July 19, 2017

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America's Politico said...

The Next POTUS:

Sen Kamala Harris from CA

The Next VPOTUS:

Gov Jay Inslee from WA

The West is Coming!

NB: Trump loses so badly that he does not even get 150 electoral college. Worse, GOP loses both House and Senate. Pelosi back as Speaker! First time, two women in control of the government. Immigration to increase 200%, No borders, and more and more Americans leave US for rest of the world (as jobs go to refugees or immigrants who are not documented).

David Baker said...

After Francis Ford Coppola refused to take their case:

The Minneapolis police department is test marketing a radical new theory: “Loud noises” cause cops to shoot innocent people. That’s why Officer Mohamad Noor shot Justine Ruszczyk on the spot. NO, NO, NO!.. not because she was an infidel flagrantly violating Sharia dress codes (it was 11:30 at night, she was in her pajamas), but because a loud noise pushed Officer Noor over the decibel-edge.

Meanwhile, the MPD is also “looking” for witnesses, as if Noor’s partner – who was apparently and completely unaffected by the loud noise theory, even despite his partner’s gun going off right in his face – as if he wasn’t sitting there and witnessed the whole thing. Of course, the MPD is hoping there are no civilian witnesses who are willing to come forward – as some unfortunate accident may befall them if they do.

Michael K said...

"Gov Jay Inslee from WA"

Why not the Seattle Mayor ?

There are little boys in DC that he has not even met yet.

Michael K said...

Have you seen the video of her rescuing the baby ducks ?

This might be a tough one for the lefty PR experts.

Freeman Hunt said...

David, you think the officer saw a woman in pajamas and immediately executed her because he's Muslim? That's just silly.

David Baker said...

Freeman Hunt;

Do you have an alternative?

buwaya said...

The alternative is of course extreme stupidity combined with substance abuse.

David Baker said...

Freeman, it may not have been instantaneous, but I’ll bet the farm it had everything to do with Noor being a Muslim. Aside from wearing pajamas, she (Justine Ruszczyk) may have said something that enraged Noor, something women never say to a “man” in Islam.

Also, ask yourself why Noor's partner, who witnessed everything, has essentially remained silent - that is, after indicating that he was "stunned" by Noor's actions.

Feste said...

... you can talk all night.

And listen.

Sometimes we meet up with old friends.

One jarhead, didn’t need the haircut, born funny looking, I said, “how did you ever meet a girl like that? And marry her?”

“Working as a county sheriff [after he got home]. She was speeding. I gave her a ticket.”

Sample Commenter said...

Climate alarmist get caught out by another email leak, and they come up with a new legal strategy!

“I have no comment except to say that any email you have obtained from a third party that has my words on it is copyrighted, and your printing any email of mine would be done without my permission and would be considered a copyright infringement.”

Hillary should have thought of that one!

Laslo Spatula said...

The Duran Duran / Harvey Keitel nexus.

I am Laslo: Girls on Film.

I am Laslo.

Feste said...

... you can, under certain circumstances, trademark your name too. If you've got one that's worth a shit.

Fabi said...

I remember the good old days when America's Politico would tell us -- dozens and dozens of times -- that Hillary! would be our next president and she couldn't be stopped. He's just as wrong about Kamala. Ms. Harris will never be president.

Narayanan Subramanian said...

Clearly Noor's partner knows his life expectancy depends on his mutitude. Noor is clearly trying to push the envelope of acceptability under PC regime. He is a made man as they say in Hollywood.

Feste said...


That you as demon-voice?
Proctological glove in one hand?
Always promise naked, and not deliver?
Escape from area 51?

Narayanan Subramanian said...

I have not seen any reports of taken off duty, offered counseling etc. He is not even shocked/distraught in the picture I have seen.

FullMoon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Narayanan Subramanian said...

Under sharia you need 4 male witnesses to convict for rape. Mohammed did not include loud noises made by any victims.

FullMoon said...

Heroine of the left and women;s movement:

"BLA remained a threat through 1972, when three of its members carried out perhaps the most gruesome assassination of police officers in New York history, shooting to pieces two officers, one of them black, on an East Village sidewalk. The group was finally eliminated after a series of attacks and shootouts in 1973, one of which resulted in the capture of its last leader, Joanne Chesimard, now known as Assata Shakur. After another group of militants freed her from a New Jersey prison in 1979, Shakur escaped to Cuba, where today she remains the highest-profile U.S. fugitive still under the protection of the Castro government."

