July 23, 2017

The love curve.

Visual poetry from Maureen Dowd:
The column is "The Mooch and the Mogul" (that is, Anthony Scaramucci — the "Wall Street hedge fund guy and cable TV diva" turned White House communications director and Donald Trump). "The Mogul and the Mooch is a tender love story with dramatic implications for the imploding White House."


Birkel said...

He is on the Sunday shows. Mooch, that is.

Bill Peschel said...

The White House has been imploding for six months, yet doesn't seem to have collapsed yet. Is it a slow-mo implo that takes a long time for it to finish, or is it like a theory of the universe that it implodes and rebuilds every day?

Humperdink said...

Quoting the article: "And Politico reported about Scaramucci: “A few years ago, while interviewing PR firms, he was blunt about what he was looking for, according to one person present for the meeting. During the 90-minute meeting, Scaramucci told this person: ‘I need someone who’s prepared to go to the mat and lie for me.’”

Perfect, just perfect. Here is what passes for journalism today. An non-sourced quote that fits the narrative.

Or to put another way, why a large portion of the American hold the media in low regard, lower than a whale download.

Hagar said...

He is from New York.

Bob Ellison said...

His name will be a rich source of low-note prejudice. He's Mafia. Trump is the Godfather.

The "love" tic will reinforce that. Anthony said it maybe a dozen times on Fox News Sunday today.

He's a really wordy guy, very good at staying on his tune, but bad at shutting his mouth.

D. B. Light said...

It's not that we love Trump so much, it's that we despise Dowd and her crowd.

Darrell said...

The NYT is imploding--the whole MSM in fact. Having lost, the Democrat/Left is trying to prevent anyone but them from governing. The news business is now dead.

Darrell said...

Dowd wears a thong.

Anonymous said...

"...dramatic implications for the imploding White House."

Donald Trump WILL NOT become President of the United States!

You can take that to the bank!


David Baker said...

Dowd is pinning her hopes on Mueller. Which made me wonder; does Mueller have any patents? Any inventions regarding obstructive beltway thrombosis? Because if he does, he's about to experience some serious infringements.

Khesanh 0802 said...

Is the White House "imploding" the same way the Trump campaign "imploded" several times or is this something different?

Unknown said...

A new smooth operator PR cum Chief of Staff will make all the pesky Russia problems disappear. Poof! Gone just like that. And, the MSM will swallow it hook line and sinker.

Dream on, baby!

exhelodrvr1 said...

The dowdy crowd

Michael K said...

Every time I think about Dowd, I think about grandma in "Parenthood" when she sees the porno flick in the kids room and says, "She needs a man, NOW!"

Dowd needs a man.

sunsong said...

The Mogul and the Mooch have the same fluid relationship with the truth and the same definition of loyalty.

~ Dowd

Laslo Spatula said...

Dowd sounds like she's ready to join theBlue Thong Society.

Party-lines, not panty-lines.

I am Laslo.

Kevin said...

So it's no longer cool to express your love for the President now that Barack's left the White House?

Good to know.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The love for Trump is expressed here daily by the sycophants. The Mooch is just too slick, too slimy, to believe that a thing that comes out of his mouth is sincere. The interview with Jake Tapper this AM was turned into a contest into who is more macho by the Mooch, he comes across as a big talker with much less credibility.

Darrell said...

Mooch = Michelle Obama.

The name is taken forever.

rhhardin said...

Best love headline

"Feds Sue Hooker to Clean Love Canal"

situation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Canal

Unknown said...

@Michael K said "Dowd needs a man."


dbp said...

Maureen Dowd column love spike.

The Cracker Emcee Activist said...

Seven more years of imploding should suck the rest of the MSM and the wreckage of the Left into it's black-hole-like maw.

OK, I'm a little shaky on astrophysics.

Humperdink said...

Darrell said: "Mooch = Michelle Obama.
The name is taken forever.

Unknown said: "The Mooch is just too slick ....."

