October 30, 2016

At the Red Leaf Café...


... you can talk about whatever you want.

And, please, if you've got some shopping to do, use the Althouse Amazon Portal.

Photo taken this afternoon at Picnic Point.


Laslo Spatula said...
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Laslo Spatula said...

Sketchy Guy Who Works at the Adult Bookstore says:

So I'm ringing this guy up -- eight DVDs of Black Guy/Teen White Girl Anal Porn -- and he asks me: "What do you think about the Election?"

"What?" I say, not really paying attention.

"Crazy election this year, isn't it?"

Like I want to talk politics with some greasy dude I've never met who's buying eight DVDs of Big Black Guy/Teen White Girl Anal Porn.

"I mean, this year is nuts, right?" he says.

"Sure," I say, hoping that will shut him up but I know it won't.

"What a fucking choice," he says, smiling at me for responding to him.

"Choices are choices," I reply. " Some people like Big Black Guy/Teen White Girl Anal Porn, some like Big Black Guy/Teen White BOY Anal Porn. Right?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess..."

"And some like Big Black Guy/UNDERAGE White Girl Anal Porn, if they only knew where to find it. Internet searches can be tricky that way: you never know who is watching..."

"I don't like the idea of underage porn," the guy says, sweating upon his brow.

"I'm sure you don't. No one likes it: that's why there is no underage porn. Anywhere."


"Especially the underage white blue-eyed blonde girls in their little dresses. With big black men in dreadlocks with gold teeth. No one ever wants to see THAT."

"Can I just get those put in a bag?" he says, his lip trembling.

"I only have these clear plastic bags, sir. How far away did you park?"

"Uh: I took the bus..."

"Oh my, that's gonna be awkward."

"You sure you don't have anything more... discreet?"

"Wait!" I say, reaching under the counter. "I have THIS" I say, and I slap a blue 'Hillary for President' bumper sticker on his clear plastic bag of Big Black Guy/Teen White Girl Anal Porn.

"That should work," I say as he leaves, desperately trying to hide his bag under his shirt.

Like I want to talk politics with you, asshole...

Stranger things have happened to me here at the Book Store...

I am Laslo.

Lyle Sanford, RMT said...

love that pic - so graceful

traditionalguy said...

A flock of young falcons just outplayed Aaron Rodgers. This has been one hell of a weekend.

The Falcons have got a good coach now. It is a wonder seeing what good leadership applied consistently to talented men group of can do.

Kathryn51 said...

Bad day for Seahawks, but I am finally able to watch cable news because there is some semblance of equal news.

Re: Amason - My wish list is usually based on recommendations from Glenn R (Instapundit).

My suggestion: the Althouse/Meade suggested gifts, wish list (for each other) whatever. I'm pretty sure I would like a few items that you folks like. At least a handful.

Unknown said...

men in shorts