FullMoon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Feste said...

“I have not seen any reports of taken off duty, offered counseling etc. He is not even shocked/distraught in the picture I have seen.”

I had to take a whole universe of psychological tests. Called a “battery.” It’s what you get for volunteering. For certain things.

Reports came back, “well, you don’t have any pathology.”

Really pissed me off because I must blame only me. “Give me the pill!”

“Well, you do have mildly elevated narcissism. Half a standard deviation, maybe less.”

“Fuck that. I need morphine!”

“All you need is good friends to kick your ass!”

Other guys are actually owned by Muslims. They've got Muslims in their heads. Can't get 'em out. Like 'em there. Pet 'em. Stroke 'em. Suck on those Muslims like goat hair in yogurt. Really need good friends.

Michael K said...

David, you think the officer saw a woman in pajamas and immediately executed her because he's Muslim?

Well she was white and blond and attractive.

There is a new story coming out that she "rushed at the car" and they feared an ambush."

In that low crime part of the city,

If you're a Somali hammer, everything looks like a nail.

David Baker said...

" Cops are very nervous these days."

They should be after years of roadside shakedowns. And shooting people for broken taillights. And beating hapless teenagers senseless. And choking diabetics to death for selling lossies. And now, killing women for wearing pajamas.

Feste said...

Michael K said...

Preach it, Doc.

David Baker said...

Question of the day:

Have you ever heard a policeman/woman tell the truth about what he or she believed was heretofore an unrecorded incident that involved violence/injuries/death?

FullMoon said...

"Yvette Felarca, the controversial Berkeley middle school teacher who frequently marches and protests against groups she considers to be fascistic, was arrested Tuesday night in connection with a violent neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento in June 2016.

Police took Felarca, 47, into custody in southern California on charges of assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, participating in a riot, and inciting a riot, according to a press release issued by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office.

Felarca was captured on video hitting a member of the Traditional Worker’s Party, a white supremacist group that had taken out permits for a rally on the west steps of the state capitol. Felarca, a member of the group By Any Means Necessary, and other counter-protesters blocked the rally by chasing and hitting and even stabbing members of the Traditional Worker’s Party.

Felarca was filmed calling a man a Nazi, and punching him in the stomach repeatedly while shouting for him to “get the fuck off our streets.”"

Narayanan Subramanian said...

I see that Holder was AG from 2009 to 2015? and issues a directive in 2015. Asset forfeiture must be something new fangled. I admire him for it. If the details are being accurately reported.

FullMoon said...
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Feste said...

Michael K said...

“If you're a Somali hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Deep shit in Mogadishu. Black Hawk Down.

Even Deltas. Best operators alone.

I don’t know what happened with the cop. Could not have been trained high as Delta.

There’s this little thing called truth.

Need balls-to-the-wall pathologists and a general with the guts to retire (God bless him) to tell it.

Peace, out.

David Baker said...

FullMoon, I don't think I've necessarily had more "experience," perhaps I'm just a tad more perceptive.

David Baker said...

... and, considerably less naive.

FullMoon said...
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Feste said...

A Concluding Unscientific Postscript to Philosophical Fragments

Mine. Not Kierkegaard’s.

Naive is as naive does.

And we never know how naive we are through introspection alone (we lie to ourselves). Nor good friends alone (sometimes yes, sometimes no, because they love us too much, or are blind). We learn our naivete through hard testing.


FullMoon said...

We learn our naivete through hard testing.
And hindsight.

David Baker said...

FullMoon, let me put it another way: What kind of person enjoys shaking down and harassing the public as a career?

Feste said...

... a blog troll.

Big Mike said...

Thanks for the reminder about shopping at Amazon. There really was some stuff I needed.

FullMoon said...


You misunderstand. I am not going to argue whether cops are good or bad. My argument is that you are less perceptive, more naive and fairly stupid to claim acop shoots an attractive woman because he is Muslim and she is wearing pajamas.
A cop working the big city for 2 years, dealing with junkies, prostitutes, crazies all of the time is gonna kill a woman and throw his life away because she offended his religion..
Keep thinking that way, makes you look real smart.
This cop panicked and fucked up. I would not doubt that the loud noise story is a lie. More likely she ran up to the car and he got scared.
Doesn;t excuse your stupidity.

