May 10, 2017



At Olbrich Garden, yesterday (with the 105mm micro lens).


Ken B said...

Is this a cafe? This seems important It appears the NYT is again peddling fake news.

Bob said...

Have you abandoned your pocket Panasonic for a heavy Nikon? Or perhaps only for occasional uses.

Fernandinande said...

From one of Doc "Misogynist" Watson's versions of "Rising Sun Blues":
Now boys, don't believe what a girl tells you
Though her eyes be blue or brown
Unless she's on some scaffold high
Saying, "Boys, I can't come down"

Ann Althouse said...

The heavy camera is a sometimes thing.

Michael K said...

I gave my big DSLR to my daughter. I was never using it, especially on trips.

Cynicus said...

It takes me awhile to absorb and understand the news. It's weird how people who know so little about the facts, presume to have an immediate opinion on whether Comey should have been fired. I haven't even read the AG memo with the rationale. And no one knows who the replacement will be. Doesn't Trump need to name a lapdog before we know if he was trying to prevent an independent FBI? What if he names a new chief who is strong and independent?

rhhardin said...

All the investigations are being investigated.

rhhardin said...

Investigations are about footprints, etymologically speaking.

rhhardin said...

Identifying animals from their droppings apparently didn't make it into forensic etymology.

rhhardin said...

Detecting is about removing covers. Find out what's in the pot.

rhhardin said...

Revealing is about removing veils.

rhhardin said...

Exposing is just putting out.

traditionalguy said...

Good news around ATL. That I-85 collapsed section is reopening all 12 lanes this weekend. The contractor earned a 3.2 million bonus.

rhhardin said...

The hidden meaning of The Emperor's New Clothes is that there are hidden meanings.

traditionalguy said...

On our trip home from Tampa, we listened to an hour of radio about the Penn State Hazing death and criminal indictments. They are in trouble mostly for covering up the near dead boy for 12 hours hoping he would wake up.

But they talked forever like real scientists doing studies to figure out how to stop Fraternity initiation Hazing itself.

I wanted to tell them that Hazing is experiencing a common ordeal that increases friendship bonds.THe Navy Seals do it. The Marines do it. The problem is the college Frats are letting sadistic psychopaths among them run it.

The obvious solution is campus carry laws. If the pledges are armed, the deaths will only be among the sadistic psychopaths.

JOB said...

Tidy tips are California’s response
In usual variables, to the manic
Daisies’ uniform stare. Their colors sense
Yesterday and tomorrow’s dramatic

Touch to dream of now condensed and magnified
In summer’s evening, Autumn’s even more.
Prepared to fall, each flat-tongued tip is tied,
Strung up with dreams that winter could not bear.

Tulips, too, pursed their lips, tightly knotted
Until even envied by the wind – betrayed,
Like Joseph, by insanity’s demands
Into rootless netherlands. His wit supplied
Pharoah’s tomorrow by yesterday’s hands,
Starving vanity by folly’s windy trade.

Freeman Hunt said...

I messaged my ISP to fix my Internet connection. They had me verify my identity. This is effective protocol in the prevention of burglars fixing people's Internet connections.

Freeman Hunt said...

Politics are a huge bore now. Every story requires extensive investigation because side motives are so strongly at play in all the coverage and writing. The opposition to the mainstream coverage is all variations on the theme of "screw you, liars."

We're supposed to stay interested and keep reading because there's Donald Trump, but he's been around for a while. Already've seen that show.

Virtually Unknown said...

You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

Hal Niedzviecki, editor of Write — a publication for the union’s members — published an opinion piece in the spring 2017 issue titled “Writer’s Prompt.” In the article, in an issue dedicated to indigenous writing, Niedzviecki wrote: “In my opinion, anyone, anywhere, should be encouraged to imagine other peoples, other cultures, other identities.

“I’d go so far as to say there should even be an award for doing so — the Appropriation Prize for best book by an author who writes about people who aren’t even remotely like her or him.”

He went on to argue that Canadian literature remains “exhaustingly white and middle class” because writers are discouraged from writing about people and places they don’t know.

They just need to learn to fake authenticity better.

rehajm said...

Politics are a huge bore now.

While I miss the days of straight news if there ever were any there's one benefit from our current state: it's easier to discover who the partisan hacks are, thus who is easy to ignore. So many people I once found credible I can forget.

Virtually Unknown said...

It's almost like he is on our side, and you kind of wish he wasn't.

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