September 10, 2016

Video of Sonia Sotomayor's appearance at the University of Wisconsin Law School.



Bob Ellison said...

I like her humility and awareness of her weird situation. She seems like a person one could have a beer with.

Bob Ellison said...

Such a good speaker, too. Ideas, sentences, paragraphs, all delivered at an appropriate pace.

I worry that excellent communicators with no merit inevitably rise to prominence. Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx.

Martha said...

that was worth watching

thank you for link

Jonathan Graehl said...

she seems lovely as a person in this. and seems to believe in "right" decisions as in technically correct ones, no matter the awareness and care for emotions of parties she's ruling on.

as a tired white man, i was a little peeved by her much quoted "as a wise latina" (which i didn't see in context)

director: no upskirt shots please

PBandJ_LeDouanier said...

If this NY gal gets a gargoyle it would be an outrage for the famous law prof blog gal to be short changed.

Hers has probably been lurking in one of the previous Meadehouse house pics, I'll need to pay closer attention.