August 8, 2016

"There’s a global push to remove 'gender identity disorder' from the list of mental illnesses."

"But many transgender people in Japan aren’t on board with the idea...."
While calling something a “disorder” can make someone embarrassed or ashamed in many parts of the world, in Japan it can do the opposite: It makes behavior acceptable that would be shameful if seen as a personal eccentricity, said Junko Mitsuhashi, the historian.

GID was part of a pattern of pathologization in Japan — in the early 2000s, officials also gave a name to teenagers and young adults who were withdrawing from school and becoming hermits in their room: “hikikomori.” The Ministry of Health first defined the term in 2003, leading to a flood of coverage of the phenomenon; by 2010, the country was estimated to be home to 700,000 people with the condition and there were NGOs dedicated to helping them out of isolation.

“Anything that is kind of deviating from what is considered the general flow of society can be diagnosed as something, [like] children who don’t want to go to school… If they put a medical name to the symptom, people will feel relieved,” Mitsuhashi said. “What really pushed the conviction to allow [the GID Law] to pass was the argument that this was an illness, a medical symptom.”...


Alexander said...

You have to admire the chutzpah. "Global push".

So the Muslims are on board? If not, that's a quarter of the world in the 'No' column.

China? India? Africa? I'm thinking we're well over the 50% who are actively against it or would be disinclined to be seen as one of the pushers.

Even the good ol' USA would be against it if it came down to a poll, but would be for it if it came down to the Supreme Court.

So "there's a push by a small segment of western-born, antiwestern-thinking activists" is probably a more accurate description.

holdfast said...

@Alexander - Actually, my recollection is that in Iran, you can get gender reassignment surgery as a forced "cure" to homosexuality.

tim maguire said...

You don't end the stigma associated with something by changing the terms used, you do it by removing the judgment. People aren't going to think of it as any less of a disorder just because pointy heads and apparatchiks stop calling it a disorder, you do it by not caring whether someone has it or not. You make it accepted by making it irrelevant.

gerry said...
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gerry said...

Well, what do you know, normalizing the self-destructive behavior of 3% of the population WAS a slippery slope!

Laslo Spatula said...

Somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo:

"First you endlessly hide in your room, now you say you are a woman, not a boy: you are bringing shame on this family!"

"But Mama, the shame I feel is the shame of being a woman trapped in the body of an adolescent boy!"

"Nonsense! You speak nonsense!"

"But Mama, I am already very feminine: Look: I am slender, and there is no hair on my chest…"

"Son, you're Japanese! Of COURSE you are slender and hairless in the chest! But you have a penis!"

"Mama, I tuck that between my legs beneath my white cotton panties."

"So now what? What are you going to do with your life as a woman?"

"I am going to be a Bukkake Star!"


"I will dress pretty in my schoolgirl outfit and knee-high white socks and dozens of men will ejaculate on my face, and I will be FAMOUS!"

"The Life of a Bukkake Star is a hard one, son…"

"But Mama, I am ready. I know about the stinging eyes, the sore knees, I know about the rotten egg smells that never quite leave your hair or your clothes. But this is my purpose! I will be the Envy of ALL the other Bukkake Girls!"

"How do you know these things?"

"Mama, I have been practicing. I am up to having five men ejaculate on my face, and that's before I even decided I was a woman."

"But do you not care about the Shame you will bring to all of us?"

"I will only bring Shame if I fail, Mama. Besides, sister will bring enough Shame by herself."

"Your sister? What has SHE done?"

"Mama, she believes she is a Korean trapped in a Japanese body!"

"KOREAN?! I will shave her head and hold her head underwater for minutes at a time until she understands her grievous error!"

"I need to go, Mama. I have Bukkake Practice…."

"Well: do your best, Son. Always strive to be the best, without setting yourself apart from everyone else."

"Of course, Mama. And Mama?"


"I took the last of the clean towels..."

I am Laslo.

mockturtle said...

Of course, a diagnosis or a genetic imperative deflects any personal responsibility. We're seeing more of that.

Alexander said...


Hmm, this seems like it would require further investigation, as former Iranian president Ahmadinejad informed us there were no homosexuals in Iran. So a cure without a cause, if you will.

Clearly, there is a lot of rhetorical banter flying around the halls of Tehran.

PB said...

Psychiatry is eating itself alive.

Sebastian said...

"There’s a global push to remove 'gender identity disorder' from the list of mental illnesses." I am in favor of this. No more insurance coverage for treatment of a fake disorder, no more reimbursement for gender reassignment surgery. Treat it like optional plastic surgery.

James Pawlak said...

I suggest a "Psychiatrists Disorder" consider the suicide rate among "shrinks" and their level of sexual offenses.

R.J. Chatt said...

700,000 is about .5% of Japan's population. A small but significant number. I am wondering if this condition has always been there to this degree but never talked about, or somehow the number has increased?

