October 26, 2016

"Well, my concern is that they are so ham-handed about it — they're so obvious about it — that it won't work."

Said Bob Wright, early last month, worrying that the media bias against Trump:

(I've blogged this clip before — here and here.)


buwaya puti said...

Wright is not an honest man.
He wants others to compromise their professional ethics, but in an effective way.

Sebastian said...

""Well, my concern is that they are so ham-handed about it — they're so obvious about it — that it won't work." Depends on what the meaning of "work" is. The MSM aren't needed to defeat the clueless clown; he can accomplish that without their help. But the medium is the message, and prog saturation of the medium is the message amplified: thou shalt have no unorthodox thoughts, thou shalt bow down before thy new gods. Fall in line, or else. It works.

Brando said...

It'd be nice if journalism wasn't about "making it work" and was more about "reporting what is". But then, that's fantasy land.

Overkill does tend to backfire, though.

dreams said...

This seems pretty bias to me.


dreams said...

Wright is a girly man.

Hagar said...

Off topic.
MSNBC has up a link to Megyn Kelly's donnybrook over Trump's candidacy with Newt Gingrich last night.

BTW, what is up with all the politicians and show anchors on TV bragging about their experience as former prosecutors?
Why no defense lawyers?

Gahrie said...

Yeah...don't be worried about media bias...be worried that the bias won't be effective.

You people are the reason Trump exists.

Greg Hlatky said...

"It won't work."

Sure it will. Remember the motto of the Obama-Clinton movement: What are you going to do about it?

Mike said...

I'm sure that's a nagging fear of a lot of the stasi-like MSM-DNC-Hollywood complex. Once they are all-in for the monoculture of corruption then what? What do they do after November 8? How do they convincingly strike a neutral pose when all of them have been exposed as tools for the D candidate?

Let's hold them accountable. Let's start running PSAs where we expose every Hollywood idiot who cut a commercial for Obamacare. Let's remind America what these "celebrities" used their personal brands to foist on the rest of us, knowing it wouldn't affect their health care. Would they even notice?

No. For 30 years the news industry has been crying about losing eyeballs and subscribers. They keep scratching their heads and blaming the internet, or the vast choice of channels on cable. But add up all the newspaper subscribers and all the eyeballs taking in news of any structured type and... the numbers are still dismal. Less than 30% of the viewership they had pre-Reagan. Public trust even lower than for Congress! And still they will not examine what THEY are doing to cause this lack of trust.

As the other professor likes to say, "even a flatworm learns to turn away from pain." So we are stuck with a press propaganda force with the morals of marsupials and the less sense than invertebrates.

grackle said...

I watched Morning Joe this AM. I do that once in awhile. What whores they are! Mika and Joe are the couple in charge of the house.

Joe starts hedging his bets right off the bat. Paraphrase: Hillary hasn’t won yet. There’s a troubling poll from Florida that shows Trump ahead of Hillary! How can that beeeeee! When Joe is nervous he’s loud. The other whores exchange knowing glances.

Halperin tries to maintain a semblance of integrity, confines himself mainly to the obvious and the neutral. He’s like a whore that won’t do anal.

Although in her middle forties Nicolle Wallace is the official house ingenue and the certified eGOP/Bush mouthpiece in the group. Paraphrase: I just cannot understand it. Trump’s supporters stand by him even after all that we(the media) have said about him(furrowed brow, whining tone, puzzled expression). Poor baby.

Willie Geist is there to “chime in.” He’s like the guy in the meeting who always seconds the motions. He gives reinforcement to the memes introduced by others.

They’ve got some weird take on the latest Clinton campaign email hacks. It’s all about Clinton campaign in-fighting. It’s a bit incoherent but the gist seems to be the old “if only Stalin knew” argument.


It’s all fun in the whorehouse.


Gusty Winds said...

You have to be a moron, or claim you can see the magic cloth, if you can't see through the bullshit spewed by Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show. You have to be historically ignorant not to know that George Stephanopoulos is just a Clinton political plant/hack conveniently posing as an ABC anchor. Sure...he was the Clinton attack dog in 1992, but now he's an unbiased journalist.

