February 15, 2017

The sunset right now.


In Madison, Wisconsin.

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Big Mike said...

Omigawd. Beautiful colors.

mockturtle said...


FullMoon said...
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Meade said...

@ FullMoon, that's terrible. Very sad to hear it.

FullMoon said...

Meade said...

@ FullMoon, that's terrible. Very sad to hear it.

Thanks, Deleted comment. Too depressing

Big Mike said...

@FullMoon, whatever it was, you have our sympathy.

Original Mike said...

I watched it. It was a beautiful sunset.

mockturtle said...

@FullMoon, whatever it was, you have our sympathy.

:-( And prayers.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Anyone else come across The Asset Value of Whiteness?

I've seen it referenced on Bloomberg, Slate, Fortune, MSN, and PBS.

I gave it a read. It is out of demos.org and Brandeis. The fact that "intellectuals" publish crap like this is why so many conservatives are anti-intellectual.

Trumpit said...

I shop on Amazon quite a bit; it is quite convenient. I'm trying to make using your portal subconscious. Your frequent reminders to use your portal accompanied by stunning pictures such as this remarkable Wisconsin sunset are beginning to sink into my head.

exiledonmainstreet said...

A lovely picture. No complaints about February this year. It's been remarkably mild for Wisconsin.

NorthOfTheOneOhOne said...

Althouse you need to come to Arizona this spring. We get scenes like that on a twice daily basis here.


David Baker said...

Beautiful photo, AA.

And I just finished writing something about Van Gogh, where I used (coined?) the term "super light." Thus his greatest impressions; pulsating, swirling stars and radiant suns.

He would have appreciated the photo.

Michael K said...

"Althouse you need to come to Arizona this spring. We get scenes like that on a twice daily basis here."

Yup I have to use my better camera.

rhhardin said...

Ha. I just got Alaska KL7SB. Now missing only two states ND and UT if my list is right.

sunsong said...

Lovely. I am a fan of nature :-)

J. Farmer said...

Pentagon May Recommend Sending Ground Troops to Syria

No no no no no no no no. What a fantastically horrible idea. We need to be extricating ourselves from the dumb military adventurism that we have engaged in in the middle east for the last decade and a half.

3rdGradePB_GoodPerson said...

Typical So Cal scene.

Presumably Doc Mike's kid is too far away to put out the fire.

harryo said...

Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
I only wanted to see you
Bathing in the purple rain

Lem said...

Sunset boulevaaaaard 🎶

harryo said...

Eli Lake, Bloomberg says "...for a White House that has such a casual and opportunistic relationship with the truth, it's strange that Flynn's "lie" to Pence would get him fired. It doesn't add up."

I thought Mr. Lake was getting into a Schumer stance and ready to spew. But he goes on: "...the Washington Post reported Monday night that last month Sally Yates, then the acting attorney general, had informed the White House that Flynn discussed sanctions with Kislyak and that he could be susceptible to blackmail because he misled Pence about it."

Now we're getting warm. Sally Yates. The stretched-necked temp.

Lake says: "Flynn was just thrown under the bus."

"Normally intercepts of U.S. officials and citizens are some of the most tightly held government secrets. This is for good reason. Selectively disclosing details of private conversations monitored by the FBI or NSA gives the permanent state the power to destroy reputations from the cloak of anonymity. This is what police states do."

I did a Google search on "what Police States do" and found:

Jon Miltimore says "Lake is right: peddling secrets is what police states do."

Well, that search was too Flynnesce...

Check Wikipedia:

"...since the beginning of the 20th century, the term has "taken on an emotional and derogatory meaning" by describing an undesirable state of living characterized by the overbearing presence of the civil authorities." Which is a reference to inter-war Japan.

"Civil administration -- government regulation of any kind. Clerks in charge."


"In the end, it was Trump's decision to cut Flynn loose. In doing this he caved in to his political and bureaucratic opposition. Nunes told me Monday night that this will not end well. "First it's Flynn, next it will be Kellyanne Conway, then it will be Steve Bannon, then it will be Reince Priebus," he said. Put another way, Flynn is only the appetizer. Trump is the entree."

In this Eli Lake is correct. This is the beginning of four years of the Police State. I predict 30 Trillion in debt, and bridges falling into rivers from all the money being diverted to lawyers in DC.

Kellyanne better be looking for a nice condo in Florida, because the aligators are being fed, and the drain plug is secure in the swamp.

harryo said...

The dog, the faithful friend, squatting like a sphinx, ears straight, listening to the purr of the pot of Daube. Joseph de Pesquidoux, 1923.

Daube is traditionally cooked in a daubière. A traditional daubière is a terracotta pot that resembles a pitcher, with a concave lid.


Water is poured on the lid, which condenses the moisture inside, allowing for the long cooking required to tenderize lesser cuts of meat.

The meat used in daube is cut from the shoulder and back of the bull.

Mmmph... Mmmmph...

Ann Althouse said...

dog... daube...'

very nice

What breed of dog? (We were just watching the Westminster dog show.)

harryo said...

The source of that early morning authentic frontier gibberish, was the search for the French word for "purring". Which turned out, that I really needed the German word, which sounded like "snoring". (schnurren).

The French word was "ronron" or "ronronner" resulting in "ronronnement". Who cares? Well, this linked to The Digitized Treasury of the French Language, and:

Le chien, l'ami fidèle, accroupi comme un sphinx, les oreilles droites, écoute le ronronnement du pot de daube (Pesquidoux,Chez nous, 1923, p. 127).

I thought that was so cute, because a dog watching the daube I can visualize. Which then made me hungry. Then too, I had no idea what the heck a daube was, or even a daubière.

Alas, a crock pot is all the more technology I am bound to use.