January 29, 2017

"Among women who cast ballots, 42% were with him, not with her.... To reach 42%, Trump had to have drawn in women who didn’t fit the stereotype."

"I set out to find some.... I’m not a political thinker.  I’m an artist and photographer...  In this project I have used portrait photography to present seven women who acted contrary to stereotypes and social pressures. I have tried to convey their character, optimism, strength and vulnerability.   Thanks for visiting She’s With Him."

You may have already seen this project by Jayne Riew. I'd meant to link to it earlier, but blogging takes me down different paths and ratholes on any given day. Sometimes I avoid things because I don't like feeling that I'm supposed to blog something. This isn't quite that. Just a tab that got lost behind many open tabs.


Laslo Spatula said...

Can't help but notice many of the women do not have an identifying photo of their face: out of focus, obscured, hidden, cropped.

Art fearing Repercussions, perhaps.

"Caitlin B. - Pennsylvania Voter - Financial Analyst" is a notable exception. And by notable I mean hot, in that "Pennsylvania Voter - Financial Analyst" way.

I am Laslo.

Laslo Spatula said...

Caitlin B. looks like the kind of woman Hitchcock would choose to be his 'Financial Analyst'.

A definite Hitchcock Blonde vibe in the first photo..

I am Laslo.

Bruce Hayden said...

Funny thing about their blindness - Trump pulled more married women than did Crooked Hillary. The women in the lower Manhatten bubble couldn't conceive of mothers voting for Trump, but it was, really, the unwed women, and those without kids who voted for her. And, probably a good part of why they could was that, in order to raise their kids in a better environment, they had fled the inner cities for the dreaded suburbs. And, thus, were not quite as locked into the SJW/progressive mind set.

Laslo Spatula said...

I noticed Althouse used the "seen and unseen" tag in the Magritte post.

As per my first comment, that tag could be used to describe these photographs. Many of these Trump-Voting Women were 'seen and unseen' by the Photographer, and also by the Media.

Unseen as a 'choosing to unsee' thing.

I am Laslo.

Big Mike said...

A serious Laslo makes a very good point. I think Ellen D exposed too much about herself --she wouldn't let her face be shown but it won't be hard to figure out who she is. Riel should have done more to obfuscate her identity.

Wilbur said...

Lord, I can't read what these women say without feeling a boiling resentment rise up within me against those who dismiss them as hate-filled deplorables.

I guess that makes me deplorable, too. I certainly hope so.

Conserve Liberty said...

How many women voted against that lying, cheating, conniving, incompetent, wipe-it-like-with-a-cloth thief? As many as figured out every statement of what to fear from Trump and the other deplorables were he to be elected was projecting what she and the Progressives would do to us in the converse.

Susan said...

Venturing into the Unknown Country to document behavior, Gorillas in the Mist, style.

tim maguire said...

Over 50 million people voted for Trump. It must take an astonishing level of narcissism to think that not one of them is smarter than you, wiser than you, more thoughtful than you, more caring than you. If you think that among those many millions of people who support Trump, not one embodies better than you all of the things you hold important in society, then there is no hope for you. And I don't care about your opinions on social or political issues.

Daniel Jackson said...

Excellent portrait photography! While a few are shown glamor style, most are shown working--their hands are engaged in daily tasks. The Yale empty hallway is a bit cliche but carries the weight of being an individual thinker in the neo-stalinist space of the Ivy League. The collection portrays just how deplorable Mrs Clinton's hateful speech truly was and remains.

Good work deserves praise; thank you for bringing it to our collective attention

David Begley said...

What a great link! Sent it to my two Trump hating daughters. Thanks, Ann.

Laslo Spatula said...

I've read stories like this, but I never thought it would happen to me…

My grandmother passed away and left me two-hundred dollars, so I realized I needed a financial analyst, fast!

I looked up one on the internet, then made the next available appointment. By then I already had spent twenty dollars on beer, but I still needed help with the remaining $180. When I got to the office the financial analyst was a woman — and she was Hot!

She welcomed me with eyes that seemed to be thinking about more than money. I started to take the money out of my pocket, but she stopped me and said she had an important question to ask me first.

“Before we begin, I want to advise you that I was a Trump voter. Are we okay to proceed?”

Now, I’m not really into politics, but I pretended to consider her question deeply before saying “sure.” With legs like hers, she could’ve voted for Hitler and I wouldn’t mind!

I started to pull out my money again, but she stopped me and unbuttoned the top of her blouse.

“I understand that talking about large sums of money can make people uncomfortable,” she said, unbuttoning another button. “That is why I want to first put you at ease by sucking your cock and having you shoot your load on my breasts!” Hell yeah! Who was I to argue with a Professional?

After I shot my load all over her tits she said that our appointment cost four hundred dollars, but she would accept my $180 as a down payment. Thank goodness I had that money or I really would’ve been in trouble — Thanks, Grandma!

