June 4, 2017

At Barriques Café...


... I was the first customer, when they opened at 7 a.m. I'd been up and blogging since 3.

I'd actually arrived at 6:47, so I set my timer to 6 minutes and walked into the neighborhood, then walked back when the alarm went off. When I got there the first time, a man and woman were standing around wondering what they should do, and when I got back they were sitting on the stoop. Maybe I should have let them go first, but they were sitting. I was walking upright as the barista came over to unlock the door. And I was only getting black coffee — smallest size, darkest roast — and I knew I'd be quick.

So, anyway, settle in and talk if you want. And, please, if you're thinking of shopping, here's a little door I call The Althouse Amazon Portal.

(Caveat emptor: Yelp says they open at 6. The sign in the window said 7.)


Original Mike said...

The Wisconsin Badgers have won the Collegiate Rugby Championship (CRC) Plate (not to ne confused with the CRC Cup) this afternoon, defeating Dartmouth 12 - 10. The announcers were horribly biased for Dartmouth, interviewing only Dartmouth players and coaches and referring to Wisconsin as "Indiana". Notwithstanding, th e Badgers triumphed. Way to go Bucky!

rhhardin said...

I always did my serious work at a McDonalds on a napkin with ball point pen.

Martin L. Shoemaker said...

I know it's juvenile, but I can't help giggling at the UnTuckIt shirt ads on the site right now. All the men in the ads are wearing shorts.

etienne said...

I was listening to Lead Belly in my truck driving from Amarillo, and it dawned on me that Credence Clearwater ruined his song. It was typical AM crap by white folks, stolen from black folks. Lead Belly sounded like a slave. He sounded like he knew something about cotton. He sounded like he had been to Arkansas.


When I was a little bitty baby
My mama would rock me in the cradle,
In them old cotton fields back home;

It was down in Louisiana,
Just about a mile from Texarkana,

Oh, when them cotton bolls get rotten
You can't pick very much cotton

That's it, they just sang that over and over until the tape ran out.

Lead Belly

When I was a little bitty baby
My mother would rock me in the cradle
In them old cotton fields back home

Oh when those cotton balls get rotten
You couldn't pick you very much cotton

It was down in Louisiana
Just a mile from Texarkana

It may sound a little funny
But you didn't make very much money

I went over in Arkansas
People ask me what you come here for

I hardly every go into Arkansas. They are a low breed for the most part. I had one take my money, and that dinner tasted like it was used.

Will Cate said...

Yelp seems to give inaccurate information quite often.

pacwest said...

"Maybe I should have let them go first"

Good on you for having that thought. The loss of even having thoughts like that is one of the reasons our society has become less civil. I wonder how few of today's youngers would even have that thought occur to them.

tcrosse said...

As one Alhouse Hillbilly to another:
The chickens they grow tall in Arkansas.
The chickens they grow tall and their meat tastes just like gall
And they eat them guts and all in Arkansas.

rhhardin said...

I had another Liam Neeson nightmare. I kidnapped his daughter and he just wasn't having it. They made three of those movies. At some point you have to wonder if he's just a bad parent.

- Deadpool (2016)

Lloyd W. Robertson said...

The woman who wanted to be President:
1. In our whole campaign organization, we didn't have anybody who was very smart, especially when it came to IT. Hah hah I'm a boomer hah hah. So is Podesta. By the way, for evidence of how stupid we all were, check out the way Podesta asked his assistant to run all his personal e-mail, thereby violating security probably for the whole campaign. The assistant stupidly answered a phishing e-mail (don't ask me to explain hah hah) by changing Podesta's password to ... drumroll ... password. Also not showing up in Wisconsin was fairly stupid. Maybe Putin advised me not to go, I forget. Knock on my head, always a cocktail in my hand, all that.
2. Who could have hacked such a stupid bunch of people, if hacking is even the right word when the victims fail to maintain any kind of internet security. Who? The Russians!
3. Oh but wait. I'm supposed to blame Trump. So: The Russians are smarter than the Clinton campaign, who were as helpless and stupid as babies--stupider; but they're probably still not smart enough on their own--maybe they don't understand phishing either! The Russians needed an American to help, someone even smarter about all this IT business hah hah ... drum roll ... Steve Bannon! Bannon has actually used bots, whatever they are!

Dust Bunny Queen said...

In this latest outrage d'jour with Kathy Griffin that there are losers....Kathy and there are winners.

It dawned on me who the REAL winner is. Squatty Potty!!! Just think of it. By being the first advertiser to immediately dump Kathy, their name got spread all over the internet. People who had never heard of Squatty Potty, and were amused by the name, begin to look it up. Check out the website.

They got the biggest free PR boost ever. Free advertising!!! Winning!!

Original Mike said...

"I had another Liam Neeson nightmare. I kidnapped his daughter and he just wasn't having it. They made three of those movies. At some point you have to wonder if he's just a bad parent."

Not just a bad parent. Didn't his wife die in one of those? (I could be misremembering).

