December 27, 2016

"Shoot the Television..."

"The Trope Codifier is Elvis Presley, who was known for doing this at least once, possibly many times..."
Compare Agitated Item Stomping, Ring... Ring... CRUNCH, Appliance Defenestration, and Cutting the Electronic Leash. Sometimes coincides with Computer Equals Monitor or Screens Are Cameras, in the event that the destroyed TV screen is part of a larger system. Not to be confused with Smash TV.
Trope research occasioned by my contemplation of how — a few days ago — I wanted to shoot the photo scanner. Today's calm — scholarly — contemplation was made possible by the discovery of a nearly invisible "lock" toggle switch. Devilish. Goulettishly devilish.


tcrosse said...

It must be the same kind of scanner I have, with the same goddam lock, that isn't in the fucking manual.

David said...

Or if you are Hillary Clinton, shatter it with an expensive (very expensive) bottle of champagne.

(Disputed tale, of course. Can't imagine she would do something that unrestrained.)

William said...

I don't think it would anywhere near as satisfying to shoot a flat screen television. It would be like biting into a damp potato chip.

Laslo Spatula said...

Thinking about people shooting inanimate objects:

They now have fairly realistic life-size sex dolls (not robots, yet), and I would assume, by now, SOMEONE has shot one.

Did the reality get too close, and insecurities and impotence led to angry tears and a violent outburst?

Did the life-size sex doll stand in as a representation of someone real that the person knew, that had perhaps crushed him emotionally or through jealousy, and the tragedy he dreamed of enacting was allowed to play out in a safer matter?

Did the owner have barely-repressed violent tendencies towards women, and used the violence against the life-size sex doll as a way to alleviate the urge?

How many life-size sex dolls are ‘drowned’ in the bath tub?

How many life-size sex dolls are ‘strangled’ by pantyhose?

How many life-size sex dolls are ’suffocated’ by a pillow in the act of sex, over and over and over again?

How many life-size sex dolls are anally ‘raped’ against their will?

Can it be objectifying a woman if the woman is already an object?

Can an ‘injured’ life-size sex doll be used in court to show a tendency towards violence?

If this was the subject of a documentary would you shoot the television?

I am Laslo.

Unknown said...

Nick Cave covers Paul McCartnety, it soothes the nerves

Jon Ericson said...


Wilbur said...

That's about the only thing Elvis ever did that I thought was cool.

From the comment section at Snopes:
"The truth of this is in I'll Be Right Back (Simon and Schuster, 1999), the biography of talk show host Mike Douglas. According to Douglas, Elvis was irritated that Goulet had dated a singer from Elvis' group. When Goulet was a guest on The Mike Douglas Show, Elvis shot the TV set. Because this happened in a hotel, the incident surfaced in the press. Elvis was concerned about the reaction of Mike Douglas to the news story and phoned him to apologize. Douglas saw this as an opportunity to get Elvis on his show. Elvis: "I'm sorry, Mr. Douglas. Mike. I can't. Honest to God. I just can't." Douglas: "Elvis, why not? You don't even have to sing if you don't want to." Douglas tried several angles during the phone call, but Elvis refused. The TV set is on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Curious George said...

I believe there was a bar that had a raffle on Monday night during the NFL season. Winner got to shoot a TV when Howard Cosell came on.

AllenS said...

Very good, George, I remember that also.

Danno said...

Shooting the tv even happens with the unhinged people in Madison.

Jaske said...

The Glass Teat

Shawn Levasseur said...

Oh, no. Althouse has found TV Tropes... It's a good thing she's now retired.

Once entered, that site will cause you to lose hours of your life to trivia.

Beware of that before following the link to it.

Wilbur said...

I've wondered how the Stevie Wonder song "I Wish" (Looking back on when I was a little nappy-headed boy) would sound if sung by Robert Goulet. Or the JB classic "Momma Come Here Quick (And Bring Me That Lickin' Stick)".

mockturtle said...

Curious George recalls: I believe there was a bar that had a raffle on Monday night during the NFL season. Winner got to shoot a TV when Howard Cosell came on.

I remember writing countless letters to ABC begging them to get rid of him. I'm sure I wasn't the only one. What a twerp!

John henry said...

As far as I am concerned, TV has become so irrelevant over the past few years that I never watch it at all. The only exception is when I am in the living room and my wife is watching. I'll generally be reading or working on my laptop.

Occasionally something will catch my eye for a few minutes and I may pause to watch. Complete program? Nope.

I do watch some TV shows. Fargo was one, Justified another. Also some HBO like The Wire, Treme, Boardwalk Empire. Cheaper to buy them episode by episode than pay the HBO fee.

I mainly watch when I am riding my exercise bike and watch in front of my computer.

Shoot my TV? Nahhh. There is no point to it.

John Henry

Fred Drinkwater said...

The TVTropes thing isn't MY fault, I hope.
Or maybe I will be immortalized as the cause of the demise of

JML said...

Several years ago I heard this story on KMOX from one of the news personalities. Apparently his grandfather owned a couple of cop bars in St Louis. He would work all night and get home and go to bed around 7:00 to 8:00 AM. He lived on a second or third story flat and there was a narrow alley between the apartments. No AC of course, and one summer morning, he goes to bed when the fellow across the alley turns on his radio. The GF gets up, yells across the alley, the other tenet looks and the GF asked him to turn off the radio so he can get some sleep. The guy does, but then a few minutes later turns it on again. The GF yells at the guy to turn it off or there would be consequences. The guy does turn it off, but then turns it on again. The GF pulls out a .38 and leans out the window and shoots the radio. The guy calls the cops who come and after hearing the story look out the window. They ask the GF if he shot the radio -- he says he did and tells them what happened and adds at the end, "I warned him there would be consequences..." The cops arrest the radio player for disturbing the peace.