As someone who believes in the soul and reincarnation, transgenderism has always made sense to me. I have believed that rather than reverting back to the familiar gender and undergoing sexual reassignment, the soul benefits more from accepting and learning from the present situation. But I don't know how it feels to be so uncomfortable for so long, as for example Bruce Jenner, who felt it wise and necessary to make such a major change in his mid sixties. I feel compassion for people going through that, but I feel it's ultimately the result of a regressive and very conformist mind set. Ever notice how the transexual male to female make so much effort to "present" as stereotypical females with the nail polish and lipstick, etc.? The female to male transexuals make so much effort to become muscular and chauvinist males?

buwaya said...

Its a fad, like some cults have been.
A particularly destructive one it seems.
Victims are persuaded to cut bits off their bodies, become physically debilitated and in most cases become sterile.

Consider the Hare Krishnas. It was once quite popular, much less so now. No doubt those susceptible to it in the current generation have found something else. Perhaps some who would have joined the Krishnas in an earlier generation are now being persuaded to become transgender.

I don't think anyone has defined joining the Hare Krishnas a mental disorder, but that sort of thing is nowhere near as terrible as this modern gender confusion. One could leave the Krishna cult with the body intact, though no doubt many have wasted years of their lives thereby.

Eventually the modern mania will pass. It will leave a large number of victims behind though, with unrecoverable physical damage.

Curious George said...

"Sebastian said...
"There’s a global push to remove 'gender identity disorder' from the list of mental illnesses." I am in favor of this. No more insurance coverage for treatment of a fake disorder, no more reimbursement for gender reassignment surgery. Treat it like optional plastic surgery."

Sounds good and makes sense. But likely will not happen. Hell, SSM is legal and the State of WI and the UW system STILL provides domestic partner coverage. What a pile of shit that is. You want spousal benefits, get married.

SukieTawdry said...
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SukieTawdry said...

So, how will gender dysphoria be classified? It's not a medical problem so if it's not a medical problem and it's not a psychological problem, how would one justify having third parties pay for hormone treatments and sex reassignment surgery?

holdfast said...

"The Life of a Bukkake Star is a hard one, son…"

. . . aaaand Laslo wins the internet for today.

jaed said...

how would one justify

Simple. It's not the pervasive feeling that your body is wrong that's the illness. Instead, the fact that you have a female (or male) body instead of the male (or female) body you feel you ought to have is a medical condition requiring treatment. Sort of like a severe congenital deformity: you're really a woman, but you have a male body. Any surgery or treatment to correct this deformity, thus, is a reasonable medical expense. They are treating, not gender dysphora, but the fact that your body is not cooperating with your gender dysphoria.

In the case of some intersex conditions, this stance actually does make sense. So extending it to anyone with gender dysphoria is just an exercise for the student.

n.n said...

Transgender spectrum disorder includes homosexual, crossover, flux, and choice orientations. Who so selective?

The Pro-Choice Church and their liberal psychiatric members are noticeably quiet about other stable orientations that are politically unprofitable. I wonder if they will normalize trans-social orientations a la Clinton, Polanski, reproductive prostitution -- too late) next.

In any case, normalization if the expression/behavior has a redeeming value to society or humanity, tolerance if it is not a progressive dysfunctional condition or threatens abortion, rape-rape, and other crimes against the individual and society. The Pro-Choice argument to selectively, arbitrarily exclude ("=") stable orientations is telling.

HoodlumDoodlum said...

When there are no norms, there are no outliers--when there is no standard, there can't be any deviations.

The Left is engaged in a decades-long battle against standards. They have almost entirely won.

mockturtle said...

No, Hoodlum. The Left has its standards and they are more stringently enforced than any in my memory. And they are destroying us.

Laslo Spatula said...

Somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo:

"SON!" What is wrong with your eye?"

"Papa, there is something I have to tell you…"


"I am now a woman who is practicing to be a Bukkake Star."

"Ha Ha! Good one, Son! But what happened to your eye?"

"Papa, I was at Bukkake Practice in the City and one of the men got carried away and eye-fucked me."

"Does your Mother know about all of this?"

"Yes, Papa: she is making me wash my own towels now."

"You say you were 'eye-fucked'?

"Yes, Papa. He thrust his hard cock into my eye, again and again. He was fucking me in my eye with his cock: he was eye-fucking me."

"This is all so terrible!"

"And when he ejaculated it was like he was ejaculating from a fire hose. A torrential, horrible force, and it just kept coming and coming: I am still constantly blowing out my nose…"

"Son: is this really what you want to do with your Life?"

"Papa, I know there will be tough times, but I Am Strong: I will make it to the Top as a Bukkake Star, or I will die trying."

"I never thought I'd say this, but, Son: couldn't you just do some rough gay porn, instead? Like giving a guy a blowjob while he pulls your ears and hair? That might be easier…"

"Papa, ANYONE can do Rough Gay Porn. It takes a special skill to be a Bukkake Star."

"I just want what's best for you…"

"Thank you, Papa. I'd cry, but my tear ducts are encrusted with semen…"

I am Laslo.

mockturtle said...

Another plate of depravity shoved under our noses so we can't ignore it. Laslo won't let us ignore depravity, even though we'd like to. Good work, as always.
Note: I had to look up Bukkake.

