October 23, 2016

Lake Mendota, today.



Scott said...

If you know your spouse is voting for Hillary Clinton, does it make it more difficult to have sex with her (or him)?

320Busdriver said...

Nice exposure, looks nearly hdr

Bob Ellison said...

Every spring, the mature trees around here look around and say to each other, my plan is to put up half a ton of leaves over the next few weeks, and they all agree that's a good idea.

Every fall, they look around and say, well, look, that copper beech is hanging on, but me, I'm dropping; what say you?, and they agree.

Treemob mentality.

traditionalguy said...

We went to see the movie of the Jack Reacher book, " You can't Go Back." It started out with 40 minutes close to the book, but then finished with a boring hour of kung fu fights, car chase crashes and a feminist message with an acceptable plot, but one that is not in Lee Child's book.

I did not guess that a Lee Child book would support a Chick flick.