Face it. The average Democrat is ok with all of this. So are most "free thinking" campus intellectuals. They know it exists, just like they knew there was communist infiltration of the State Dept during the McCarthy era. They just don't care. It's what they want.

Now executives at FB, Twitter, Youtube, Yahoo, and Google are on board. Soon they will figure out ways to censor all this point to point internet communication that elites will feel got way to out of hand.

There is one chance. One warrior. On man willing to grab these assholes by the genitals and stick a fist up their asses.

Help us Obi-Trump-Kenobi. You're our only hope.

Michael K said...

"The MSM aren't needed to defeat the clueless clown;"

The all-knowing left/GOPe chant. Fingers in ears, eyes firmly closed.

I watched that MeAgain.Gingrich scene last night. Her haircut was the first clue. She is angling for the best cocktail parties to celebrate Hillary.

Fox News is now in the hands of the Murdoch kids and Ailes is gone so no adults to explain how you kill a legacy.

holdfast said...

Thanks grackle. I needed a chuckle.

buwaya puti said...

Its not really about the personnel of the press, though of course nearly all are down with this, and its likely that nearly all have been selected for their views in the first place.

Its their owners. Nothing is this coordinated between organizations that are not joined at the top.

News media no longer have a business model that makes sense on a strictly comnercial basis - making itself popular enough to attract enough paying advertising. So nearly all are subsidized one way or another, as political assets.

What you have here is the cabal of those providing these subsidies. Thats the new thing over the last decade.

It may not matter that the media is losing credibility or direct viewers, I see their influence now as content providers that feed the new media, as long as their overhead for reporters and such is covered they can continue to skew by selective reporting and spin-filled writing as in this case.

Gusty Winds said...

With the severe threat of engagement in military conflict with Russia looming (Hillary's No-Fly Zone enforcement in Syria), the media wants us, and especially women, obsessing about their pussy and whether or not Donald Trump might want to grab it.

Last night Megyn Kelley kept saying the words 'sexual predator' referring to Trump during the Gingrich interview, claiming she had no position. Yes she does. 1) She doesn't believe it to be true, and 2) she wants to taint (no pun intended) the audience or jury pool into believing its true. Ham-handed and obvious; especially after she poses for GQ doing her best imitation of sultry. If you've seen those photos she's more of a Laverne Defazio.

I can't analyze women. But I do believe many of them value their Sons, Fathers, Uncles, Grandfathers etc... Especially the Sons.

Hillary will take us to war. If women believe that will happen they will fly away. That's why the media plays all this sexual distraction with millions of lives and livelihoods on the line.

I know the women in my family are insulted by all of this. Mom, wife, in-laws, cousins...they're all Trump. Except some one's who are teachers.

Fred Rawlings said...

The Media pushed for Gay marriage and their side won.
The Media is airbrushing all of the costs of Obamacare (billions in subsidies) and are confident they can push this over the goal line also, even though it looks like from the Kaiser poll that it has never had 50% approval from the public. They think they can win this also. This will be the test of the Media and their ham-handedness.
NYT etc won't go out of business because there are plenty of liberal millionaires ready to use it as a super blog, so it is coastals vs flyover deplorables.
Funny, i wonder who the millions of liberals in NYC think will send them food if they totally piss off the deplorables.
Doctors will do anything for money, but I know some farmers who won't if they get a burr under their blanket.

Steve M. Galbraith said...

The Washington Post is unreadable.

Every day there are five stories about how Trump is like Hitler, no, he's Hitler, no he's worse than Hitler.

It's childish and sophomoric and useless. It's like a game where you challenge each other to say the worst things about Trump.

Yes, he's awful and unsuited for the presidency and it would be dangerous to elect him. Very dangerous. But this fascist and Hitler stuff is silly.

320Busdriver said...

I watched this back when the Professor first posted it. I was amused that she said something similar(@5:30) to something I said when interviewed by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Craig Gilbert in early September.

Since then I have decided that there is no way Hillary Clinton is fit to lead this nation, especially given her penchant for keeping citizens in the dark about what she is doing. Trump is a poor candidate, but we can not afford another 4 years of BO on steroids. I hope the Professor and others who feel the same way I did will come to the same conclusion.

