October 13, 2017

"I'm a believer that you wait until this thing gets to trial. I believe a man shouldn't be condemned by a vigilante system."

"It's not easy what he's going through, either. During that period he was a rival. I never did business with him and didn't really know him. I've heard horror stories on everyone in the business, so I'm not going to comment on gossip. I'll wait and see, which is the right thing to do."

Said Oliver Stone.

I agree on due process and not turning into a lynch mob, but horror stories on everyone in the business? Tell me more. Do you mean that cheap allegations are everywhere or sexual harassment is pervasive?


Roy Jacobsen said...

Do you mean that cheap allegations are everywhere or sexual harassment is pervasive?

I'ma go with option B.

Susan said...

No wonder lefty women hate men so much. If I was surrounded by creeps as far as my eyes could see I'd hate them too.

They really DON'T know anyone who treats women well.

John Nowak said...

If he said the same thing about college students I'd be inclined to agree.

mikeski said...

Do you mean that cheap allegations are everywhere or sexual harassment is pervasive?

Embrace the healing power of 'and'.

oldirishpig said...


Seems to me the smartest move ANY of these people can make is to go incommunicado, lol.

Drago said...

Susan: "No wonder lefty women hate men so much."

But the lefty women only publicly republican/conservative men so much.

The lefty women generally enable and support lefty men creeps while helping to destroy any woman who doesn't play the lefty game.

These lefty women act like a pack of hyenas in attack mode against any conservative woman who dares offer up a non-lefty position.

It seems like only yesterday that Gloria Steinem was calling Kay Bailey Hutchison a "female impersonator".

Michael K said...

This is the preference cascade that is rolling toward 2018.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

The Amazon guy got them involved.

Talking to a lesbian about dicks is not smart.

Especially a bull dyke like that one.

TWW said...

Wait a minute Ms. Meade:

I owe Harvey W. NO due process nor am I required to consider him innocent until proved guilty. You know that...

rhhardin said...

Mobs are fun. Mobs are clicks. They exercise your capacity for self-entertainemt. Go for it.

Roy Jacobsen said...

The word you want is "cliques." Unless you're talking about websites.

Pretty sure you're not talking about websites.

tcrosse said...

These allegations are not cheap,

Snark said...

I agree in principle about mob justice, but this may never become criminal. Sometimes the court of pubic opinion is the only one that is able to deliver elements of justice. I have some empathy for these Weinstein types in the sense that people let them get away with it for so long thorough silence or complicity that it is genuinely shocking to them when the whole thing reaches critical mass and tips over. I'm sure Harvey Wienstein is rock bottom right now, and that's a terrible place to be. Doesn't mean he should ever wield an ounce of power or privilege in the business ever again though.

rhhardin said...

The mob justice is there for somebody's advantage, and I'd say the media.

Weinstein is today's Clarence Thomas in terms of getting everybody talking about relations between men and women and how women are hurt of uncomfortable with it.

Lots of clicks. It was a big winner and will be again.

Darrell said...

The Weinstein brothers acted like old-time Jewish gangsters, like you'd see in Boardwalk Empire, when they ran a concert music business in the 1970s--according to stories I heard from musicians. They should have each got two to the backs of their heads back then. Just for historical accuracy.

Oso Negro said...

Just as films began to be released stating that "no animals were harmed in making this film" there is a great opportunity for Humane Hollywood to begin tagging films with "no actresses were raped or molested in making this film".

rhhardin said...

That Weinstein is a clumsy seducer justifies women being unconfortable. But what about a nice guy seducer who's in the same position otherwise.

Imagine Weinstein being nice. Does the outrage arise?

It's not even necessary to be nice, just an equal to the seduced in terms of wit.

Ken B said...

"I agree on... not turning into a lynch mob"

Forgive me for asking but then why have you been puffing McGowan so much? She explicitly called for a twitter lynch mob.

rhhardin said...

Weinstein outrage gets a lot of support from men, just like the guys picking up babes at NOW meetings in the 70s.

NorthOfTheOneOhOne said...

I'm like Althouse. I'm starting to wonder if this rash of accusations is due to Hollywood actresses finally speaking truth to power, or is it due to privileged white women having found a way to take the lead in the victimhood Olympics?

Drago said...

TWW: "Wait a minute Ms. Meade: I owe Harvey W. NO due process nor am I required to consider him innocent until proved guilty. You know that.."

Sorry bub.

The Left MADE the rules, and now they are being help up to those "rules".

ONE set of rules for everyone.

Just ONE set. For everyone.

Learn to love it. You'll be getting more it.

tcrosse said...

Here's an interesting take on the whole brouhaha from a UK website.
The Hysteria in the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Sydney said...

I suspect the behavior is wide spread. Which makes me wonder how many actors/actresses were pressured to participate in those political ads as a favor to the powerful Democratic party donors.

vanderleun said...

"Talking to a lesbian about dicks is not smart.

Especially a bull dyke like that one."

