November 24, 2016

Trump victory is good for business... in this mask factory in Japan.


Fernandinande said...

Posted in the previous thread; apparently the Chinese like Trump (read the link from this link...)

From Steve Hsu
... a widely-read Weibo post (again originated from Zhihu) summarizes what Trump’s win has “taught China”, generating tens of thousands of retweets.

1. We should retain our college entrance exam system that ensures a pathway for poor kids to move up the social ladder. The American election shows how a lack of upward mobility tears apart the society;

2. China should protect its manufacturing sector and prevent it from being outsourced. America’s deindustrialization only benefits capitalists, not workers;

3. China should forcefully resist immigrants and reject political correctness. Illegal immigrants usually compete with lower working class people for jobs, not professional middle class. When the daily safety of working class residents is threatened, they should be able to protect themselves without fear of being politically incorrect.

4. China should be adamantly against excessive care for the LGBT community. Their values and choice should be tolerated, not advocated, especially not at the expense of suppressed mainstream values.”

AprilApple said...

Happy Thanksgiving

Michael K said...

I don't know where immigrants to China would be coming from.

A couple of years ago, I read a column by an American who had lived in China ten years explaining why he was leaving. Apparently, he found an increasing resistance to his presence and earning a living. I forget where it was but I was impressed.

Hagar said...

Obama's half-brother from Kenya lives in Shanghai.

Hagar said...

But normally it is the other way around. Whenever they have a revolt in China, the losing side flees abroad to avoid being exterminated at home. Thus Singapore, Taiwan, and the other Chinese enclaves around in Southeast Asia.

rhhardin said...

Today's pressing question is whether the grocery store is open. It's a bike ride to find out.

traditionalguy said...

Publix is Closed in Tampa ( lithia, Fl)

n.n said...

America’s deindustrialization only benefits financiers, environmentalists, Planned Parenthood, and urban politicians.

traditionalguy said...

Chia Trump is available Amazon Althouse for Christmas.
Portal. The hair grows in green, but a real Trump lover overlooks that detail.

No word on whether the hair comes in a CRAZY drug in Colorado.

Laslo Spatula said...

I want the Ivanka mask.

And I want it 'functional'.

At least the mouth hole.

In case I was being too subtle.

I am Laslo.

walter said...

Those are different than the masks I saw for sale at Wisconsin rallies.
I should have picked up some Trump that bitch! shirts.

walter said...

Laslo, I don't think that's Kosher.