It's a crappy day in WI and I am planning on going down to city hall and cast my vote for Trump.

Gusty Winds said...

grackle said...

The other whores exchange knowing glances.

Hilarious. You hit every character perfectly.

Forgot one. How that fake pose and look of perplexity that Mika always uses? It's the "I just don't understand" look when her cognitive dissonance kicks in. She stares at the ceiling a bit, and cocks her head with a slight Forrest Gump tilt. It's constant.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Ham-handed is a pretty good figure of speech. Dexterity is required. A delicate touch. Ham-handed means no fingers.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I don't know what Jewish people or Muslim people say to the same effect.

Kevin said...

"Why no defense lawyers?"

Didn't you hear? She got the child rapist off and is running for President.

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

I've totally dropped out when it comes to the MSM.

I no longer watch ANY cable news.
I no longer subscribe to my local liberal newspaper.
I no longer visit web sites of any major liberal news outlets.
I no longer watch the Sunday news shows.
I no longer click on MSM news stories served up to me by internet sites.

I've decided to deprive these people the opportunity to generate income from me.
If you think the media is out of control with its bias, you should do the same.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Now that I think of it, ham-fisted isn't the same thing at all.

Big Mike said...

@Mike, Morgan Freeman called me and a heck of a lot of other Americans "racists" for being angry at Obama after being forced to pay more for worse healthcare coverage. I have not seen one of his movies since then. And if Alec Baldwin is a great actor in Althouse's opinion, then Freeman is a god. Doesn't matter. He thinks I'm a racist; he can do without my money. Ditto Robert Downey, Jr. Ditto Mark Ruffalo. Ditto De Caprio.

We can live without their movies better than they can live without our attendance. You want to join me in starting a national boycott?

Gusty Winds said...

grackle said...

Halperin tries to maintain a semblance of integrity, confines himself mainly to the obvious and the neutral. He’s like a whore that won’t do anal.

I saw a clip that Helperin posted on Twitter for his Showtime special. He's standing outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London talking to some operative from inside trying to get an interview with Assange. They've got the guy grained out and his voice distorted like he's some mafia informer. They guy agrees to take one written question into Assange. Helperin writes, which part of the Podesta emails do you feel the media has not given enough attention". Assange writes back "Everything".

A few weeks ago, Hannity has Assange on his show for a 15 minute interview live via internet or satellite. No dramatic shadowy figure, just Julian live on air.

Helperin is a douchebag too. He doesn't want his limo or his invitation to the cocktail parties rescinded.

narciso said...

Nicole Wallace, let me tell you about nicole, I dubbed her norma desmond after the delusional star of sunset boulevard, she worked for katie, before working for jeb, then tdyed to his brother, she along with steve schmidt, mutually agreed to spread the jones memo, blaming the campaign they tanked on palin, but they leaked anonymous slander to halperin, heileman, to lowry et al, she was rewarded with a column in tina brown's shiny new daily beast, she was speaking all of obama's phrases for the better part of a year, and then sorted of admitted he was wrong,

tactically she was on rubio's side, during the primaries but that was just a feint.

narciso said...

I loved how she got agita, because her parents were for trump, but those two, who I dubbed after the two kibitzer's in hamlet, well that line about churchill and determining the price, is choice, you note you never see any flaw in 'game change' regarding obama, edwards is vain,
maverick is profane, the wannabe first gentleman is politically incorrect,

traditionalguy said...

The MSM have jumped the shark so far now that their game is over. The only question that remains is how many fancy vacations at our expense the Obamas can squeeze in between now and January 21, 2017.

narciso said...

mika clearly doesn't understand, she thought lincoln was a founding father, she comes from polish nobility, and the daughter of the late pm benes, yet was a dissapointment

Rick said...

He's wrong that media bias doesn't work. Most people pay very little attention to politics so the obvious overplay mostly escapes their attention. This is why it has the greatest impact on the young. As people experience life they come to recognize the manipulation and reject it.