Well, you have to remember that she is the daughter of..... Philip K. Dick.

Drago said...

Sydney: "I suspect the behavior is wide spread."

Indeed, and it includes ARM's favorite topic of pedophilia. But in this case, its actually pedophilia, and its the left that is actually doing it...on an industrial level scale.

And it is known and enabled by thousands of "good" leftists. Those same leftists that gave Roman Polanski a standing ovation: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/corey-feldman-elijah-wood-hollywood-897403

Virgil Hilts said...

Reminds one of the famous Skidmore MO case -- "The murder of Ken Rex McElroy took place in plain view of dozens of residents of this small farm town, under the glare of the morning sun. But in a dramatic act of solidarity with the gunman, every witness, save the dead man’s wife, denied seeing who had pulled the trigger."
Sometimes due process don't work and a man just needs killing.

sean said...

It's a fair guess that in Hollywood, a world populated by narcissistic, immature, histrionic, entitled people, both sexual harassment and hysterical overreactions are commonplace, not to say pervasive.

YoungHegelian said...

Ya wanna know what's the latest conspiracy theory out of my febrile brain?

HW was a major "bundler" for the Democrats. What if he was either shaking down his compatriots by threatening to make their lives difficult if they didn't donate? Or, what if he was using his connections with the ladies to arrange some "return favors" for the big donors?

So far, this is just conspiracy theory. But, it would explain a lot.

Paddy O said...

When the system refuses to correct itself, and buys off those who would correct it, like has happened in California, then it's a California tradition for citizens to be more vigilant on their own.

Hollywood and Silicon valley folks aren't at all true believers about progressive causes. They're protecting their power and buying protection from justice. They have to seduce the true believers to keep the power, but that's just takes money and pretty words dressed up nicely.

Ann Althouse said...

The phrase "due process," like "free speech," may confuse some people into thinking that it refers to a principle that only has to do with constitutional rights against the government. But private individuals, though not bound by law, may as a matter of personal principle choose to conduct themselves in a way that respects fairness and freedom.

Yes, I am free to form the belief that X is a rapist, with little or no evidence, but writing about him, I might, if only to be ethical, refrain from stating my belief as if it were a fact. I might say I want to see all the evidence and hear from the accused and so forth, just because I don't think it's fair.

And, indeed, there may be legal restraints. Even though the right to due process doesn't apply to individuals, the same value may be enforced through defamation law.

Che Dolf said...

"Maybe the reason Hollywood is lecturing us about rape culture is because they think everyone is like them"

- PoliMath

Birkel said...

Maybe true, Althouse.

But if I say, like Hillary Clinton, that all accusers need to be believed I am secure in the knowledge I cannot be sued successfully for defamation.

I believe Rose McGowan.

Bay Area Guy said...

Can I confess something embarrassing about Oliver Stone?

When he made JFK in 1991, I thought it was a piece of shit -- conspiracy theory nonsense.

26 years later, I'm pretty convinced that he was on the right track on a couple of important points.

But, Yes, grabbing boobs at parties, well into your 40s, without permission, is a total mistake. Swift kicks to the groin would be appropriate. Alas, then you would get blackballed, and not work.

Hollywood is rotten to the core.

Virgil Hilts said...

Am I the only one gleefully awaiting the release of the remake of Death Wish in early 2018 (with Bruce Willis). Oh the cultural angst and snowflake protests that we will see.
They should add a scene where Bruce offs some big fat guy who is molesting teenage girls with impunity, because the criminal system has just broken down.

tommyesq said...


The women who greed to this, or those who didn't but kept silent and cashed n on their side of the bargain, would of course only hate conservative men - cognitive dissonance (hat tip Scott Adams) prevents them from recognizing that they were abused and that they then chose to cash in on it.

Jim S. said...

Innocent until proven guilty just applies to the courts. The great unwashed are free to condemn at their earliest convenience.

Etienne said...

The only difference between Hollywood and Colgate-Palmolive is the length of the video. Down deep, they only exist to separate money from the peasants.

The peasants are funding the oppressor, and complaining about the way the company is run.

Trumpit said...

It's not who you know, it's who you blow. It shouldn't be that way. We can see that it applies all the way up to the President & First Lady. By the way, Trump's first wife Ivana looks terrible. I don't know if it's due to plastic surgery or what. We often judge people on their looks, which is unfair really.

Some people are pigs, which is unfair to pigs. Harvey Weinstein is a vile pig on Viagra.

Bad Lieutenant said...

rhhardin said...
Mobs are fun. Mobs are clicks. They exercise your capacity for self-entertainemt. Go for it.
10/13/17, 11:17 AM

It's great to have your permission to attack our enemies. Now I can sleep at night.

Any stick will do to beat a wicked dog. The Leftist dog is very wicked and this seems like a nice big stick.

Restraint would never be reciprocated.

So if the media can be harnessed to strike at Left power bases and institutions, that savors almost of ingenuity.

Thanks for understanding.