Fernandinande said...

Japanese stuff
"I Hate Myself and I Want to Die" t-shirt

"Continued Unmeasured Endless Despair" hat.

"I Hate My Life
Every day I polish my revolver
And I shoot my head
Like a Rock Star"

"Extinsuish The World"

"How many flappermove on your heart silently"

Beady Eyes Bustle With Activity
Loving Friend For Always

Michael The Magnificent said...

What fucking nonsense! If my grandmother self-identified as a wagon, would she IN FACT be a wagon?

Of course not. She'd be suffering an identity disorder, and indulging her in her delusion would not be to anyone's benefit. Same as if a boy (XY) or a girl (XX) self identified as anything other than a boy or a girl, respectively.

Sorry lefties, but there really IS objective truth that you cannot delude away.

buwaya puti said...

I identify as a billionaire.
Curing my delusion by fulfilling it is at least in the realm of the possible, if not necessarily feasible.
Most of these other people, not so much.

n.n said...

I identify as a billionaire.

Which is a stable and common orientation that is denied normalization through monopoly formation, trickle-up poverty, regulatory disparate impacts, progressive debt, and [class] diversity schemes that set quotas based on race, sex, skin color, etc.

mikee said...

Japan's treatment of disorders as socially acceptable is nice.
What will China and Russia and Nigeria and Sudan do when this normalization of transgenderism occurs? I'm guessing the communists and the totalitarians and the Muslims will still kill or imprison them.

Biff said...

One of the great challenges of psychiatry and psychology is to develop objective criteria for defining conditions (never mind diagnosing and treating them) when human behavior is both qualitative and complicated. In the United States, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (aka the DSM) is the most widely accepted guide to classifying disorders, but it has been criticized for creating and defining disorders on the basis of relatively weak evidence. Add in the fact that inclusion in the DSM generally is a prerequisite for an insurer to pay for a treatment, and it is easy to see how politics plays a major role in the practice of psychiatry/psychology. It can be enlightening to search the net for DSM politics. (As an aside, various surveys indicate that while physicians as a group are relatively neutral politically, psychiatrists are overwhelmingly on the left.)

jr565 said...

how is it anything BUT a mental illness. If you are suffering from OTHER identity disorders, can we say you are suffernig from a mental illness? There is too much stigma placed on the idea that something from a mental illness.
There were actually some commercials that came out recently about schizophrenia and the stigma attached to it. And the peson suffering from it, was saying people assumed he was psychotic like a crazy person in a movie as soon as they heard he had the illness. Because there is stigma attached to the diagnosis.
But if you are suffering from an identity disorder that causes dysphoria, i dont know why it woudl someohow be wrong to keep the diagnosis as is. if you are sufffering from a mental illness or a mental disorder, it doesnt' make you an evil person or even a CRAZY person.

jr565 said...

Facebook came out with 56 or so gener designations and it really shows how silly a lot of this is. They had the follow listed as separate:
Cis Female
Cis Male
Cis Man
Cis Woman
Cisgender Female
Cisgender Male
Cisgender Man
Cisgender Woman
Is there a difference between cis and cisgender? And cis male vs. cisgender male? NO, of course not. These are not differences. They are simply trying to pad it to make it seem more complicated than it is. If you add a ton of classification it makes it seem like its based on science, or has some academic rigour behind it.

But some of the other genders are problematic on their face.For example Agender. There are aobut 10 genders taht all mean roughly the same thing. But how is not knowing what gender you are a gender? Your confusion is now a gender? Or take MTF, or FTM. How is that a gender. If you are born a man, but think you are a woman, then your transitionary phase is not, in and of itself its own gender. Your gender would be Woman. (even though you are in fact a man.
The whole premise is that this is not a belief or a state of mind. No, those who have this actually have the functioning brains of the opposite sex. If there is no "science" behind it then we'd have to acknowledge that its nothing but a perception. But things like agender prove that its only a perception and nothing more. because, whether you know what you are or not, you'd still be something. Therefore, taht thing you are is merely a perception of you that your brain cooked up.

jr565 said...

(Cont) then there are like 20+ genders listed that simply define trans:
Trans Female
Trans Male
Trans Man
Trans Person
Trans Woman
Trans* Female
Trans* Male
Trans* Man
Trans* Person
Trans* Woman
Transgender Female
Transgender Male
Transgender Man
Transgender Person
Transgender Woman
Transsexual Female
Transsexual Male
Transsexual Man
Transsexual Person
Transsexual Woman

I particularly like trans person. Are those who are not designated as trans persons,not people. ALso, is there any difference between a trans Female* vs. Trans Woman*?
And finally how is trans feminine a gender now. Being feminine is not a gender, its describing how you'd act. So, how would you be trans feminine? Does that mean you act in a masculine fashion but THINK you are acting in a feminine fashion? It makes no sense.
THe fact that Facebook is pushing all these as genders makes you realize they dont even know what the argument is.Its a hodgepodge of contradictory meaniings, some based on sex, some based on sexual orientation and all being thrown at the wall to see what sticks.