May 10, 2017





traditionalguy said...

The Onion.

TosaGuy said...

This brouhaha over Comey's firing will be over before that allium stops blooming.

Basically, a person who no one liked got fired by a guy who is noted for saying "you're fired".

The only source of the outrage is that those bitching didn't get to do the firing.

Meade said...

All-ium or nothing at all-ium.

traditionalguy said...

CNN had a moment of quick thinking this AM. They had a Breaking News flash of the crusty old Russian Foreign Minister arriving at the White House with the news guys screaming at him at once in English from 100 feet away. The poor guy tried to understand, but was walking in the door so he waived them off with his Russian smile. That was it. Now it is being played as the Russian Foreign Minister mocking the Americans for being fooled by Russian secret agent Trumpski's stopping the investigation.

Zero truth anywhere. But a big passion play using real characters for a fake Drama.

BillyTalley said...

A renewed FBI is budding.

Fernandinande said...

Researchers restore the memory performance of Methuselah mice to a juvenile stage

That stage in the school gymnasium always had mice under it.

Balfegor said...

Spem in 'Allium'?

walter said...
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walter said...
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