October 30, 2016

"Both campaigns live in fear of one thing: the last seven days of the election being a referendum on why they stink. "

Said Mike Murphy (the Republican strategist) on "Meet the Press" today.

And the NPR host Audie Cornish chimed in:
I think for that last few months, we've learned that any time one of them is under the spotlight, they get roughed up in the polls. They don't look good. There's never a time they're in the spotlight and people say, "Gee, I think I like that person after all."
It made me think of the line from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame": "I frighten you. I am very ugly, am I not? Do not look at me..."


Jack Wayne said...

Mike is a useful fool. I don't think that way about Trump at all.

Michael K said...

Murphy is the left's favorite Republican.

For a reason

Bob Ellison said...

Audie Cornish...

I listen to NPR every day. This morning they were talking about how awful Trump is.

They have this weird news-observance show on weekends, something like "On the Media", and it's like a trip into a middle-school show on how to do a bad show about a bad show about other shows.

Cacimbo Cacimbo said...

Mike Murphy worked on McCains 2000 campaign. In 2008 he worked hard to sabatoge the McCain campaign in general and Palin in particular from the outside while his buddy Nicole Wallace destroyed the campaign internally. The result - lotsa paid media gigs. Great example of why Republicans lose. They hire weasels like this.

Ann Althouse said...

I used to listen to NPR, back when I drove my car alone a lot and I didn't have satellite radio.

traditionalguy said...
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traditionalguy said...

Trump has connected to most Americans' hearts and minds now, and they are way past the old knee jerk reaction of hating a Bombastic man who fights back when Megyn Kelly trashes him on orders from Murdoch.

The pro Clinton Media Army has been defeated, and they don't even know it yet. But as an old joke's punch line goes, "Just waits till they tries to turn their heads."

jacksonjay said...

I predicted six months ago (on Twitter)that it would only be a matter of time before Chucky brought Murphy back to his Sunday morning party to mock and disparage Republicans. This would be the same Mike Murphy who blew through $100 million on behalf of Jeb! His strategy, take down Little Marco. What a thief! No surprise, Murphy blocked me on Twitter. That goofy, on again, off again Hugh Hewitt also blocked me for questioning his sanity!!

Not sure which Republican I despise more, Murphy or Colin Powell.

rcocean said...

Mike Murphy is a loser. But the power elite loves him. He raised $100 million for Jeb. Who lost. He hated Palin. He "advised" Mitt during his losing 2008 campaign. He was also a close adviser to Christie Todd Whitman, John McCain, and Spenser Abraham.

Just one winner after another. But his wife works in Hollywood. So, he's on TV a lot.

Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

"Both campaigns live in fear of one thing: the last seven days of the election being a referendum on why they stink."

Hillary assuredly stinks. Benghazi, and a pile of other stuff aside, the use of a private email server to elude supervision of your employer (that would be the citizenry) is disqualifying.

Trump can be rather candid, crude even. Yet lack of PC straitjacketing is refreshing - particularly when listening to his actual words, not what the media morph them into.

Trump may have some ethics issues. Who does not? Whatever, his ethics are well, well, short of the lawlessness, shamelessness, and money grubbing of the Clintons.

But mostly, it is SO REFRESHING to find someone running for elected office who is not (or likely does not aspire to be, or whose father was not) a career office holder.

(Whatever, Hammond has voted - and not for a major party candidate.)

Michael McClain said...

All of this because Hillary! considers herself above any rules and any law. Try as she might, this is all her fault.

mockturtle said...

Republican strategist

LOL! As I said earlier, the GOP is finished.

Comanche Voter said...

Well when both sides stink like a seven day dead skunk in the middle of the road, who knows what will happen?

mockturtle said...

There's never a time they're in the spotlight and people say, "Gee, I think I like that person after all."

So, is it important that we like the candidate in order to vote for him/her? Is it important to like our President? To me, it is far more important the he/she does an able job in office and that I agree with his/her agenda.

Guildofcannonballs said...

So Trump didn't get any media hence won the GOP nomination, again because if no spotlight.

All those wh thought Trump was given, or Hell even took the spotlight and skull-fucked it, those people are Nazi.


Also I am naming my debut "Ladder Rattles" and acknowledging this blog.

narciso said...

exactly cacimbo, although norma desmond and dr. evil, were just carrying out the jones memo,
which was agreed upon by mccain, murphy and noonan, were 'caught' on the hot mike, pretending to be embarassed, and madden was fed the cover story about the wardrobe, about two weeks out from the campaign, only schuneman and beigun, actually publically supported her,

Hagar said...

Hillary! is not just personally corrupt.
Clinton, Inc. is an industrial scale organized influence peddling clearing house operation.

tim in vermont said...

I used to listen to Satellite Radio until I got Bluetooth in my car. Now I just listen to Premium Pandora or Premium Spotify, or books from Audible, podcasts, whatever. I never have to hear an ad in my car, and all of those blurbs for the channel you are listening to, those are ads. Not to mention that Satellite Radio often gets political in their song selections. If you listen to Outlaw Country, which I liked to do from time to time, there are now a lot of songs about how Mexican Immigrants are just like us, and about beating up white racist bigots in bars. You know, "message songs." The message being that white working class men are deplorable.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Or is it "Latter Raddles" my friends?

Damnit, not again, not today,

Hagar said...

And, BTW, i believe Comey has stated that, yes, the FBI also has an ongoing investigation of Clinton, Inc.

Guildofcannonballs said...

There is, a spotlight,
In Supreme Nom'nees,
Whose hues are stark to some.

He is, a man,
Wisdom asks for pass',
Down, far in D.C.

Now the only man,
bigger than,
That town, they call D.C.
He is the only one with eyes,
The only one's eyes who see.

He is the greatest man alive,
Not of course name me.

"An Ode to Thomas"

No rights reserved but all killed for.

Terry said...

Mike Murphy is an open borders guy. He is, in fact, the most vocally open border Republican I have ever heard. He is all "Hispanics are the future of the of the Republican Party, and anyone who has even the slightest reservations about that is a bigot."
Mike Murphy is one of the most important causes ofTrump being the GOP candidate for president this year.

Michael K said...

I think Mukasey in the WSJ nails it.

Why would an FBI director, who at one time was an able and aggressive prosecutor, agree to such terms or accept such a fantastic story?

The search for clues brings us to an email to then-Secretary Clinton from President Obama, writing under a pseudonym, that the FBI showed to Ms. Abedin. That email, along with 21 others that passed between the president and Secretary Clinton, has been withheld by the administration from release on confidentiality grounds not specified but that could only be executive privilege.

After disclosure of those emails, the president said during an interview that he thought Mrs. Clinton should not be criminally charged because there was no evidence that she had intended to harm the nation’s security—a showing required under none of the relevant statutes. As indefensible as his legal reasoning may have been, his practical reasoning is apparent: If Mrs. Clinton was at criminal risk for communicating on her nonsecure system, so was he.

This is self preservation by Obama and Lynch and Comey were ordered to back off. I doubt Lynch needed any instruction.

Tim said...

This is self preservation by Obama and Lynch and Comey were ordered to back off. I doubt Lynch needed any instruction.

And she just took the fifth in a different investigation.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I voted Glenn.

Achilles said...

"And she just took the fifth in a different investigation."

How on gods green earth is it okay for the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the country to refuse to testify about anything on the grounds that they could be incriminating themselves for breaking the law.

Brando said...

That pretty much sums up this election. When's the last time we saw an election where the best strategy was to try and be ignored so the voters would only focus on your opponent?

Doesn't bode well for the next four to eight years.