April 18, 2017

Making steppingstones.



ADDED: Musical accompaniment.


djs said...

Why the Monkees? The earlier version by Paul Revere & the Raiders is better.

Luke Lea said...

First one needs to be moved a little closer. From an ex-pro.

Michael K said...

I'm going to put Arizona flagstones in our backyard.

Sprezzatura said...

I'd prefer a bit of an arch rather than such a straight line.

Also, I can't understand why you'd have a stone partially under the bench. But, it'd be nice to have an array of stone just in front of the bench, so it doesn't feel like you get to the bench, and then need to leap over the lawn to the left or right sides of the bench because there's no stone along the front edge of the bench. Even an individual sitting in the middle of the bench would have an awkward turn around on a single stone as they got ass backward to sit down.

Just sayin'

Hagar said...

Meade did not just place those; he made them?

David Baker said...

Great work, and pics. The yard looks like it's really ready to come to life. Love to see it in two weeks or so.

Clayton Hennesey said...

Not flagstones, but when Althouse posted the getting ready leaf pile picture previously I wondered what Meade might make of this DIY pickle barrel compost tumbler:

One barrel design, with plans:


Two barrel design:


I built the two barrel rig, and it's amazing. BTW, one of the virtues of a powered mulching mower over a man-powered one is that in about five minutes it can turn that pile of leaves into a bushel of half-inch pieces ready to mix with kitchen scraps.

David said...

Nice bench. Did Mr. Fixit make that too? Women love handy men.

David said...

Clayton, your compost barrel looks like a terrorist nuclear bomb. Keep it in your yard.

David said...

"Also, I can't understand why you'd have a stone partially under the bench."

Someday you might move the bench?

Sprezzatura said...

"Women love handy men."

Sometimes there's seemingly too much appreciation--when the men aren't their men.

It's awkward to have gals compliment ya on your manly skills by specifically pointing out that their dudes can't do that stuff. It's cringe-worthy when they say this in front of their dudes. OTOH, when this is a private compliment it feels more flirty and inappropriate.

Ya can't win.

Bob Boyd said...

Would it be a kind of betrayal to order a pair of men's shorts through the Althouse portal?

Asking for a friend.

Clayton Hennesey said...

Clayton, your compost barrel looks like a terrorist nuclear bomb. Keep it in your yard.

Well, maybe so, but it enables an eight-year-old to turn and mix 60 gallons of compost in under a minute, so there's that. I guess it all depends whether you actually need to make and use compost, or only want a prettier setup that just gives the impression that you do. Ours makes a 3 x 5 footprint on the side of the house screened by a fence, so it's all good.

Drago said...

Come on Meade! What is wrong with you?


Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

Well, placing them anyway.

Your home is your castle, your bench a throne;
But only G_d can make a stone.

Ann Althouse said...

"Clayton, your compost barrel looks like a terrorist nuclear bomb. Keep it in your yard."


Meade said...

"Asking for a friend."

Bob, you can tell your friend that whenever I buy men's shorts, I always buy them through the Instapundit portal. Just to be safe.

Plus, right now they're 70% off. Which seems to be a fair price since about 70% of the material seems to be missing.

Unknown said...

I added a 12x20 terraced paver patio to the cabin in Gatlinburg, Hardest work i have ever done, 7 tons of gravel and 20 weekends of work.

Then the 2016 Thanksgiving Fire got the cabin.
You better believe the contractor, Tree guys, and trackhoe guys know not to molest the patio as we rebuild.

etienne said...
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