Hate to break it to you Unknown, but slick has also been taken. That would be Wilhelm Von Slick, former Commander-in-Heat, Wlliam J. Clinton (aka Der Schlickmeister).

Michael K said...

Blogger Unknown said...
@Michael K said "Dowd needs a man."


I don't need one but you might.

tcrosse said...

@Michael K said "Dowd needs a man."

Like she needs a bicycle.

Achilles said...

I wonder if the NYT has anymore downtown NY office space they need to rent out?

Achilles said...

Since the Trump administration/campaign has been imploding for 2 years I did a quick google search for "slowest implosion."

This was #4 on the frot page.

I think it sums up the media/democrat message for the last year or so.

Unknown said...

Scaramucci told Jake Tapper this morning "somebody" called him yesterday doubting Russian meddling.

Tapper presses on who it was.

Scaramucci: "The president"

President Trump is the anonymous source saying there was no Russian meddling in the election.


Unknown said...

"Trump's approval of 39% for the second quarter of his presidency ranks 250th out of the 287 quarters Gallup has tracked for seven decades."

Lot's of winning.

Unknown said...

Via press pool, Trump has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA.

This is Trump's 41st day at a golf course as president.

Which is nearly 25% of Trump's presidency so far.

Nice job if you can get.

Lucien said...

I'm hoping Trump will just sign the Russian, et al. sanctions bill, saying it's about time, but with a signing statement saying a provision requiring congressional approval before changing US Foreign policy re Russia is laughably unconstitutional.

Achilles said...

Unknown said...
"Trump's approval of 39% for the second quarter of his presidency ranks 250th out of the 287 quarters Gallup has tracked for seven decades."

Lot's of winning.

39% seems awfully high. Wasn't he in the 20's last week? Does that mean he is more popular?

And when Trump wins with even more votes in 2020 you people will be just as angry and shocked and surprised as you were last November.

Because only an idiot would believe those polls actually reflect opinion. They have always been an attempt to shape opinion and you are always sucked in.

How is that Russian Collusion thing going? Find any crimes yet? Stalin must be proud.

Darrell said...

Didn't Obama live on the golf course?
Lefties sure are stupid.
But Snopes probably says he only golfed twice. Because they are Lefty c-cuckers, too.

Earnest Prole said...

Not to get too Freudian but that love curve looks an awful lot like Callista Gingrich's love horns.

JAORE said...

"Trump's approval of 39% for the second quarter of his presidency ranks 250th out of the 287 quarters Gallup has tracked for seven decades."

The only one of the "Trump is unpopular" polls I checked had D+12.

But swallow it whole if you wish.

Kevin said...

Scaramucci is no Nina Burleigh:

“I would be happy to give [Bill Clinton] a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their Presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”

Feste said...

"The love curve."

I take everything back that I wrote about soldiers knowing the inexplicable felt-sense of merger between “map and territory,” plotting advance and retreat.

Lovers know it better. Gimme lovers over soldiers (sorta - I'm lying). “Every wise man’s son.”

“Excellent! Why, this is the best fooling when all is done.
Would you have a love song or a song of good life?
A love song, a love song
Ay, ay. I care not for good life.
Every wise man's son doth know."

Whether Trump wants "the good life" or "a love song" ....

Feste said...

Unknown, still dig your stuff.

Found this. And thought of you.

“Inequality: It Takes ‘Alternative Math’ to Claim That Redistribution Is Futile.”

It corrected an error in my bias-ignorance. I worshiped the love curve of Dierdre McCloskey as Aphrodite.

She’s still great for maths. Just wrong in applying it to anti-redistribution.

Although you (Unknown) and I may be on opposite sides of the love curve, on some things (I didn’t vote for Hillary or Trump: too much projectile vomiting in my booth, but rooting for Trump to drain the swamp), I’m glad that you are around, stirring it up.

Careful how far you take that article. I don’t know how far the author, Adam M. Finkel, leans left. He may be correcting a minor love curve mistake, to bless the right. I don't know.

Cheers, out.

themightypuck said...


The Dowd Code.