November 18, 2016

"Over the past two years, we found that a total of 127 deaths have been reported to be caused due to selfies, of which a whopping 76 deaths occurred in India alone!"

"Table 1 shows the country-wise distribution of selfie casualties across the world."

"The reasons for these selfie casualties were found to broadly belong to the following categories (Figure 2)..."

Via The Daily News, "‘Me, Myself and My Killfie’ study shows India has suffered nearly 60% of the world’s 127 selfie deaths":
The researchers also broke down the fatalities by age and gender. Men died from dangerous selfies much more commonly than women, even though earlier studies showed that women were more likely to click selfies.


Big Mike said...

Seems as though selfies put a new twist on the evergreen "Hey, Bubba, hold my beer and watch me do this!"

Curious George said...

Th also lead the world in Bollywood movies. Coincidence?

Ignorance is Bliss said...

What I want to know is what percentage successfully took the picture. If you actually got a picture of your own death, it would be totally worth it. What would suck is if you died before you got the picture taken. Or maybe you get the picture taken, but the camera and picture are destroyed in the accident. Total bummer.

Laslo Spatula said...

Daddy Issues America...

"Mom -- Can I not go to Dad's this weekend?"

"Why, Amanda?"

"It's kinda gross."

"You can tell me, honey. I'm not just your Mother, I'm also your friend..."

"Well... Dad found selfies of me on the Internet."

"What kind of selfies, Amanda?"

"It wasn't like I was giving blow-jobs in them or nothing: just, you know, bra-and-panties, side-boob, under-boob -- that kind of stuff."

"That seems rather innocent, nowadays. Your Dad, though -- he's old-fashioned, he probably just doesn't get that that is something young girls do today."

"It's not just that, Mom."

"Then what IS it, Amanda?"

"These were on a 'Teenage Girls' website. Which means Dad is checking out young girls on the Internet. He's probably even jerking off to them. Ew."

"Maybe he came across them by accident."

"No, you have to create an account. I think I know which screen-name is his in the comments."

"He comments on the pictures?"

"Yeah. He's "BuffDaddyNineInches110472."

"11-04-72? That's his birthday."

"That's what kinda gave it away, Mom."

"What does he say about the girls?"

"Gross old-man stuff. Mom. How he's good-looking and likes to buy gifts for young women. He compliments them for having perky breasts and pert butts."

"That does sound like your Dad: he still uses words like that."

"It gets worse than that, Mom. He then starts asking them if they've ever sucked cocks before -- he'll add a "Ha Ha! Just kidding!" but that just makes it even creepier."

"Honey, your Dad may be a creep, but most men are today, I'm afraid."

"But he comments on MY pictures, Mom. He says that I have perky breasts and a pert butt."

"Oh my..."

"Mom? Does Dad wish he could, you know, fuck me?"

"I'm sure your Dad is just pretending, Amanda."

"Yeah, maybe. But even 'pretending' is kinda gross."

"Well, maybe we'll just have you stay home this weekend. We'll say you're ill."

"Thanks, Mom! I knew you'd be there for me."

"Always, Amanda: That's what a mother does..."

I am Laslo.

The Cracker Emcee Refulgent said...

When I hear about some hapless tourist getting stomped by a bison in Yellowstone I always think that it's a safe bet that they're Asian or German. Neither are very strong on the concept of personal space.

mikee said...

All that data shows is that India has the best system for REPORTING selfie deaths in the world.

And as to Yellowstone bison stompings, the bison are unfailingly non-racist, non-ethnic, and non-gender biased in their stompings. It is a base calumny on the bison's celebration of diversity to declare otherwise. I've even seen bison stomp a sagebrush into the ground for some imagined offense against good grazing. God bless 'em for that, at least.