February 2, 2017

Howard Stern reveals what he knows and thinks about his friend Donald Trump.

ADDED: Howard's sonorous voice and intimate gabby chatting style might carry you along, especially if you're driving and want the feeling of a friend keeping you company, but there's little substance here. He's filling the time and coasting on the fact of his longtime friendship with Trump, but it's the kind of freewheeling speculation about Trump's motives and feelings that anyone might bullshit about. I'll bet if you clicked on this and tried to just sit and listen, you got exasperated waiting for "beans."


Comanche Voter said...

You may not get beans with Stern---but you ALWAYS get bullshit.

Meade said...

"I'll bet if you clicked on this and tried to just sit and listen, you got exasperated waiting for "beans.""

Hey, no betting on this blog. IT'S THE LAW.

Anonymous said...

Well, beans are good at generating fuming hot air, which is a pretty accurate summation of Howard.

Fabi said...

Very witty, Meade. I'm sure the couch is nice.

traditionalguy said...

I would listen to it. Stern is very informative. He did not want his great friend to be hated and rejected for doing the things he believes in. Stern is shocked to find out The Donald sees his place in the world as his Calvinist Mother taught him to see himself. Which means he will serve common Americans to his last breath and be hated by Hollywood and News Media types, not to mention Europeans, for doing it. Andrew Jackson Redux.

AReasonableMan said...

I thought Stern was pretty fair in his assessment, from someone who knows Trump relatively well.

Josephbleau said...

New Netherland is a space in NYC. New Netherland has finally achieved the presidency. Let the dutch rule. Commerce, economic war, and banking for all.

harryo said...
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Joe said...

I thought this more revealing about Stern than Trump. Stern has zero insight into Trump because Stern has no idea what it's like to actually believe in something. That doesn't make Stern bad--for all his blustering, I think he's actually a rather normal guy--but it does make him a bit aimless. His complete obliviousness to being the example Rush and O'Reilly followed betrays his stunning lack of self-reflection.

readering said...

The insightful part is Stern's knowledge of Trump's need to be loved, especially in Hollywood, and the possible detrimental effect on his mental health at his age that his actual unpopularity among the groups he most cares about may have.

roesch/voltaire said...

He is right about Trump's need for ratings and need to be loved, and who knows what else?

lucy white said...

But Trump has tens of millions of people who love him now! I think he is gladly trading in the bitter Hollywood clingers. Pennsylvania hasn't voted for a Republican for four decades. The bikers love him. The steelworkers. The coal miners. Most of America beyond the east and west coasts love him.

William said...

Trump is to politicians as Stern was to radio djs. Stern could have been more affirmative. He might have pointed out that accusations about Trump's anti semitism and racism were unfounded.

Lyin'PB_Ombudsman said...

Althouse listened to the whole thing w/o finding beans, but she'd bet that folks wouldn't listen to the whole thing because they couldn't wait that long sans beans.

Got it.

Anywho, Althouse missed her calling, she has all the answers re folks at the pinnacle of comedy (e.g. late night, late Sat night, and non-con radio).

Meade could have been the bandleader.

If y'all can't handled Stern, here's somthin' that will cause your golden oldie minds to completely meltdown:


Like it, or not, that sorta thing is the future. Hopefully fussing about lawn trespassing is cathartic for ya, because it's not accomplishing anything else.

Lyin'PB_Ombudsman said...

"He might have pointed out that accusations about Trump's anti semitism and racism were unfounded."

He also could have pointed out that DJT has talked to him about cheating on Melania. Of course, those are spilt beans from Stern's shows last year, so there's no reason to cry out about that, again.

StephenFearby said...

On the subject of Trump-love, has Harold Bornstein MD, the Donald's crusty personal physician lost his love for his long-time patient? Has this feeling been reciprocated?


Donald Trump’s Longtime Doctor Says President Takes Hair-Growth Drug



"...White House officials declined to comment on Wednesday night on the information provided by Dr. Bornstein, and would not say whether he was still Mr. Trump’s physician."

IMO, Bornstein would seem to have an ethics issue in providing patient private medical information without the patient's consent.

'...At times in the interviews, Dr. Bornstein was moody, ranging from saying that Mr. Trump’s health “is none of your business” to later volunteering facts. He also meandered, referring to his longtime study of Italian and stories about medical schools floating cadavers to an island off the waters of New York. He said he liked the attention he got from friends now that he was publicly known as Mr. Trump’s doctor but disliked “the fun made of me” by the news media and strangers who have thrown objects at his office window and who have yelled at him on Park Avenue.'

"...He said if he became the White House doctor he doubted that he would include in Mr. Trump’s annual checkup any psychometric tests as a base line for potential dementia. Mr. Trump’s father, Fred, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in his eighties and a number of experts have urged that older political leaders undergo such tests."

Perhaps the most serious evidence that (each in their own way) Bornstein is even more screwed up than Trump:

"...he refilled Mr. Trump’s prescriptions for a long-acting tetracycline, a common antibiotic, to control rosacea. The skin ailment can cause easy blushing or flushing with visible blood vessels. It also can spread over the face, and sometimes the chest and back. In different forms it can resemble acne and cause bumps."

I wouldn't take tetracycline (or any antibiotic) on a long-term basis. For example, in an animal model:

Exp Toxicol Pathol. 2008 Jun;60(1):77-85.

Tetracycline-induced reproductive toxicity in male rats: effects of vitamin C and

"...Collectively, the results suggest that therapeutic dose of tetracycline elicits spermatotoxic and testicular toxicity in male rats through induction of oxidative stress.


J Lee said...

Trump's always been about being loved by the masses, as a way to show the elites -- who rejected both him and his dad as crass outer-borough apartment builders 40-plus years ago -- that the public loves Donald Trump more than they love the rich elites in Manhattan. That's also why his politics have flipped from right to left and back again over the years. He wanted the masses to love him, and if the majority of the masses happen to be leaning liberal/Democratic at a particular time (like in 2006-08), Trump would say liberal/Democrat things to keep their support.

Trump saw the swing voters two years ago as leaning conservative, so that's the direction Trump went. Going forward, we'll see how the need for love plays out if those voters move left over 1-2 new issues or change their minds on the current ones. Does Trump try to woo them back to the positions he's taking now, or does he abandon them and take positions that are more liberal, in an effort to woo them back?