Big Mike said...

@Michael K, regarding your comment at 8:55. Who was rescuing which baby ducks? I don't get the reference.

FullMoon said...

A Toronto man who spent $550 building a set of stairs in his community park says he has no regrets, despite the city’s insistence that he should have waited for a $65,000 city project to handle the problem. The city is now threatening to tear down the stairs because they were not built to regulation standards.

Retired mechanic Adi Astl says he took it upon himself to build the stairs after several neighbours fell down the steep path to a community garden in Tom Riley Park, in Etobicoke, Ont. Astl says his neighbours chipped in on the project, which only ended up costing $550 – a far cry from the $65,000-$150,000 price tag the city had estimated for the job.

“I thought they were talking about an escalator,” Astl told CTV News Channel on Wednesday.
Park stairs

Toronto bylaw officials have taped off these privately-built stairs in Tom Riley Park, in Etobicoke, Ont.

Astl says he hired a homeless person to help him and built the eight steps in a matter of hours

Big Mike said...

@FullMoon, two episodes, from the same metropolitan area and spaced closely together in time, where a cop appears to have panicked and/or mishandled his weapon, suggests that something is seriously wrong with the vetting and training of police recruits in that metropolitan area.

The thought occurs to me that there may have been a politically motivated desire to have a Somali-American on the force, possibly leading to a person being accepted into the force who would have been turned away if he had been if some other ethnicity. I mention this as a testable hypothesis, and one that seems quite plausible from a thousand moles away.

dustbunny said...

There's an article in the New Republic by Jeet Heer called the '"Dirtbag Left and Dominance Politics" and their podcast Chapo Trap House. He compares them to the alt-right. Can't remember if Althouse has written about this bunch but they disdain civility bullshit.

FullMoon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Narayanan Subramanian said...

Looks like 2 rookies we're responding. CNN 7/19 reports Harrity was startled by loud noise, the squad car was not showing it's lights and the woman came rushing to the car. The 2 cops are on admn leave. Noor has refused to be interviewed by MPD and has passed on condolence through his lawyer.

Feste said...

A little confused.

Michael K, BigMike, Fullmoon.

When Michael K says, “If you're a Somali hammer, everything looks like a nail,” then I don’t take Michael as offering his personal conclusion (I think he’s more careful), but only saying if/then, ‘play-it-through.’ Play it through means if we get a valid positive (yes: Somali hammer), not a false positive or false negative, then it’s a vetting and hiring problem. If I get the gist. Maybe I don’t.

When BigMike says, “thought occurs ... possibly ... testable hypothesis ... quite plausible", that’s all good stuff.

When FullMoon says, “Yep, they made a big deal out of this guy getting hired,” that’s testable. My ignorance about the big deal does not make this statement untrue. No spin on FullMoon’s credibility.

When FullMoon says, “Affirmative action,” okay.

When FullMoon says, “Obviously not qualified,” is this a backward judgment from the fact that,”or the woman would be alive,” or instead, are there service training records available showing his qualifications at the time of hiring? This isn’t an adversarial question. I’m ignorant. Either way, what?

I haven’t seen anything. I did a search for Noor’s training records. Multiple phrases. Got back “ Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities.” All kinds of other stuff. Unrelated.

Narayanan Subramanian said...

Multiple complaints against Noor. MPD would not divulge details.

Jon Ericson said...

Big Mike:

David Baker said...

Meanwhile, the City of Minneapolis is primarily concerned with coddling their 30,000-strong Muslim/Somali community. In other words, too bad Justine Ruszczyk is dead, but it's time to move on.

PSA: If you're planing to take a cab in Minneapolis, please observe Sharia and leave your dog, bourbon, and mini-skirted woman at home. Thank you.

Jon Ericson said...


Feste said...

Narayanan Subramanian said...
"Multiple complaints against Noor. MPD would not divulge details."

Yes. And thank you. Saw that.

The reason why I worded the question - “are there service training records available showing his qualifications at the time of hiring?’‘ - is because the “time of hiring” is one factor of many factors that tends to show whatever, one way or the other. This “tends to” is scientific, social scientific. Evidence “tends” before it proves. And in science, evidence never proves (forgive my Popper). Hopefully a nod to BigMike’s “testable hypothesis.”