I am Laslo.

MathMom said...

That is some fine photography.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I am offended by the use of the term ratholes. It feels as though the user considers herself a lead racer, a rat, heading down into the darkness of a set of holes, and leading the way for the baby rats there too.

Sure sure it is better than a king snake leading baby snakes into the snake pit, but what of gazelles and eagles or even the humble mongoose? And what if they lead to,the top of giant mountains equivalent to the shoulder's heights of men like Washington and Trump or women of the character of Ann Barnhardt?

What do we lose over time if we think of ourselves as rats gone dark?

Even though Jim Rome called him ratface, I don't believe Mike Shannahan is the common result here, especially for the vulnerable rats.

OMG! Now I refer to us as rats in my own deepest recesses of consciousness, the word infection having taken stranglehold of my brain.

Curious George said...


Sebastian said...

Good work. But the most telling aspect is of course that it took courage for these women to cooperate. Most still want and need to protect their full identity, probably in vain. They risk serious trouble. The left has won the culture wars, disdains tolerance, and is most prone to violence. Pro-Trump women are right to feel some fear. At the same time, the courage of these women sets a good example.

David Begley said...


Yes, that Yalie is going to be crucified.

And I didn't know that the motto of Yale was "to fix the world." The last two Yale alums who were Secretary of State fixed plenty.

james conrad said...

Yeah, saw the piece on RCP the other day. It was interesting in that some women feel the need to hide their politics from others. The shaming by the left has reached EPIC proportions and needs to be confronted.

walter said...

It's hard to top that recorded episode of the mom shaming her child to tears for being a "Trump lover", but it's all on the same continuum.

Mark Caplan said...

It makes more sense to say 53% of white women voted for Trump since women of color voted their their skin color rather than their gender.

mockturtle said...

Is there a similar article on what kinds of men would vote for Hillary? Why are women considered more gender-centered than men? The fact is that women, like men, are individuals.

Larry J said...


Yes, that Yalie is going to be crucified.

And I didn't know that the motto of Yale was "to fix the world." The last two Yale alums who were Secretary of State fixed plenty.

And the previous 4 presidents were all Ivy League graduates. All of them put together didn't do nearly as good a job as the one prior who graduated from Eureka College.

Michael K said...

"Reading the news in Europe I understood how censored the news in the U.S. has become, giving me flashbacks of a Commie regime."

I read the British newspapers on line for the same reason. American media are all self censoring and the 1984 association comes to mind.

"Sent it to my two Trump hating daughters. Thanks, Ann."

I think I'll do the same.

Bruce Hayden said...

The subject of shame got me thinking, esp after reading an article that Instapundit linked to earlier titled: GamerGate – the canary in the coal mine. The thesis there is that shame, for maybe the first time, failed SJWs when they tried to use it to shut up the gaming community (primarily filled with a bunch of young males) when it came out that a female game writer was apparently using sex to get better reviews for her games. Or some such. It didn't work for one thing because shame is much more effective in girl world, than in boy world, where much of the gaming world exists. And, then it got me thinking about one of the most famous (pseudo) shaming incidents in our history, that of poor Hester Prynne, who had to wear a scarlet A, because she had the effrontery to have had sex with a prominent man married to another woman.

I tend to end up with women who didn't do well in girl world. My girlfriend in HS quit pep club after her sophomore year because it was stupid. She was one of the few who would show up Fridays before games not wearing the requisite light blue and gold uniforms. The mother of my kid, and, later, my partner of the last almost 20 years, were of similar ilk, both not fitting in, and, thus being somewhat ostracized from Girl World. Maybe that is why we got along - I didn't fit into the mold of guys deemed acceptable by the ruling matriarchy (or, at least, sisterhood) - too dorky (president of the Latin Club, member of the Chess Club), and into the wrong sports (ski racing instead of football), etc. My theory is that a lot of growing up in Girl World involves learning how to deal with female society, which really means dealing with how women interrelate. Boy World is, of course, different (and, now considered "bad" because women have won, at least in the education world). Women have always been the ones to hold society together, and they do it through their relationships with each other.

The second part of "shame" though may be the remnants of what gave us the story about Hester Prynne - the Puritan history of, esp., New England, thanks to their Calvanistic roots. I do find it interesting that she was shamed because she was promiscuous, while the modern feminist movement seems to go the other way, trying to shame people for not supporting uncritical promiscuity. Still, I think the shame is the same - an attempt to use Girl World relationship techniques to control peer behavior - in this case, trying to use it to force other women to vote the way that the sisterhood has determined appropriate.

