April 10, 2017

Dark sky.


This afternoon in Olbrich Gardens.




tcrosse said...

How did it smell ?

antiphone said...

koo koo kachoo

Regarding politics, Mr. Manafort cast himself as a onetime insider who had turned on the establishment — and a tough guy who would go after Mr. Trump’s harshest critics among the Republican elite.

At one point, he described Karl Rove, a former adviser to George W. Bush who was organizing an anti-Trump effort, as “my blood enemy in politics, going back to the College in the 1960s.”

Mr. Rove said Mr. Manafort was referring to a bitter fight for leadership of the College Republicans that pitted a candidate backed by Mr. Manafort and his close friend Roger Stone, a longtime Trump confidant, against Mr. Rove and Lee Atwater.

Mr. Rove said he did not view Mr. Manafort as an enemy. “Jeez, it seems sorta silly,” Mr. Rove wrote in an email. “I frankly haven’t had any dealings and only rare sightings of him in the years since.”

Mr. Manafort also cast himself as a warrior against the party’s conservatives, even at a time when Mr. Trump was reaching out to the right wing and courting evangelical Christians. Speaking of his previous experience as a convention manager for several Republican presidential candidates, Mr. Manafort wrote, “I have had to confront the Extreme Right, Tea Party, Rush Limbaughs etc.”

Plus he had a powerful closer’s move: He would work for free.

“I am not looking for a paid job,” Mr. Manafort wrote.

Mr. Barrack drove home the point in his cover letter, writing, “He would do this in an unpaid capacity.” And over the next few months, according to several associates, Mr. Trump would repeatedly boast about the value he was getting from Mr. Manafort.

These were very unusual characters indeed.

Guildofcannonballs said...

A certain man one day did go down to Jericho
Fallin among thieves along the way
Well they stripped him then they fled
Leaving him for dead
Lying on the side of the road

And then the priest came passing by
He crossed over to the other side
Then the Levite came and he did just the same

When the Samaritan heard his cry
He just could not pass on by
He dressed his wounds and he carried to the nearest inn

Well he reached down, he reached down
He got right there on the ground
He reached down, he reached down
And he touched the pain

He paid the keeper the amount that was due
If you need more he said Im good for that too
He reached down, he reached down
And he touched the pain

(Verse 2)
And the Scribes and the Pharisees
Brought the adultress in for Jesus to see
Lord, shes sinned, now the law says she must be stoned
If theres a one of you thats without sin
Then you can cast the first stone in
One by one they left, leaving Jesus and the woman alone

< Sing Chorus >

Well no accusers are left that I see
And Woman, neither do I condemn thee
He reached down, he reached down
And he touched the pain

< Guitar Solo >

(Verse 3)
In the book a little story got told
About a traveler at the end of lifes road
Hes at the gates of the Kingdom and the Master says Come on in
For I was hungry and you gave me meat
I was cold you put shoes on my feet
When I was in prison there was you who come to see about me

(Chorus Modified)
Well you reached down, you reached down
You got right there on the ground
You reached down, you reached down
And you touched my pain

When you did it to the least of these
He said you were doin it unto me
You reached down, you reached down
And you touched my pain

Well he reached down, he reached down
And he touched the pain

Guildofcannonballs said...

To a bug, or insect as you like, a plant is indeed a "ground" of sorts.

St. George said...

Very dark sky

"The U.S. Strategic Command’s (STRATCOM) Operations Plan (OPLAN) 8010. While it doesn't explicit allow for an American preemptive strike, it is the literal nuclear option....

II officials in Pyongyang resort to WMD attacks for any reason, OPLAN 8010 swings from “deter” to “defeat,” stressing in its text the need for American political will to employ “strategic forces if deterrence fails.” As part of a standing mission dubbed Operation Global Citadel, the Pentagon maintains a so-called “Nuclear Triad” of nuclear-armed heavy bombers, land- and sea-based ballistic missiles. Smaller fighter jets can carry the B61 thermonuclear gravity bomb, if necessary....

The United States does not have a policy of “no first use” when it comes to thermonuclear war. Most of the specific thresholds are redacted, but the OPLAN specifically says the president can order STRATCOM to respond "in the event of a hostile act or intent."


Ron said...

"Listen, bug, out of the shot, out of the shot! I could get on Better Homes And Gardens, but WITHOUT your help, so take a smoke break, go to that aphid over there, hell, go to Starbucks, but get OUT OF MY MONEY SHOT!!!"

Ann Althouse said...

I like getting a bug in the shot.