Hopefully. BigMike's big enough to take care of himself.

Subsequent “complaints” are much trickier.

The “MPD would not divulge details” can play more ways than the shades at dusk and dawn.

Feste said...

Jon Ericson said...

Thank you. Will read it.

David Baker said...

Here ya go, it's official: Let the Muslim-coddling commence…

Narayanan Subramanian said...

This is getting seriously weird ... 911 call about possible sexual assault! No mention of any other individuals in this story so far.

Freeman Hunt said...

Going through files on old computer. PDF of poll from February 25, 2015 from Public Policy Polling. Title of release: "Walker takes the lead in GOP race."

For one golden moment!

Feste said...

Jon Ericson,

Thanks again. My take. Not on you. On the article.


"Killer policeman Mohamed Noor ..."

Fuck you DailyMail.

"Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a friend of Noor told DailyMail.com."

Bend over and take it again, DailyMail.

"He feels like he is being thrown under the bus and his colleagues are accusing him of not showing proper police conduct on Saturday night."

According to who, bitch? The anonymous friend who you made up? Or the one who will lay it all down for Noor? Or some friend in-between?

We don't know that Noor said this. I didn't hear him say it to me in the civilian-military counterintelligence interrogation room.

Even if Noor feels this way, he could still be an innocent, scared-to-death son-of-a-bitch.

"Never leave a man behind." Anyone ever heard of this? Kick his ass and give him a desk job for awhile. Put him in the whore house with windows on all sides, like they did for Patton to let George think about his life.

“'We cannot compel officer Noor to make a statement; I wish we could. I wish that he would make a statement.”

Assholes. Compel him to make a statement with the diarrhea running down his legs and the galvani meters on the lie detector test will go schizo. This shit cannot be compelled (I’m lying).

“But Noor was in breach of his own police department's strict bodycam rules ....”

In a dark alley. With no car lights on. “Oh, excuse me. I forgot the put the flash bulb in my Brownie camera.”

Definitely needs a military hanging for that – mistake.

Nothing about training quals at the time of hiring.

Feste said...


"Never leave a man behind." Anyone ever heard of this? Kick his ass and give him a desk job for awhile. Put him in the whore house with MIRRORS on all sides, like they did for Patton to let George think about his life."

Narayanan Subramanian said...

MPD rehires. A different officer ...

Feste said...

Freeman Hunt,

"Walker takes the lead in GOP race." / For one golden moment!

Freeman, team up with Scott. I think (feel?) he’s a good man. Run. You two could conquer the world [not sarcasm].

David Baker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Baker said...

The truth is damning, which is why you'll never hear it from the Minneapolis PD. The truth was established the minute it happened, no need to spend days, or weeks, or months and years searching. No need to come up with excuses, or strained scenarios, or hire lawyers. No need to stretch credulity until it breaks from a weight of lies.

That's how you know the truth has been discarded, lost, gone forever. Because it was there to begin with, witnessed by the police themselves, but to tell it would be nothing less than self-incrimination - an admittance and confession of cold-blooded murder.

That's how you know it will be lie after lie, because the truth was buried the minute it happened.

Kevin said...

I see the trolls are back. It's like when you're talking to someone on the sidewalk and the mentally-ill homeless guy staggers up and starts saying random words without worrying whether he's making sense or not.

Sample Commenter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sample Commenter said...

Other guys are actually owned by Muslims. They've got Muslims in their heads. Can't get 'em out. Like 'em there. Pet 'em. Stroke 'em. Suck on those Muslims like goat hair in yogurt. Really need good friends.

You meant to. say "owned by Trump" didn't you?

Sample Commenter said...

Controversial Kremlin-connected energy firm Joule Unlimited, which received millions from a Vladimir Putin-connected Russian government fund and counted former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta as a executive board member, has collapsed, according to the firm’s former chief executive. “The investors walked away,” former Joule Unlimited CEO Brian Baynes told The Digest, a biofuel publication. First revealed in research from Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President Peter Schweizer, Podesta joined the executive board of Joule Unlimited Technologies — a Boston, Massachusetts-based firm that received $35 million from the Russian government while Clinton served as secretary of state

Yeah, once she didn't become POTUS, it was all a written off bribe. But it's Trump who was colluding.