The problem now is that the emperor has been shown to have no clothes. The white women who voted overwhelmingly for Crooked Hillary turn out to be the ones too selfish to marry and have kids. There are plenty of women who ended up voting for Trump. Women still have their vaginas, and their uteruses. And, Trump was elected by doubling down every time he was supposed to be shamed. Meanwhile, his oldest daughter is making motherhood fashionable again, juggling kids in 4 inch heels, with a smile and perfect makeup.

Jupiter said...

mockturtle said...
"Is there a similar article on what kinds of men would vote for Hillary? Why are women considered more gender-centered than men? The fact is that women, like men, are individuals."

Yes, that's what I was wondering. When 42% of a group don't fit the stereotype, it isn't much of a stereotype. Track down some of those rare men who voted for Hillary. Of course, we see pictures of those sad sacks all the time. They look like Chuck Todd, who looks like Rachel Maddow. Must be something in the water.

Kate said...

I'm not afraid to say I voted for Trump, although I respect the careful choice of some of these women and fear for the bolder ones who own outright their vote. As a college-educated white woman, I identified with much of the reasoning these women expressed.

I know who I am, so I can't be shamed by the anti-Trump brigade. But, boy, can I get mad about their attitude. Madder every day. Whatever gentleness and compassion I felt for the other side is boiling away.

n.n said...

It's time to reevaluate the meaning and significance of stereotypes to individual lives. There is a tendency to organize classes of people according to preferred stereotypes, which is its own stereotype or bias. It seems that people are more dynamic than the popular will can imagine.

So, what are the moral, natural, and personal imperatives (i.e. fitness functions) that direct our lives?

Is it possible to make observations without influencing the outcome?

How many degrees of freedom (i.e. independence) is a human life capable of expressing?

mockturtle said...

n.n. wisely asks: Is it possible to make observations without influencing the outcome?

This question has been an obstacle in wildlife studies as well as many other scientific fields. And a corollary question lies in the observer bias toward an expected outcome.

Seeing Red said...

After what the sisterhood put my daughter thru from Jr. High on -fuck them.

It started, for me, when I actually started listening to them on Evitas rise.

When they threw our daughters to the wolves to keep him in office for power, access and money.

I keep saying this, my cousin said after the 206 election women shoukdnt be allowed to vote. She was right.

Empowerment is not being a lemming proudly wearing a mock up of a pussy on your head.

Nor is it marching in solidarity in a country in which the president of one country has absolutely no power in your country and you are in no way going to lose the civil rights you voted for.

Idle hands. Devil's playthings.

exiledonmainstreet said...

Seeing Red, I went to an all girls' high school and that completely disabused me of any notions about females being somehow naturally kinder and morally superior to males. My disillusionment deepened when I lived in a Women's dorm for a year in college and saw how some of the loudest, proudest feminists actually treated other women they took a dislike to. I was relieved to move out of there.

tcrosse said...

Track down some of those rare men who voted for Hillary.
They're still waiting for Madonna to come across.

n.n said...


It's an axiom of physical law, which forms the foundation of every observable complexity, including human life (at least its corporal form). With respect to human consciousness, the question goes to the inability of discerning origin and expression in the scientific domain, and the relative independence of people and their environment.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I once sat next to a girl in an economics class.


Guildofcannonballs said...

Einstein said doing the same thing over and over would result in the same, err, result.

Insane, he said, to expect different results. But what about Heisenberg and the uncertainty principle like they talk about, Reidenschneider does, in The Man Who Wasn't There by the Coen's?

If you change it by looking, why don't we call ME the genius and Einstein the delusional, harmful jackass?

Cacimbo Cacimbo said...

It is impossible to shame the left. Republicans can not show their faces or let people know how they vote out of fear for personal safety and financial harm. Is there anywhere in the country a person would be in danger for wearing a pro-Obama tee shirt??? The sickest part is how proud many leftists are of the fear they have instilled.

exiledonmainstreet said...

The sickest part is how proud many leftists are of the fear they have instilled.

1/29/17, 4:21 PM

I hope that we have seen peak leftism there and will see a shift in the culture. Trump's election showed that many people are tired of these PC cry bullies and I don't think their nationally televised temper tantrums are doing them much good.

Of course, the more threatened the left feels, the louder it will shriek.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Einstein didn't say that.

Bill Clinton said that, and he was lying.

kbwatso said...

Did you note her portrait was taken by Phillip K Howard... I presume of CommonGood.org

Freaky Feet said...

Why not also interview Hillary voters; since Trump voters are in the minority? An electorate college that isn't representative of each states population helped a minority candidate win the election. I get why people voted for Trump, I see it in red sections of Pennsylvania where I live. A lot of this is just the "father figure" that republicans come across as; although sometimes they are more like the abusive, controlling stepfather that women love cause they equate toughness with discipline. The irony of the image of a drunk father figure being about discipline when he couldn't even countrol his own alcoholism. These women deep down inside love bad boys, love being disrespected and no one ever calls women out for their bad choices in men. This was another case.