May 10, 2017

At the Tulip Café...


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madAsHell said...

The mayor of Seattle has closed his re-election campaign.

He wanted to create a city wide income tax for the rich. At the same time, the city is expanding transit to the suburbs. He doesn't understand that capital has feet.

He also wanted to raise property taxes to help house the homeless.

The guy was full of dumb ideas.

Rusty said...

I have found out something very useful for those of you who have been bedridden these past few weeks like I have.
Here it is.
If you have an optical mouse you can use it in bed.
It works just fine running over sheets or smooth covers
Isn't that cool?
I'm almost caught up with all the past episodes of "Top Gear" and "Euight out of Ten Cats does Countdown"
Oh that Jimmy Carr.
Shout out to Curious George.

rhhardin said...

Where there's a stool pigeon, there's a silent coo.

walter said...

After drawing a modicum of fire for cashing in domestically for what..$400k? at a Uni, other hooplah gives Obama cover for pulling down 3 MILLION Euros for speechifyin'/promptifyin'.
I hope he bought some tailored mom jeans there in "spread the wealth around".

Hagar said...

I do not believe Comey went out and said those things about Hillary and her e-mails on his own. That would have to have been coordinated with the White House and the Justice Dept.; possibly because they were dealing with a very angry and uncooperative Loretta Lynch after Bill Clinton ambushed her at the airport in Phoenix.
Somebody had to say something, and this is what they came up with.
But Comey can hardly mount that as his defense now.

walter said...

madAsHell said...The guy was full of dumb ideas.
Perhaps paying teen boys for sex one of them.

Hagar said...

Trump fired Comey to deflect attention from Obama collecting $3½ million for giving a climate warming speech in Italy?

walter said...

No.. but it's pretty helpful timing for Obama.

Hagar said...

Eat your heart out, Bill Clinton!

walter said...

Bill's a piker now..

Hagar said...

You can't make stuff like this up!
Angus King (D-VT) wants the U.S. Senate to hire James Comey to lead the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation into Russia's election interference.

Hagar said...

Angus King, Independent and Maine, but what's the diff?

David Baker said...

Well, say what you will, the Dems are suffering, even as the search for the last straw continues. Behind every tree, under every rock, between each nook-and-cranny - the last straw must be found before Trump uses it. Lest the Dem-suffering not only continue, but intensify on the white-hot coals of EPA regulation.

And then there's this: "Dalai Lama Prays for Pelosi to Shed 'Negative Attitude'..." (DrudgeReport headline)

mockturtle said...

Per Al Jazeera A US-backed alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters has fully captured the city of Tabqa and a strategic dam nearby from ISIL, according to the group and a monitor.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Wednesday it had taken full control of the contested city with the help of US-led coalition air raids after more than a month of heavy fighting.

mockturtle said...

PS: Tabqa is near the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.

Virtually Unknown said...

All I can say is that if there is any fire on the Russia stuff, I would hope that they bring it out. All I see now is partisan cheerleading from the media that is just following the weasel-worded leadership of the Democrats.

It still looks to me like Trump is just trying to do what is right. But if I am wrong, you can bet I won't keep changing the goal posts like the Democrats do when one of their own is caught out.

MadTownGuy said...

Submitted without comment: Charges Dropped Against 2 Hispanic Teens in Rockville Rape Case

Hagar said...

Angus King must not have heard about Stephen Colbert's audience breaking out in cheers when he mentioned Comey's firing. Of course, it must be getting a bit difficult for the Democrats to keep up with whom to cheer and whom to boo on any particular day.

Gahrie said...

Charges Dropped Against 2 Hispanic Teens in Rockville Rape Case

The rape charges were, but now they are being charged with child porn.

Hagar said...

It must be getting a bit difficult for the Democrats to keep up with whom to cheer and whom to boo on any particular day.
Perhaps there should be an app for that?

Gahrie said...

I just watched Dr. Strange. I liked it. It definitely had the feel of the old comic books. I've never been a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan, but I thought he was perfect for the role.

David Baker said...

Well, it seems Dem-suffering over Saint Comey is subsiding. Apparently it wasn't polling well. No point manufacturing tears over a lost crucifixion.

It might be a good time for Trump to bomb North Korea.

David Baker said...

This rendition of "My Old Kentucky Home" is the best I've ever heard. I believe it was sung and played by the University of Loiusville marching band, and immediately follows this year's Call To Post…

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