Does he truly oppose media bias as counterproductive? Or is he defending media bias by claiming it has no impact and so anyone who opposes it should themselves be opposed.

Michael K said...

Who owns fivethirtyeight now?

Is it Bloomberg ?

Unknown said...

I think 538 is owned by ESPN (of all places), so ultimately owned by Disney.


Michael K said...

"I think 538 is owned by ESPN "

Thanks. I think he does do a lot of sports stuff,

Achilles said...

Every single one of the major media is owned by the wealthy elites. The major media is not about news any longer. Every one of those operations loses money. They are bought and subsidized for a purpose. The media is a centrally run operation. They all say the same things. Obama has made the people who own the media fantastic amounts of money and power. They want Hillary with a passion.

I have heard people say conservatives should buy or start a news operation. The problem is when you have money your interests change just like Murdoch did. Ailes was removed in a coordinated action to clear the way. We are past the point where a Fox News will move the needle if Hillary wins. The FCC will see to it.

traditionalguy said...

So Trump has a point. If Hillary wins, or is declared winner by rigged vote counts, then the independence of a constitutional covenant based USA has ended.

Dr Weevil said...

What Trump needs to do if and when he wins:
1. Offer a million-dollar reward for a current list of members of Journolist, or whatever it's calling itself now. (It's had at least three names we know of, probably four or five in all.) Look into whether a conspiracy to corrupt the news media and violate the 1st Amendment is a criminal conspiracy. If so, sic the FBI on them.
2. Ban all known members of of any incarnation of Journolist from press conferences, not just at the White House, but the Pentagon and every other federal agency. Coordinated journalism is not journalism, so they shouldn't be there. Also ban Federal employees from appearing on talk shows with Journolist members.
3. Ban all known members of Journolist and their spouses and siblings from any position of trust in the Federal government. There are way too many power couples in D.C.
4. After the screaming dies down, ban any organization that employs any Journolist member from sending anyone else to press conferences. If (e.g.) the Washington Post won't fire all their Journolisters, they can't send anyone to White House press conferences.
5. Banning the big-league Democrat-shill pseudo-journalists will make room for actual (a-not-o) journalists willing to do their jobs. Invite the Daily Inter Lake of Kalispell, MT to send a reporter. Invite reasonable non-shill bloggers to send a reporter: Instapundit and Althouse have day jobs, but could each send a trusted representative.
6. Make a point of inviting real journalists and bloggers (e.g. Patterico) who despise Trump but are honest and fair-minded about it. There must be a few such people somewhere.
7. Point and laugh as all the Journolisters starve in the gutter.

HoodlumDoodlum said...

Gusty Winds said..Help us Obi-Trump-Kenobi. You're our only hope.

That's the saddest damn thing I've read today.
Well, it's early.

Sebastian said...

""The MSM aren't needed to defeat the clueless clown;" The all-knowing left/GOPe chant. Fingers in ears, eyes firmly closed." Huh? Cynical conservative here. Reasons: Electoral College favors Dems, smart GOP candidate must make play for the middle to swing swing states. Dems do GOTV, GOP must match. Dems run weak old candidate with husband sex issues; GOP can counter with accomplished woman or young minority candidate without sex issues, to neutralize war-on-women meme. But no such luck. Of course MSM stink. Etc. Etc. They help but aren't "needed."

buwaya puti said...

More to the point, as to what is to be done -
Start prosecution of Carlos Slim and Jeff Bezos.
The rest will get the point.

Michael K said...

"If so, sic the FBI on them."

You're kidding, right ?

Michael K said...

GOP can counter with accomplished woman or young minority candidate without sex issues, to neutralize war-on-women meme. But no such luck.

That was the plan until Trump. The only one crazy enough to take on Hillary and the left on their own terms was Trump.

I was not a fan and I have grave reservations but I voted for him and I think he just may win.

I gave money to Carly but she could not bring herself to talk about immigration. Too many H1B visas in her background, probably.

Rubio was not credible after The Gang of 8.

I could go on but you must get the idea.

grackle said...

… let me tell you about nicole … she along with steve schmidt … etc.