Original Mike said...

"It dawned on me who the REAL winner is. Squatty Potty!!! "

And the real loser is Anderson Cooper, who now has to take his dump without it.

Barry Dauphin said...

Hey, how could Liam Neesen have been a bad parent? He was never around when she was growing up!

wildswan said...

I listened to lefty Chicago radio the other day. The theme was: "We don't know what Trump's policies are, he's so erratic, he makes it up as he goes along, it's so awful." Aside from enjoying the lefty tears, I thought: "The trouble is that you socialists are unable to oppose the workers being mistreated when it is the government that is doing the mistreating. That is your history in the 2nd half of twentieth century from the Soviet Union through Venezuela and including the Obama years. Trump is opposing rotten, globalizing, job-killing, PC poverty-maker policies enacted by governments. And if you socialists had not abandoned the working people you would recognize his agenda and be helping him with it. But don't change - I like to see flailing socialists descending madly into irrelevance."

readering said...

Watched bits of the Manchester benefit concert. Really brings home the question, what could ISIS possibly be trying to achieve?

Michael K said...

Who could have hacked such a stupid bunch of people, if hacking is even the right word when the victims fail to maintain any kind of internet security.

The overcredentialed are a lot less smart than they think they are. It's bad enough that they don;t understand basic economics.

They think they know stuff like the internet.

Those young men (being kind) have never tinkered with a car. They don't know how to fix a dripping sink. A plugged toilet is a mystery to them.

They do things like use "password" for a password.

Most of all, they don't understand the Second Law of Thermodynamics and how it applies to civilization.

Freeman Hunt said...

If a man eats a merman, is he being a cannibal? If yes, what if he only eats the tail? If yes, because he still had to kill the man part of the merman, what if he found a dead merman and only ate the tail? If that still makes him a cannibal, what if he bought fish at the store and ate it, and the fish turned out to be from a merman's tail?

tim in vermont said...

There was a great Leadbelly biopic on Netflix once.

robinintn said...

Etienne, I used to sing that song with all the words to my baby; I learned it from my Tupelo, MS Grandmom, who would sing it to all us grandchildren. I think she learned it from their nurse, Aunt Mary. I thought it was a lullaby, like Black Sheep.

Fernandinande said...

Muslims are praying to Trump instead of whatshisname

David Baker said...

The Barriques Café looks like an old gas station, tables added.

Big Mike said...

Yes I did buy some stuff. You're welcome.

Maybe I should have let them go first

Once a typical university professor, always a typical university professor.

Fen said...

"THE over-credentialed are a lot less smarter tban they think they are"

Podestas password was p@ssword, I kid you not.

"Natasha, ve have the nuclear football! ...but it's protected by a sophisticated digital lock."

"Honey, just try 0000-0000-0000."


tim in vermont said...

Watching lady Ghostbusters. Funny how women get to be sexual harassers and it's all good.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Watching Weiner.

Barbara Morgan is hot.

Huma is hot too.

I will console either of them, but they must become pro-Life first is all.

They will need to prove it to me.

tim in vermont said...

Okay, Lady Ghostbusters sucks.

Fen said...

Lloyd, even funnier is that it was Autocorrect and not the Russians who "stole" the election.

When Podesta encountered the phising email trying to trick him into changing his password on their fake site, he texted his IT advisor to see if the email was real.

The IT guy texted back "Its legitimate . But you do need to change your password" and so Podesta clicked on the link.

The IT guy intended to type "it's illegitimate" but autocorrect changed it. And now Hillary Clinton will never be President.

The undisputed champion of "damn you autocorrect" memes.

Guildofcannonballs said...

This is a link to Babs.

Fen said...

Come to think of it, Autocorrect saved us from an 8 year nightmare. We should never complain about it again.

William said...

How did the Ariana Grande concert go? In another thread, I made a suggestion that I hope gets picked up and becomes a thing. I think Ariana, Justin, Miley, Katy should all get Je Suis Charlie tattoos that feature that cartoon of the Prophet. This would show the world that our entertainers are not afraid of terrorists and are willing to take risks to demonstrate that we live in a free society. Who wouldn't applaud their courage? As they get assasinated, other pop artists like Madonna and Beyoncé could step up and fill the ranks with another tattoo holder. I bet before long the terrorists would realize how futile their fight against pop singers is........Also I notice Ariana doesn't have any tattoos. I think if she got a Dunkin Donuts logo tattoo, it could be a real money maker. Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus are missing out on some easy money. Those Nascar drivers make plenty.

MadisonMan said...

Is that the Barriques across from 5th Element? I've not been to it yet, even though it's (I think) the closest coffee shop to my house. Maybe Colectivo on Monroe is closer.

I'm laughing that Virtually Unknown took only 9 minutes to discern that Ghostbusters, Female, was bad.

Big Mike said...

@Fen, I never believed that story. For one thing, "illegitimate" does not get autocorrected to its opposite. Try it!!!

