July 21, 2017

At the Late Night Cafe...

... you can talk all night.


Earnest Prole said...

Listening now to the Sam Harris–Scott Adams interview -- Lord I can't recommend it enough.

lucy white said...

Banning travel to North Korea is a no-brainer. Yet in eight years, Obama never figured out it was a bad idea to allow US citizens into that hostile totalitarian country? Doh! http://wapo.st/2gRLlZu

lucy white said...

Listen to this backwards three times and the truth shall be revealed ➜ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWd6XgBVIcg

And THIS is how you respond to an internet spoof ➜ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE00IrkHk10

Scott said...

I have a face-to-face job interview with the big bank next Thursday. Yay.

Also, found two different job websites that are curated collections of telecommuting jobs -- virtualvocations.com and flexjobs.com . I've done the hundred foot commute from the bedroom to the computer before, and I like it. And, working from home will allow me to keep my job as I look for ways to depart this veil of tears also known as New Jersey.

Bay Area Guy said...

On AMC tonight, they're playing Rocky 1 thru Rocky 5.

When Rocky came out in 1976, it's hard to explain what a phenomenon it was. All the boys at school and on the playgrounds basically went apeshit. We loved everything about it. I think we went to see it every Saturday for 4 or 5 weeks straight. We memorized nearly every line. Adrian! Cut me Mick! It was practically like Elvis in the 50s, except fighting not sex, and boys not girls.

Earnest Prole said...

Scott Adams so dismantled Sam Harris’ anti-Trump argument that I almost suspect Sam Harris has been unfair to radical Islam.

Feste said...

In my ear: John Lee Hooker, Endless Boogie, House Rent Boogie ...

... then I kinda notice, she [old landlady] actin’ kinda funny .. I had lost my job ... yeah .. house rent blues ... I’ve been walkin’ all day, just can’t find no job ... I'm outdoors ...

Steve said...

Watching Ozarks on Netflix. Three shows in. What an excellent piece of work, if you like bloodline I think you will like this

lucy white said...

Fahrenheit or Centigrade?

Earnest Prole said...

In my ear: John Lee Hooker

I saw him live in Berkeley sometime in the nineties, doing his singularly perfect boogie thing and looking like a parody of what your grandparents warned your parents about Negroes.

Feste said...

“I saw him [Hooker] live in Berkeley .. singularly perfect boogie ... a parody of what your grandparents warned your parents about Negroes.”



Vine Deloria, Oglala Lakota,
wrote, “God is Red,”
whatever that had to do with his law teaching career,
law teachers, being funny things,

and, I know nothing about God is Red,
and I know less than nothing about God,
but I do know,

Karen Dalton, Cherokee, sang,
“Green Rocky Road,”
which should have gone,
“Follow the bird up in the sky,
He don't preach, he just flies.”

Which is all I know about anything up there,
"He don't preach, he just flies,"
though Karen changed the lyrics a bit,
but, Karen can get away with anything,
fine by me.

Feste said...

... turning out the lights.

David Baker said...

Incredibly lazy/biased NYT reporting vs. incompetent Minneapolis leadership:

First, Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns...

The reporters identify the victim as Justine “Damond," which is NOT her legal name. The ONLY name/identity that appears on any and all legal documents referencing her is Justine Ruszczyk. But as you can plainly see, "Ruszczyk" is hard to spell, and even harder to pronounce. "Damond" is her fiance's surname name, which is easy to spell, as easy as Smith or Jones. Therefore, "Damond" or Smith & Jones essentially identify a fictitious person, not "Justine Ruszczyk."

Regarding the Minneapolis police chief, Janee Harteau, a MPD 30-year veteran, we learn that not at all aside from being gay, she doesn't see eye-to-eye with mayor Betsy Hodges - who apparently is not gay, but rather an upstanding straight person. And as such, fired the "openly" lesbian police chief, ostensibly due to a loss of confidence.

From where I'm sitting, however, it appears the issue has more to do with the chief's candor regarding Officer Noor, that he shot Justine Ruszczyk for no legitimate reason (that is, if you discount Sharia). While the mayor would prefer a more nuanced approach, apparently to appease Minneapolis' Muslim community. Maybe even throw in a few (more) halal foot baths to show the city’s good faith.

What this all means, of course, is that we're getting further away from the truth, and closer to absolving Officer Noor. Which means Ruszczyk's family will have to assuage their grief with a multi-million-dollar wrongful-death lawsuit against the City of Minneapolis, et al.

Which leaves the rest of us to guess what happened the night Justine Ruszczyk was gunned down.

WestVirginiaRebel said...

