November 18, 2016

"Metallica joins Jimmy and The Roots in the Tonight Show Music Room to perform 'Enter Sandman' with classroom instruments."

James Hetfield - Vocals, Toy clarinet
Jimmy Fallon - Vocals, Bass Drum, Casio Keyboard, Kazoo
Lars Ulrich - Fisher Price Drum, Toy Cymbals
Kirk Hammett - Melodica
Robert Trujillo - Baby Electric Axe
Questlove - Hand Clappers, Kazoo
Kamal Gray - Xylophone
James Poyser - Melodica
Captain Kirk - Ukulele
Tuba Gooding Jr. - Kazoo, Banana Shaker, Apple Shaker
Mark Kelley - Kazoo
Frank Knuckles - Bongos
Black Thought - Tambourine, Brown Hat
For reference, here's the original "Enter Sandman" video.


Curious George said...

No link for the original.

Ann Althouse said...




Curious George said...

First comment at the link:

"Dexter Morgan20 hours ago
Who else came here again because of Jimmy Fallon? Sorry for my good english, i am British."


robother said...

There really is a Tuba Gooding, Jr.? Is the third brother named Poobah?

Bay Area Guy said...


I never got into Heavy Metal music in the 80s, thought it was too loud and dark. But whenever I think of Enter Sandman, I think of Mariano Rivera entering the 9th Inning to close out a win for the Yankees. So that's good.

Alan said...

Robother: Tuba Gooding Jr. is the nickname of Damon Bryson. He plays the sousaphone in the Roots (the "house band" for the Tonight Show). Why does a hip-hop band have a sousaphone player? I suspect that the answer is simply "because they can".

Yancey Ward said...

That was awesome!

Saint Croix said...

My favorite one of those is

Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel

Saint Croix said...


Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and Christina Aguilera

Unknown said...

I may have to start watching his show. It looks like he is having a good time.

gsgodfrey said...

It doesn't beat the smooth jazz version.