I think that IT guy agreed to push that phonus balonus story to take heat off Podesta. Was he paid? Or did someone sidle up to him and mention that he (the IT guy) lives close Seth Rich's old place, does he not? Heck, maybe there's a grain of truth in the story, and the poor shnook sent back a message that Podesta, being not too bright as well as a total jerk, misinterpreted.

But wherever the truth lies, it does not lie with that story about autocorrect.

BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

Squatty Potty eliminated Kathy - just in time.

MadisonMan said...

My recollection is that the first report said the guy emailed back it was legitimate, and now regrets the typo. And then someone else proposed that an autocorrect caused it.

I'm just happy Podesta was stupid.

If you have to ask if a website/email is legitimate, it isn't.

Fen said...

CNN just caught red-handed stage managing Muslim protest against terror. Also presented same group (paid?) as 3 separate groups at different locations to imply protests were widespread.

Fen said...

Big Mike, valid points. I may have a case of Muury-Gellman Amnesia ;)

BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

Virtually Unknown - I gave up on Hollywood years ago. Really - why bother? Bonus- giving up hollywood - more time to waste on the interwebz. Extra + bonus - most or all of the actors in these movies are leftwing Kathy Griffith-types. Why support them with your hard earned money?

Original Mike said...

"If you have to ask if a website/email is legitimate, it isn't."

But all those guys with the unintelligible accents who keep calling to tell me my computer is sending malicous software out onto the internet; they're legitimate, right?

Danno said...

Rene Saunce said..."Why support them with your hard earned money?

Why even support them if the money comes easy?

Laslo Spatula said...

Notebook of the Guy at the Coffee Shop Who Stares at Women's Asses...

7:17. Woman at counter. Mid-thirties, probably. Expensive hair. Black pants, not tight enough to discern details, but ass seems to be droopy. Orders green tea. Did not take photo.

7:18. Woman, second-in-line. Early twenties. Short hair, big earrings. Tight jeans. Narrow hips, slim ass, almost boy-ish. Taut. Orders Mocha. Took two photos.

7:21: Woman at counter. Forties? maybe looking pretty good for early Fifties. Capri pants. Too old for Capri pants. Ass past the age of evaluation. Did not take photo.

7:24. Woman at table, standing up from chair. Late teens, maybe? Blonde hair, big brown eyes. Stupendous ass. Full, firm, yoga pants. Bends over to put something in backpack: Yes! Took six photos.

7:28. Woman at counter. Mid-twenties. Spring dress, yellow with flowers. I strongly believe no underwear. Undulation. Orders latte. Took three photos.

7:30. Woman waiting at end of counter for beverage. Early thirties. White leggings, blouse only covers top third of ass. Nice ass, but she caught me staring at her. Angry look: probably best to leave for day. No photos.

I am Laslo.

JackWayne said...

Hey Laslo, there was a white van used in London. Are terrorists watching your films for ideas?

Churchy LaFemme: said...

The Beach Boys actually recorded two versions of "Cotton Fields". The first on their 20/20 album was rather staid. Al Jardine, the group's folkie, always felt it was underproduced, and put together a more elaborate country single version. At the time, the group was on the outs with, and about to split from, their original label, Capitol Records. Thus, the single was released only overseas, where it was a huge hit in many countries while remaining unknown in the US..

Here is the single version.

Be said...

I think that my housemate understands. I pace my periods of violent arousal from a restless sleep by his stomping about. (The local S/Bucks opens at 6.30 around here, I think.)

Anonymous said...

You know, you can correct information on Yelp yourself. It would be a public service.

Jon Ericson said...


Cheer up, Get used to it.

Jon Ericson said...

Nice hat.

Jon Ericson said...

Who killed Seth Rich?

Jon Ericson said...

The third and most interesting character
to visit the White House before Seth Rich’s
murder was the owner of Lou’s City Bar, Joe Capone.

Jon Ericson said...

DC cops motto: To protect.

Jon Ericson said...

Wake up, light side of the earth!
I'm listening at least.

tim in vermont said...

If a movie can't hold your attention for ten minutes, even if there is a reasonably cute woman in it there's something missing.

tim in vermont said...

"Autocorrect is my enema." - John Podesta

tim in vermont said...

I cautiously applaud CNN'S provision of a platform to Muslim groups protesting terror tactics by other Muslims.

Ann Althouse said...

"The Barriques Café looks like an old gas station, tables added."

It's a new building. What they do is use those glass garage doors as walls and roll them up when the weather is good, so the whole place feels like an open-air porch. I'm a big fan of that construction.

Ann Althouse said...

"Is that the Barriques across from 5th Element?"


walter said...

Up and blogging at 3am?
Be sure to get adequate sleep..or your brain will eat itself.

David Baker said...

Ann said: "...What they do is use those glass garage doors as walls and roll them up when the weather is good, so the whole place feels like an open-air porch. I'm a big fan of that construction."

Interesting. And I appreciate the reply. I worked in a gas station when I was a kid, thus my perspective.