Not just the 80s, still great times jabbering about the losers, suckers.

Sprezzatura said...

"She's prettier than I'll ever be
Got yourself a beauty queen, yeah
But there's one thing I gotta say
She can fuck you good, but I can fuck you betta"

Sprezzatura said...

"when I bust my nut, I'm raisin up off the cot
Don't get upset girl, that's just how it goes
I don't love you hoes"

Ray - SoCal said...

Melania has class.

Ivana reminds me of Trump in attitude . I wish Trump had not cheated on her, and they kept married.

traditionalguy said...

Practice Tip: A wife that says her husband was a good provider means all she got from him was money and is a forlorn and bitter woman.

Sprezzatura said...

"Practice Tip: A wife that says her husband was a good provider means all she got from him was money and is a forlorn and bitter woman."

IOW, dude didn't know how to sling dick. Just dough.

dwick said...

So glad we didn't run and ask Jane Wyman what she thought about what Reagan was saying/doing during his administration. But does this now mean it's fair game for the media to also seek out the opinions on the utterances/actions of Democrat president's (or even Democrat presidential candidates') ex-wives/husbands? Are we really SURE we want to go down that path? I mean... there IS a reason they're EX-wives/husbands-

Ralph L said...

From the CNN post:
CORRECTION: A photo caption for this story has been corrected to properly identify first lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump's first wife Ivana Trump.

Ivana's not the only one confused about who's First Lady.
I can't imagine why Melania chose to comment at all. A silly mistake, but maybe Donald made her.
Odd that CNN doesn't capitalize "First Lady" consistently. Searched a few Michelle stories and it varies.

Leigh said...

In fairness to the first Mrs. Trump, now that junk-food media is misconstruing her remarks, the longer interview is worth watching. It's still edited, of course, but it captures the context of her remarks, and her intentions.


Ann Althouse said...

Ivana and Trump were more equals. Too bad he didn't have what it took to stay with her. But she's clearly more like him than Melania is. I have a hard time picturing Trump having amusing conversations with Melania, but it's easy with Ivana.

Ann Althouse said...

I hate the inflated lips though. It makes me sad to think of women looking at themselves with that and feeling good about it. Reminds me of the old wax lips we used to buy at the penny-candy store.

Molly said...


The saddest part about Ivana's puffed lips and her overall plastic surgery is that she ran off to the West Coast to have all that work done when she realized her marriage was collapsing.

She thought it might help to get him back.

When she came back to NYC, however, she was unrecognizable and he recoiled--

I'm not sure he left her (AA says it's too bad he didn't have what it took to stay with her)--even in the midst of their actual divorce he would turn up wherever she was periodically to say "I love you, Vanka." During this period he was asking a lot of random people whether they thought she would take him back after the Marla business.

They had and have a weird relationship, but it's certainly a relationship.

However, now that he's in his70s, I'm sure he finds Melania a little more soothing.

Unknown said...

Strange how all this bad behavior by the trumps created a model nuclear family that has children that they cearly live for, both participate closely in their education, and at any given instance they are a credit to themselves and their parents. And you know that being president or not would not make a difference. There are plenty of eastern european, including Russia and nearby countries, where you can find the same, very strong families of many different forms that are seldom matched (in outcomes) over any government effort. Consider what costco and similar did in the hurricanes, sometimes for free if only because they had better tools and expertise. Like use or commercial weather forecasters where every day saved routing around snowstorms is 10s of millions of dollars, Not to pick on FEMA FEMA could have shown the way . governments know how to spend money not do things. Enable the private sector and get out of the way. comic seen today, an empty hetch hetchy with a fireplug where a dam should be.

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