September 2, 2016

That reality show that Donald Trump made with Omarosa.

Watch the trailer, here. I only made it halfway through (and I was trying).

Back in the earliest months of this blog, I blogged "The Apprentice." It was the season with Omarosa. I said: 
Meanwhile, I keep finding people coming to my blog after Googling "Omarosa + suing," so I guess I better find out what that's all about so as not to disappoint people. Especially, now that writing that will cause my site to come up even higher when they Google that. I'm thinking she's trying to sue her way back on the show or collect some cash on the theory that they aggravated her concussion by pressuring her to work for 48 hours straight without a sit-down lunch break. She shouldn't sue though. Omarosa don't sue! Don't you realize millions of people find you immensely entertaining? You could have a whole reality show built around you--I'd call it "Drama Queen"--but who will want to deal with you if you show yourself to be all litigious?
ADDED: The show was not called "Drama Queen." It was called "The Ultimate Merger." It was one of those find-a-husband shows.


eric said...

I watched the show back then. Me and the wife.

I also watched a show called the Benefactor. It was supposed to be Mark Cuban showing Donald Trump how it's done. But the Benefactor only had six episodes and it sucked. I tried to find it online but couldn't. I remember Mark Cuban talking about how much he hated Trump back then. 12 years ago.

Wish I could find those clips. Cuban has made himself a critic in this presidential race and people think he is neutral. He isnt. He has had it out for Trump for a long time.

I thought Omarossa would have it out for Trump also. She is quite the attention grabber. Drama queen, as you say. Figured she could get a lot more attention by claiming controversy with Trump.

He must have really made an impression on her.

Laslo Spatula said...

From 'The Community of Color Gazette':

"Woman of Color Decides Not to Sue Hair Salon"

Melody Grier, a Black Woman of our Community of Color, has decided not to sue her local Hair Salon over what she believes was an inferior weave job.

"All my friends said 'what the f**k happened to your hair?'" Ms. Grier said, confirming the story.

"They said I should sue their ass, and I thought about it, but then I said everyone makes mistakes. We can't just go around suing everybody."

Evelyn Sanders, owner of Snap! Snips and Nails, said that she was thankful for Ms. Grier's decision.

"I didn't want to be sued," Ms. Sanders said. "I ain't got that kind of money, you know?"

When asked for more details about the alleged bad weave job Ms. Sanders said "One of my girls was having a bad day. That sh*t happens to everybody."

Ms. Sanders has refunded Ms. Grier's money, and has offered her a new weave service, free of charge.

"I told her that was very nice," Ms. Grier said, confirming the offer. "I think I'll take her up on it. At least as long as she doesn't let Amanda near my hair again. She's a nice girl and all, but she don't know sh*t about weaves."

Amanda Stock, when told of Ms. Grier's stipulation, said "It was just a bad day, that's all. I'm proud of my job."

When asked for further details of this "bad day" Ms. Stock turned serious.

"None of your f**king business," she said, turning away and heading back into the salon.

So there it is: a Story of Change in our Community of Color. For more stories like this please read 'The Community of Color Gazette'.

I am Laslo.

J. Farmer said...
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J. Farmer said...


"I thought Omarossa would have it out for Trump also. She is quite the attention grabber."

Omarosa is a realty TV clown whose career was launched by Donald Trump. She had one of those impressive-sounding DC resumes that seem to reveal she was shifted around from one meaningless job title to another just because nobody could stand working with her. Now she has that ultimate third act career for black pop culture figures: minister.

FullMoon said...

On the apprentice, final task was between Joan Rivers and Poker Annie. Annie destroyed Joan in raising money. Trump gave his friend Joan the win, and justified it with BS.
At another time, as an aside, he asked someone "Do you think people can change? Answered himself, "I don't. People don't change".
Still less disgusting than Hillary.Annie raised $465,725

machine said...

realty TV clown...that reminds me of