March 11, 2017

If you wanna see the sun rise/Honey, I know where/We’ll go out and see it sometime/We’ll both just sit there and stare....



The post title is from this Bob Dylan song.

The place where we stared was Panorama Point, Arches National Park.

If you're close to someplace where the sunrise might be good, why don't you jump out of bed before dawn and get out there?

Or maybe you've figured out a way to live exactly in that very place and you don't even need to leave the house at all... or even the bed.


mockturtle said...

Gotta hand it to Dylan. Brilliant lyrics. :-\

Ann Althouse said...

Me with my belt
Wrapped around my head
And you just sittin’ there
In your brand new leopard-skin pill-box hat

traditionalguy said...

Every year we spent some springtime at The Hemlock Inn near Bryson City, NC. Many of the guests were old time hikers and naturalists, like Arthur Stupka a wild flower expert, and sooner or later they would challenge us to meet them at 5:00AM to drive up to Clingman's Dome and watch the sunrise.That is 6300 feet elevation and the highest point of the trip from Cherokee to Gatlinburg.

Many of the old timers were WWII veterans, and getting up that early was easy to them.But it was COLD up there.

cf said...

in my heart, all of it in my heart, just following your trip. but to your true direct experience where you are: wahoo, clink! that is the best.

chickelit said...

In general, sunsets are more spectacular in Oceanside.

BudBrown said...
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Eleanor said...

I can watch the sunrise over the lake from my living room window every morning. Watching the sun set over the lake requires a short walk. My husband wishes it was reversed, but I rather like it this way.

Laslo Spatula said...

From the Fauxhaus Blog:

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I am Laslo.

Tank said...

Tank prefers sunsets. You get a similar show, but don't have to get up early in the dark to see it.

tim maguire said...

I wish I could sleep in until sunrise. It's been decades since I was impressed by "up before the sun."

Bob Ellison said...

The sun rises and sets in southern Arizona with surpassing beauty. The beauty comes mostly from the dust in the air. Pollution (in this case, natural) can be beautiful. Kinda like the natural erosion in Bryce Canyon.

I wonder what the sunrise and sunset looked like from the Earth of two billion years ago.

Sharc said...

Hate Dylan. Have loved your photoblogging this week. Safe travels.

Ann Althouse said...

"Tank prefers sunsets. You get a similar show, but don't have to get up early in the dark to see it."

A sunset ends in the dark. (Can be hard getting out of whatever place you've gone.)

A sunrise ends in light.

Anyway, I don't have to get up early, so the really bad part of getting a sunrise is missing. I get up before dawn most days, often by two or three hours. It's natural to me.

Michael K said...

Last September, I got my wife up at 1 AM to watch the Aurora in Alaska. That was the first time I had been to Alaska late in the season. Each time before, I had been there in early summer when it never gets dark.

Talk about cold ! The Backcountry Lodge closed for the season a week later.

Yellow Kitty said...

I am able to drive along the water's edge on my morning commute where the sunrises are spectacular. Sometimes it's foggy with a barge in the distance, and those are my favorite... I think! The Winter sun on the ice. The summer sun on a glass-like surface. A Fall sun on angry white caps. Every day is different. Yes, it lengthens my commute by a dozen minutes or more but gives the mind a much more peaceful start to a long day. A little self-care, if you will.

Amexpat said...

I recognized the lyrics immediately as Dylan's but I couldn't place them in a song right away. By themselves, the lyrics seem like they belong in one of his romantically tender songs and not in one his most schathingly ironic songs.

CuznDon said...

I was fortunate as a youngster to view the sunrise over the ocean and harbor inlet. At night the moon was beautiful rippling on the sea.
Now I live where I can see the sunrise daily atop 1800 ft. hillside.
I've caught sunrise atop Cadilla Mountain in Maine. Also on Cape Cod.
- Sunsets galore along the west coast over the Pacific Ocean.
But, the best was while living in Arizona. The sunrises and sunsets are spectacular on account of the dessert dust and otherwise azure clean skies.
Great pics and ongoing blog during your travels Miss. Ann.

CuznDon said...

To top it off - I just witnessed an awesome full moonrise with a nice soft orange glow.
BTW - we're looking at 18" inches plus snow come Tuesday here in NE PA.
@dsnepa on twitter