June 7, 2017

"Make like a Mister Milquetoast and you'll get shut out/Make like a Mister Meek and you'll get cut out/Make like a little lamb, and wham, you're shorn..."

Just a song that came on the car radio today and caught my attention. I thought the lyrics had some resonance for Americans today — one man advising another man to amplify his masculinity. Even better with the video clip — from a movie I've never seen, based on a 1961 Neil Simon play.


traditionalguy said...

Zero men in shorts in the clip. This must be the Professor's closing argument.

rcocean said...

Shorts? Everyone is in a jacket and tie.

surfed said...

Frank's right. You've got to ask for what you want. If you don't you won't. Always assume the sale and be outcome independent. Not one of Frank's best tunes but it does tell the tale.

Douglas said...

Great movie. Dad: "Are you married?" Sinatra: "Yes." Dad: "You're a bum... What?" Last scene, kid brother inherits Sinatra's little black book and is starting to call the girls.

stonethrower said...

Wonderful movie -
"Why am I a bum?"
"Are you married?"
"Then you are a bum!"
Frank made a bunch of wholesome movies.

Carter Wood said...

The Power of Althouse: In DC, Channel 20-2 (WDCA) is broadcasting the film tonight at 8 p.m.

Come Blow Your Horn
8:00 PM on WDCA 20.2, 2 hr 30 min 1963
Neil Simon's family comedy gets the Hollywood treatment. Frank Sinatra, Lee J. Cobb. Mrs. Baker: Molly Picon. Connie: Barbara Rush. Peggy: Jill St. John. Buddy: Tony Bill. Eckman: Dan Blocker. Bud Yorkin directed.