Interesting history. I haven’t seen Schmidt for awhile. He used to be almost a regular on Morning Joe. Could it be because his bombastic pronouncements have all been so wrong? He was predicting Trump’s defeat almost daily during the primaries. Everyone and anyone but Trump was going to be the nominee. Rubio was the one, then Cruz’s now infamous “ground game” was gonna destroy Trump. Spittle was literally flying out of his mouth during one segment I witnessed.

The eGOP committed a major blunder by not immediately and forcefully endorsing their party’s nominee for POTUS. It’s going to hurt them, bad, real bad. Voters like me will make sure of that. Kelly Ayotte is a case in point. Trump will win New Hampshire. Ayotte will not. The weak-willed and timid will be swept away, THAT I can tell you.

If I’m Trump I’m thinking that I can deal with the Democrats in Congress about as well as backbiting, mealy-mouthed pseudo-intellectual fuckers like Ryan and the rest of the eGOP. At least there’s no pretense with the Democrats. Why should it matter to Trump which enemy opposes him? I say fuck’em all for the same.

It’s pussy-grabbing time in America.


Big Mike said...

@grackle, I sort of like Ayotte. And Trump will need a Republican Senate or he'll get zero judges confirmed.

Earnest Prole said...

Any Republican politician not prepared to deal with media bias should immediately choose another line of work.

narciso said...

schmidt was hired for one race, dudley in 2010, he gets more like dr evil every year, his protege rick wilson, handled the primary challenge against rubio, was crushed like a bug on a rug,

Dr Weevil said...

Earnest Prole:
Your statement is ambiguous. By "deal with", do you mean "put up with without complaining"? Or do you mean "take care of, by changing the system to vastly reduce the bias"? I'm all in favor of the latter, and suggested some first steps in my 10:44am comment. Can't tell where you stand at all.

damikesc said...

I watched that MeAgain.Gingrich scene last night. Her haircut was the first clue. She is angling for the best cocktail parties to celebrate Hillary.

She wants to leave FNC, it seems. Can't blame her. I'm done watching it also.

Earnest Prole said...

Dr Weevil: You speak First Amendment like a second language.

Dr Weevil said...

Earnest Prole:
How about answering the question instead of insulting the questioner? You write English like someone who doesn't care whether anyone understands what he writes - neither earnest nor proley.

Bad Lieutenant said...

Dr W,

Feel free to press him but really, he's answered your question: he is a TWANLOC.

traditionalguy said...

As for suggestions, I say start up a new Trump News Network on wifi. Hire Maryanne Conway to run it. Hire Newt and Huckabee who have experience.

C Stanley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
C Stanley said...

Like Michael K I laughed at the commenter who suggested that Trump should doc the FBI on Journolist.

But it would be great if he would announce specific plans. Talk about some of the collusion that is evidenced in the emails and announce what he will do- like barring the perpetrators from the WH press corps. Any journalist caught colluding with candidates shouldn't be given press passes to cover the next administration, and their employers should be held responsible.

C Stanley said...

I don't know who Bob Wright and can't watch the video is so I don't know if his comment just came out wrong (if he was trying to say that the reporters should be concerned from their perspective) or if he was really rooting for them to be more efficacious in tipping the scales. If the latter- what a horrible jerk.

Earnest Prole said...

How about answering the question instead of insulting the questioner?

What part of “Congress shall make no law” seems unintelligible to you?

Big Mike said...

Any journalist caught colluding with candidates shouldn't be given press passes to cover the next administration, and their employers should be held responsible.

He already has my vote, but dang!

Dr Weevil said...

Earnest Prole seems to have a problem with reading comprehension, as well as lack of earnestness and proliness.

I never suggested any role for Congress in a hypothetical Trump attempt to restore the professionalism of the press. Surely Congress has no say in who is admitted to White House press conferences, any more than the President has any say in who is admitted to Congressional press conferences. Does (e.g.) the Washington Post have a constitutional right to admission? I don't think so. They can write anything they want (duh!), but access is a privilege, not a right. Does Earnest Prole think the media should have sued Hillary when she went eight months (I think it was) without a press conference? Even our corrupt, contemptible, and very stupid news media weren't stupid enough to try that.

