October 27, 2016

"The Oued Zem scammers trawl Facebook for victims, and as soon as a man answers a video call..."

"... they activate software that shows the victim a pre-recorded video of a girl downloaded from a porn webcam site. They are so familiar with this video that they are able to chat-message their victims at exactly the points where the girl appears to be typing on the keyboard...."
[One of the scammers, "Omar," says]: "The weak point of Arabs is sex. So you look for their weaknesses, and you exploit them. The other weakness is when they are married, for example. You can exploit that. Then there are the really religious guys. You see someone who looks like a sheikh, carrying the Koran, and you think, 'There's no way he'll fall for this - but let's try him anyway.' And when you try, he falls for it."

Omar says he earns about $500 (£400) every day from the scam, and that hundreds of other young men in Oued Zem are doing the same.


Mike Sylwester said...

The secret sex life of one of al Qaeda’s most fearsome members

On Dec. 13, 2001, a mild but blustery day, Anwar al-Awlaki drove his white Dodge Caravan across the Potomac into Washington and parked west of Dupont Circle. He’d purchased the used minivan when he’d moved to Virginia to accommodate his growing family — after seven years of marriage, he and his wife, Gihan, had three children.

Such solo drives had become routine for him, though the settings varied; sometimes it was a motel in a seedier part of the city, or tonier lodging in the sprawling Virginia suburbs. This time it was the Marriott Residence Inn on P Street toward the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

In a Washington Post online chat a few weeks earlier, he had explained that Muslims abstained from sexual activity during Ramadan between sunrise and sunset. It was 2:30 p.m. when he made his way to Room 1010, where a young woman from Texas awaited.

He was a computer engineer, born in India and now living in California, Awlaki told her. He was polite and apologized for sneezing so much, explaining that he was suffering from hay fever. He handed over $220 and she performed oral sex on him. He “finished very quickly” and asked her for another round, the woman would later recount. But she was trying to raise the money to go to college in Florida and said he’d have to pay another $220. He said he’d pay again only for full sexual intercourse. She declined and he went on his way. He was a busy man, after all.

Awlaki was becoming one of the most famous Muslim clerics in America, imam at the big Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Va. After 9/11, he was a fixture on television and in newspapers, denouncing the attacks and saying that Americans had nothing to fear from Islam.

The FBI wasn’t so sure. After a series of testy, inconclusive interviews with Awlaki in September 2001, the bureau assigned the Special Surveillance Group to keep tabs on him, to see if he was keeping any secrets.

He was. But it had nothing to do with terrorism.

In the months after 9/11, the watchers from the SSG followed Awlaki to assignations with prostitutes at the Wyndham City Center, the Melrose, the Monarch, Avenue Suites, the Swissotel, and more.

Agents would follow up with the women later the same day or the next day, asking about Awlaki’s words and actions. ....

(The article continues.)


rehajm said...

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MikeR said...

I always get a lot of pleasure from real ingenuity.

mikee said...

I, for one, would like to see how much moolah could be extracted from such persons to save kittens from the horrors of a life spent in captivity to cat jugglers.


Howard said...

Similar concept for the premise of an episode of the latest season of Black Mirror on Netflix. It's a series similar to the twilight zone updated for the reality TV/social media age.
Black Mirror S3 E3

Ann Althouse said...

If this Facebooker's Moroccan, don't come a-knockin'.

Birches said...

I've often thought that most suicide bombers and jihadis have some sort of shame that they fear will keep them out of paradise, that's why jihad becomes so attractive. I feel really bad for them in a way. How warped is your mind that you think jihad is the easy way out. But I know it can happen, I have a family relation who worked in health care and became addicted to an opiate. He was trying to figure out if his wife would get the life insurance if he killed himself because he couldn't comprehend how he could come clean. Traffic stop eventually did it for him.