CStanley said...

Regarding the Minneapolis shooting incident....

I find the theory of Noor shooting the woman because of religious intolerance nutty, but regardless his actions were inexcusable.

With that context, I want to note-without in any way meaning to blame the victim...some things i think are concerning. While the officer's hair trigger reaction perhaps couldn't have been anticipated, wasn't it still unwise for the woman to leave her home and approach the vehicle in the dark?

And shouldn't the 911 operator have given her instructions not to do so? I don't know what the protocol is, but if this isn't part of it when someone reports an incident that they are witnessing, it seems to me that it should be.

Feste said...

First things first.

I apologize to the blog mistress for my – “fuck you DailyMail” - and cascade of equal to lesser vulgarities.

If – if – I have already been cautioned hereabouts, then I haven’t yet seen the yellow flag, so this, my best prayer, is a form of self-correction. But, I’m still lying. There was no-self about the self-correction. Goofus and Gallant appeared to me in a dream last night, and reminded me to enter the kingdom of Althouse as a little child, heeding the “better angles of our nature.”

There is a sun under heaven for every time’s purpose. And a sun shining on occasional profanity. Not to be abused.

David Baker said...

"wasn't it still unwise for the woman to leave her home and approach the vehicle in the dark?"

In retrospect, yes. Because now she's dead.

Regarding "protocols," it was incumbent on police dispatch to warn the female caller they were sending a male Muslim cop, and that among other things, she should dress appropriately, preferably in a burka.

Also, if the female caller was in the midst of being raped, that she should gather four Muslim male witnesses to attest to the rape before the male Muslim cop arrives on the scene. And no excuses, lest the caller be immediately arrested for prostitution. (And god help her if she hasn’t been pre-genitally mutilated)

In addition, any jurisdiction that employs Muslim cops should also be required to distribute copies of the Koran to all non-Muslim citizens in that jurisdiction. This way said citizens would have some idea of what they're up against. I would also urge public service announcements to advise non-Muslim citizens (ie infidels) about the primacy of Sharia, that every Muslim must strictly adhere to each word and letter of Sharia, lest they be labeled apostates and beheaded.

Meanwhile, I would sue the jurisdiction for knowingly and willfully endangering the life and limb of every non-Muslim citizen simply to service the warped liberal doctrine known as Political Correctness.

Feste said...

Sample Commenter

“You meant to. say ‘owned by Trump’ didn't you?”

There’s this little widget in Aristotle, ‘say what you mean, mean what you say.’

I haven’t gotten to Trump yet.

Nor fault you for going there.

It was the nearly-demon-possessed Macbeth who said intimately to his Dark Lady:

“There’s not a one of them but in his house
I keep a servant fee’d. I will tomorrow—
And betimes I will—to the weird sisters.”

Sample, the good news is that not all of us are owned and “fee’d.”

Keep watch.


Michael K said...

"wasn't it still unwise for the woman to leave her home and approach the vehicle in the dark?"

How would she tell the what she had heard and where ?

I have not read about how dark it was.

If the races had been reversed, Minneapolis would be on fire.

Feste said...

Michael K said...

"How would she tell the what she had heard and where? / I have not read about how dark it was."

Doc, was that the night of the northern lights?

Atmospherics do queer things to people.

All things considered.

C Stanley said...

I would expect that the police would arrive at the scene and either find the incident in progress or if unable to do so then knock on her door, identify themselves with badges, and ask her for more details.

At least that's the way I expect it to go down and if I were to call and report a violent crime in progress in my backyard.

David Baker said...

I believe the woman saw Officer Noor and his partner arrive in the back alley from her kitchen window. Then became frustrated when they just sat there like an oil painting waiting for the crime to come to them. So she left the safety of her house to coax them out of their police car, to actively investigate a likely crime - and not just sit there like two catatonic buffoons.

And that's when Noor, offended, shot her.

Feste said...

I started my professional career as a salesman of used manure-spreaders harvested from barns in Minnesota.

That was before Arthur Asher Miller killed me off.

And I went on to higher callings - direct sales of Minnesota manure. Cold calling. In dark alleys.

Selling Minnesota manure to whomever would follow me – as a blog troll.