I never suggested any action for Congress. It can prevent the President from appointing some people to executive positions by voting them down, but what can they do if he fails to appoint some people they would like him to appoint? That's not a rhetorical question: what can Congress do if he refuses to appoint any present or former Journolister or spouse or sibling of a Journolister to executive office?

Earnest Prole said...

Look into whether a conspiracy to corrupt the news media and violate the 1st Amendment is a criminal conspiracy. If so, sic the FBI on them.

You propose it's a crime for like-minded journalists to talk among themselves, and the FBI should be charged with ferreting out violations. What could possibly go wrong?

As I said, you speak First Amendment like a second language.

Gusty Winds said...

narciso said...

In regards to Mika:

she comes from polish nobility

This explains why she is both annoying and hot.

Dr Weevil said...

Poor Earnest Prole can't seem to figure out that coordinating news stories with political campaigns, that is, slanting and even falsifying the news to help your favored party rather than reporting the facts "without fear or favor", is not exactly journalism: it's political campaigning masquerading as journalism. We all know the press spends as much time today concealing or diminishing newsworthy facts (anything favorable to Trump or unfavorable to Hillary) as they do revealing and often exaggerating others. I don't claim to know whether that does or does not constitute a violation of the 1st Amendment. That's why I wrote "Look into": it's a hypothesis that it may be so. It certainly violates the spirit of the 1st amendment. That violation doesn't seem to bother our 'Earnest Prole' at all. Nor does he seem at all interested in actually arguing that Journolist is not a criminal conspiracy to subvert the Republic by helping to fix elections.
Of course, EP doesn't even have the decency to admit that I said nothing about Congress. Is he trying to look like a contemptible troll or a paid shill for the Clinton campaign?

Earnest Prole said...

I said nothing about Congress

For the FBI to investigate a crime, Congress must first make a law. Your accent seems to be getting stronger.

Dr Weevil said...

Whatever, troll. Now I have an "accent"? WTF is that even supposed to mean? And why don't you address any of my actual proposals, rather than sneering at the one thing I suggested looking into without actually offering any argument on it? Are you quite certain that nothing done by Journolist is covered by any of the tens of thousands of laws already passed by Congress? If so, what is your authority for thinking that? Are you a Constitutional lawyer? Or just a common or garden variety asshole?

grackle said...

I sort of like Ayotte. And Trump will need a Republican Senate or he'll get zero judges confirmed.

After President Trump gets through with the fucked-up, hapless, hopeless idiots we laughingly call “the Senate,” who couldn’t cover their own farts with a pizza pan, they’ll be willing and eager to confirm Trump’s 10 year-old son, should President Trump so desire.

That definitely includes the Democrat Senators. A lot of blue states are about to flip to red and they had better be accommodating IF they want to be re-elected. Senate elections come again in two years – plenty of time for bully-pulpit Trump to flog their constituents back home.

I liked Ayotte too, once. But she choose … poorly. As I said before – it was a major blunder that the eGOP did not choose to support their party’s nominee. They have no one to blame but themselves for that.

Poor Ayotte was only doing what she correctly thought was eGOP orthodoxy, what she thought was the safe course, the politically correct choice, what her party’s leaders wanted. Rubio made a similar mistake with the gang of 8, which he correctly believed the eGOP approved of. But not the primary voters, eh? The fucking eGOP has led a lot of probably OK Republicans down the rosy path to ruin. Too bad, so sad, bye, bye.

They are all so used to the MSM yoke that they hardly know it’s there anymore. It’s become part of their anatomy and has made them into Democrats in all but name. But … the weak-willed and timid shall be swept away.

buwaya said...

"she comes from polish nobility

This explains why she is both annoying and hot."

She is also a grand-niece of Edward Benes, President of Czechoslovakia and a Czech national hero. Lots of eastern-Europe top-quality genes in that one. But the implied talent is not evident. Perhaps ruined by an American education?

narciso said...

that's what I was referring to, back then zbig seemed to be the one eyed man in the carter kingdom, in retrospect I was too charitable,