Mob rule IMO is not free speech if they weren't going to allow the Mayor to respond. She couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Donald Jr. and Paul Manafort make a deal:

Big Mike said...

The first step in fixing mob tile st Berkeley is firing Janet Nspolitano. Scary to imagine that she was in charge of Homeland Security while clearly believing in mob rule by the left.

Humperdink said...

It was mildly amusing watching the mayor of Minneapolis get trashed at her news conference last. Only mildly because it is distressing to see anyone get shouted down. OTOH, giving the left a taste of their own medicine seems fitting.

Humperdink said...

@Big Mike. Could always replace Napolitano with Bernie Sanders's wife Jane. Her skill in higher education administration is legendary.

Hagar said...

Mayor Berry has manfully stepped up and has issued an executive order declaring Albuquerque a Sanctuary City for the elderly desiring salt, pepper, and other condiments with their food and they may even bring styrofoam cups of coffee with them into the sacred precincts of the City's community centers, regardless of what any Federal directives may say. The mayor even suggested that the City ought to provide these items and place them on the dining tables for the convenience of the seniors attending.

CStanley said...

Ah, thanks to Steve for the heads up on the Netflix series Ozark. It doesn't sound like something I'd ordinarily be interested in watching, but it's being filmed just a couple of miles from my home and I'm curious to see the backdrop.

Martha said...

Joseph Rago, Pulitzer Prize winner, Wall Street Journal editorial page writer, dead at age 34.
His encyclopedic knowledge, analysis, and coverage of the debacle called Obamacare won him the Pulitzer at age 28.
His wit and wisdom will be sorely missed.

Hagar said...

It strikes me that Trump has given Sessions and Rosenstein some cover against being accused of "colluding" with their President.

Paco Wové said...

Just an observation – it's remarkable how poisonous commenter-to-commenter interaction has become here lately. I recommend chill pills all around.

David Baker said...

Neighbor describes Officer Mohamad Noor as a loose cannon:

“He is extremely nervous ... he is a little jumpy ... he doesn’t really respect women, the least thing you say to him can set him off,” Mr Miller said.

“When they say a policeman shot an Australian lady I thought uh, oh but then when they said who it was I was like, ‘OK.’”

He said Noor, who has refused to explain to investigators what led him to shoot dead bride-to-be Damond, was a strict and ill-tempered presence in the townhouse block, where children play together in a playground in a small park between the units.

“He got into it with the kids, they were outside playing and something got stuck in a tree and he came out and he just started yelling at the kids because they were out here playing,” Mr Miller said...

“He has little respect for women he has little respect for blacks and kids,” said Mr Miller, who is African-American.


Sounds like Officer Noor saw himself first and foremost as Sharia's enforcer, especially regarding women. And imagine his rage when he saw a women out in pajamas. Actually, you don't have imagine anything, because in the blink of an enraged eye, he shot her.

Now, how in the world did I know this, Freeman, the minute I first heard about this story. How did I know he was (another) raised-on-Sharia, women-hating Muslim.

Ann Althouse said...

The simplest explanation is that the Police Department was too eager to represent this group within the police force and did not pay enough attention to the unsuitability of this man. That's why it makes sense to get rid of the Chief of Police. The whole system is suspect, not just the man. He should not have been hired because he was too fearful. Or he should have been much better trained.

It's really ugly and wrong to turn that into a generalization about Muslims. Really, I can't believe you want to talk like that. It's just wrong.

David Baker said...

"It's really ugly and wrong to turn that into a generalization about Muslims."

Do you have any idea at all about what it means to be a Muslim, particularly a male Muslim? More, do understand that in order to be a Muslim, the Koran and all its texts and ancillary teachings must be taken literally?

Otherwise, how did I know from the outset that Noor had a preexisting "issue" with women? Especially women behaving outside Sharia.

What I'm saying may well be "ugly," but it's certainly not wrong.

David Baker said...

...That should be; do "you" understand.

Bad Lieutenant said...

Ann Althouse said...
The simplest explanation ... He should not have been hired because he was too fearful. Or he should have been much better trained.

It's really ugly and wrong to turn that into a generalization about Muslims. Really, I can't believe you want to talk like that. It's just wrong.
7/22/17, 11:02 AM

We don't trust your judgment on "ugly." You rebelled against being told that so-and-so is a bad look for you. Besides, everybody knows you have the Nostalgie De La Boue.

Nobody fears (as in fearing for one's life) a 30 yo blonde white woman in pajamas. (You yourself rely on that, shall I say, privilege, and have done so every day of your life. The day it doesn't work, you're going to be extremely surprised and unhappy.)