June 2, 2017

Red states and white states.

"I see a greater polarisation taking place between red states (meat-eating) and white states (chicken eating) Within the white states, meat-eaters will have to skulk about, looking over their shoulder as they bite into a beef kebab."


traditionalguy said...

Eat Mor Chikin!

chickelit said...

And we're supposed to subsidize these people under the Paris Accords?

Why not just repurpose the Bureau of Indian Affairs?

JohnAnnArbor said...

I saw that too. Interesting, and sad the party in power is making it an issue.

Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

Polarization for political purpose, you say?

Listening at night to some interesting audio-books from Amazon/Audible:
.."Gandhi and Churchill" : Arthur L. Herman
.."Midnight's Furies" : Nisid Hajari
.."Games Without Rules" : Tamim Ansary

Polarization by religion, sect, ethnicity, etc. for political purpose is frequent theme. Example: in Pakistan and Afghanistan in recent times when it was politically important to identify as a Moslem, the result was a bidding war amongst potential leaders for ever more extreme expressions of Islam.

We enlightened beings are fortunately beyond that. It would be unimaginable for example to have folks in the US calling for "Black Only" or "Hispanic Only" or "Women Only" events at a public institution or facility.

No Siree. Not us. We're special.

BN said...

"Within the white states, meat eaters will have to skulk about, looking over their shoulders..."

Where's Fearless Girl when you need her?

Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

Yes, I know it is a divergence from topic, but I keep seeing a common #What-happens-when-you-start-minding-somebody-else's-business hashtag.

Who gave the Hindis the job of protecting the planet's bovines?

Who made those dudes in Portland presumptive guardians of the auricular sensitivities of fellow commuter riders?

traditionalguy said...

Beef equals high quality protein that strengthens men physically and spiritually. Ergo: the underclass must not be allowed to eat cows or they may escape from the slavery Indian serfs are bound by.

Why that is so hard to understand is amazing.